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                                                                                                                                                               Volume 2, No. 2
                                                                                                                                                               October 2000

      PUBLISHED      F O R A S M E ’ S C E R T I F I C AT E H O L D E R S B Y T H E A S M E C O D E S A N D S TA N D A R D S C O N F O R M I T Y A S S E S S M E N T D E P A R T M E N T
      w w w. a s m e . o r g / c o d e s

      Standard Welding Procedures
      By Walter J. Sperko

             tandard welding procedures have                    been published, and the task group was reac-
             been used in the structural steel                  tivated under the current Subcommittee IX
                                                                Chairman, Joel Feldstein.                                       Walter J. Sperko is Vice Chair of the
             industry for many years. Revisions
                                                                                                                                Subcommittee on Welding
             published in the 2000 Addenda to                   The task group met over approximately 4                         (Section IX).
      the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code                  years, primarily discussing how to implement
      allow their use by ASME Certificate                       SWPSs.                                                        B31 Code for Pressure Piping that allow a
                                                                                                                              WPSs qualified by one organization to be
                                                                It was agreed that SWPSs should be permit-
      A Task Group was formed in 1991 to review                                                                               used by another organization provided the
                                                                ted to be used by manufacturers1 without
      the newly-published American Welding                                                                                    second organization qualifies one welder fol-
                                                                qualification of the SWPS by the manufactur-
      Society (AWS) Standard Welding Procedure                                                                                lowing that WPS.
                                                                er. Although there are many procedure qual-
      Specifications (SWPS) to determine their                  ification records that AWS used in the devel-                 Inclusion of this demonstration as part of the
      usability within the Code from a technical                opment of SWPSs, they are not published or                    SWPS adoption process was critical to pas-
      and administrative standpoint. The Group                  available to users.                                           sage of SWPSs because of the disheartening
      was led by Dale Hackney, Chairman of
                                                                                                                              experiences various committee members and
      Subcommittee IX, with members from the                    It was agreed that the SWPS should be for-
                                                                                                                              others who have had to deal with small man-
      various construction Section Subcommittees                mally adopted by the manufacturer.
                                                                                                                              ufacturers whose knowledge of welding tech-
      to provide a balanced perspective. They                   Adoption includes entry of the manufactur-
                                                                                                                              nology was miniscule.
      were requested to determine (1) if SWPS’s                 er’s name, designation of the Code Section(s)
      were technically adequate for the construc-               and other fabrication documents under                         A convenient form for documenting the
      tion requirements of the Code and (2) what                which the SWPS will be used, and the signa-                   demonstration weld is in nonmandatory
      administrative barriers exist in the code to              ture and date of a responsible employee of                    Appendix B as Form QW-485. It should be
      the adoption of the SWPSs. Their conclusion               the manufacturer. Each SWPS provides                          noted that the form includes a demonstration
      was that SWPSs were technically adequate                  spaces in which this information can readily                  number that is to be included on each SWPS
      and that there were no major administrative               be entered.                                                   that is adopted.
      barriers, but there were not a sufficient num-
                                                                It was agreed that, in lieu of performing one                 The specific requirements regarding the adop-
      ber of useful SWPSs available at that time
                                                                or more procedure qualification tests, each                   tion, demonstration weld and production appli-
      (only 2) to make further effort worthwhile.
                                                                manufacturer will have to make and docu-                      cation of SWPSs are covered in Article V (i.e.,
      By 1995, a sufficient number of SWPSs had
                                                                ment a demonstration weld following a typi-                   QW-500, page 183.2) of Section IX. QW-
                                                                cal SWPS. The purpose of this demonstra-                      510(d) provides a detailed listing of the welding
                                                                tion weld is to require the manufacturer to                   conditions that must be documented during the
       CONTENTS                                                 demonstrate and document that he knows                        demonstration weld. It should be noted that
                                                                enough about welding to follow the SWPS.                      QW-500 does not address using a demonstra-
       Standard Welding Procedure.........1                     After welding and testing one demonstration                   tion weld to simultaneously qualify a welder.
       BPVC Data Report Forms ............2                     coupon, many other SWPSs may typically be                     The astute manufacturer can comply with the
       Simplification of Nuclear Scopes ..2                     used without further demonstrations.                          demonstration requirements and also qualify a
       Development of New Section VIII,                                                                                       welder simply by completing both forms QW-
                                                                The reason for this demonstration weld is the
       Division 2 ....................................3         loss of any demonstration of technical com-
                                                                                                                              484 (for the welder) and QW-485 (for the
       Code Cases on the Internet .......…3                                                                                   demonstration weld) upon successful welding
                                                                petence by the manufacturer as is shown dur-
                                                                                                                              and testing of the demonstration coupon.
                                                                ing qualification of a welding procedure
                                                                specification (WPS) under ordinary Code
                                                                rules. This requirement to demonstrate is
                                                                similar to the long historical provisions of the
                                                                                                                                                             continued on page 2

QW-500 also addresses production limita-           to evaluate them and approve their use as        When using this new provision, the welder
tions of SWPSs. These include strict compli-       appropriate.                                     must deposit at least 3 layers of weld metal
ance with the SPWS, such as using only the                                                          with a single welding process and set of vari-
                                                   The permitted SWPSs are listed in Appendix
groove designs with the tolerances shown,                                                           ables as well as at least 1/2 inch of weld
                                                   E of Section IX. These SWPSs cover welding
the electrode sizes and amperages shown and                                                         metal.
                                                   of P/S-1 and P/S-8 metals using SMAW,
the shielding gas flow rates shown. SWPSs
                                                   GTAW and GMAW-FC. Typical thickness              When the test coupon is welded using more
may not be supplemented with additional
                                                   ranges permitted are 1/8 to 1-1/2 inches and     than one process or set of essential variables,
PQRs or used in a joint together with WPSs
                                                   both as-welded and postweld heat treated         QW-306 requires that the deposit thickness
qualified by the manufacturer. The manufac-
                                                   procedures (for P/S-1 metals) are available.     for each process and set of variables be con-
turer may provide more restrictive direction
                                                                                                    sidered separately when determining the
to the welder provided that direction does         Those who elect to use SWPSs will have to
                                                                                                    thickness for which the welder is qualified.
not violate the SWPS.                              purchase them from AWS (1-800-443-9373).
                                                                                                    That is, if the test coupon is 1/2 inch thick
                                                   In addition to purchasing individual copies of
The Task Group agreed that technical review                                                         and the weld is made using E6010 and
                                                   SWPSs, AWS has site license purchase
and approval of SWPS’s for use with the ASME                                                        E7018, there is a change in the F-number,
                                                   arrangements available.
Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code is the responsi-                                                    and the thickness of weld metal made using
bility of the Subcommittee IX, while the con-      This brief article cannot replace the careful    each electrode type must be considered sepa-
struction Subcommittees could determine if each    review of these newly adopted revisions of the   rately. In this case, the welder would not be
SWPS is appropriate for its Section. At this       Code by a Manufacturer. After such a review,     qualified for unlimited thickness using
time, no construction Subcommittee has taken       an organization may find it to their advantage   SMAW.
exception to the listing of SWPSs shown in         to use the SWPSs.                                For more information, please contact Joseph
Appendix E of Section IX.
                                                                                                    Brzuszkiewicz, Project Engineering
                                                   Thickness of Welder Test Coupons
A Subcommittee IX task group reviewed 45                                                            Administrator, ASME Pressure Technology
                                                   Another major change in the 2000 addenda         Codes and Standards (Tel. 1-212-591-8533,
AWS SWPS’s and determined that 23 met the          of Section IX is that the thickness that a       Fax 1-212-591-8501,
procedure specification requirements of            welder will have to deposit on his test          Email
Section IX. Some of the SWPSs that were            coupon in order to be qualified for “unlimit-
not accepted were written for sheet metal          ed thickness” has been reduced from 3/4 to       1
                                                                                                        The term “manufacturer” refers to any organization that
and not appropriate for ASME work at this          1/2 inch. This change appears in the revisions       has responsible operational control for producing weld-
time, and others needed minor corrections.         to the table and notes in QW-452.1.                  ments in accordance with any Section of the Code
AWS will continue to revise and publish
SWPSs, and Subcommittee IX will continue

                                                   Simplification of Nuclear Scopes
                                                       n November of 1998 there was a               focused on the lack of specificity in regards

             Data                                      change in the nuclear accreditation
                                                       process. Using wording based on Table
                                                                                                    to the manufacturing of welding material.
                                                                                                    The manufacturing of welding material, is a
                                                                                                    unique operation, and should be distinct in a
            Report                                     NCA-1800-1 the scope statements seen
                                                   on Nuclear Certificates of
                                                   Authorization/Accreditation, including
                                                                                                    company’s scope. Therefore, a refinement
                                                                                                    was announced on March 3, 2000, which

            Forms                                  Quality System Certificates, were simplified.
                                                   The intent of this change was to provide
                                                                                                    now includes the option to reference “manu-
                                                                                                    facturing welding material” in the body of

            on the                                 concise standardized scope statements.

                                                   ASME has been open to feedback, as the sys-
                                                                                                    the scope. This change is now available to
                                                                                                    new and renewing companies. Companies,
                                                                                                    whose scopes do not presently include this
           Internet                                tem has been implemented. Often the
                                                   response has been gauged by the impressions
                                                                                                    option, may apply for a revised certificate
                                                                                                    without charge, with the provision that their
                                                   of ASME Team Leaders, who are seeing the         survey adequately addressed the manufactur-
    ASME Data Report Forms, as refer-
                                                   effective changes, and hearing the opinions      ing of welding material.
    enced in the Boiler and Pressure Vessel
                                                   expressed directly from company’s quality
    Code for recording of code-related                                                              If you have any comments regarding the
                                                   assurance managers. Most of the feedback has
    information, are now available as                                                               simplification of scopes or would like more
                                                   offered praise for the new scope statements.
    downloadable pdf files. An index of                                                             information concerning the Nuclear
    available forms is available on ASME’s         In reaction to concerns presented, the           Accreditation Program please contact Felicia
    internet site:              Subcommittee on Nuclear Accreditation            Zusman at 1-212-591-8586.
                                                   reevaluated the simplifications and took
                                                   steps to find a resolution. One comment

Development of New Section VIII,                                                                   Code Cases
Division 2                                                                                         on the Internet

             SME is working with the             A Task Group on Continued Modernization           ASME International is offering a new
             Pressure Vessel Research Council    of Codes (TGCMC) has been formed, and             service to users of the BPVC that
             (PVRC) to develop a new world-      one of their activities is obtaining user-feed-   allows you to download and print offi-
             class Section VIII, Division 2      back with regard to aspects of the present        cial copies of Code Cases which have
pressure vessel design code, taking into con-    Section VIII, Division 2 Code that should be      been approved, but not yet been
sideration the latest developments in materi-    revised or updated. Among the items being         released in a printed Supplement.
als, design, fabrication, and inspection tech-   studied are:                                      Because these cases clarify the intent of
nologies. A major goal in the development                                                          existing requirements or provide, when
                                                 • Simplified requirements for a User Design
of this new code is to optimize the design                                                         the need is urgent, rules for materials or
                                                   Specification (UDS)
code rules to balance technology, user-                                                            constructions not covered by existing
                                                 • Simplified requirements for
friendliness, and regulatory acceptance. The                                                       Code rules, the ability to have access to
                                                   Manufacturer’s Design Report (MDR)
new design code will be based on the exist-                                                        these within a few days of final
                                                 • New design procedures for nozzles, coni-
ing ASME Section VIII Division 2, Division                                                         approval rather than having to wait for
                                                   cal transitions, etc.,
3, and Division 1; existing ASME Pressure                                                          them to be batched into a specific sup-
                                                 • Requirements for Registered Professional
Vessel Code Cases; other international                                                             plement provides an enhanced level of
                                                   Engineer’s Stamp on UDS and MDR
codes; and information contained in techni-                                                        service. This site (
                                                 • Alternative non-destructive examination
cal papers including ASME publications and                                                         also allows visitors to query ASME’s
                                                   requirements (spot RT, etc.)
Welding Research Council (WRC) bulletins.                                                          database tracking the Boiler and
                                                 • Alternative PWHT requirements
It is anticipated that the new design code                                                         Pressure Vessel and Nuclear Code
                                                 • Alternative material toughness require-
will be organized similar to Section VIII,                                                         Cases regarding other cases which have
Division 3.                                                                                        already been released in a printed
                                                 ASME welcomes your input on these mat-            Supplement, but are not available for
                                                 ters. Comments can be submitted directly to       download. To encourage usage, there
                                                 the Task Group at               will be no fee associated with this new
                                                                                                   service during its introduction.

ASME Certificate Holders

                      America                                                                         East Asia
                       3,463                                                                             403



      ASME Certificate Holders
           June 2000

                                A S M E      C O N F O R M I T Y            A S S E S S M E N T              P R O G R A M S
Managing Director, Conformity Assessment – David Wizda, 1-212-591-8590,
Board on Conformity Assessment – Alan Bagner, 1-212-591-8580,
ACCREDITATION PROGRAMS                                QEI    Elevator Inspector certifying organizations       CERTIFICATION OF PERSONNEL
AIA    Qualification of Authorized Inspection                Bibi Rahim, 1-212-591-8465,                       QHO Operators of hazardous waste incinerators
       Agencies, nuclear and non-nuclear, based on  & Joseph Pang,                          Sandra Bridgers, 1-212-591-8465,
       the ASME QAI-1 Standard                               1-212-591-8525,                 & Felicia Zusman,
       (formerly N626.1)                              QSC    Nuclear material organization (material                 1-212-591-8586,
       Bibi Rahim, 1-212-591-8465,                           manufacturers and suppliers)                      QMO Operators of medical waste incinerators & Ken Baron,                          Bibi Rahim, 1-212-591-8465,                             (MWIs)
       1-212-591-7019,              & Felicia Zusman,                       Sandra Bridgers, 1-212-591-8465,
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       and laboratories                               RTP    Manufacturers of reinforced thermoset                   1-212-591-8584,
       Bibi Rahim, 1-212-591-8465,                           plastic corrosion resistant vessels               QRO Operators of resource recovery facilities & Felicia Zusman,                     Bibi Rahim, 1-212-591-8465,                             processing municipal solid waste (MWCs)
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       Joseph Pang, 1-212-591-8525,                                                                                  1-212-591-8584,; Sandra Bridgers,               REGISTRATION PROGRAM
                                                                                                               QFO Operators of high capacity fossil fuel fired
       1-212-591-8465,;             ISO   Registration of suppliers of mechanical                  plants
       Ken Baron, 1-212-591-7019,                           equipment and related materials, items, and
                                                                                                                     Sandra Bridgers, 1-212-591-8465,                                      services in the industries and sectors associ-
                                                                                                            & John Millman,
N-type Nuclear component manufacturers and                  ated with the art, science, and practice of
       assemblers (vessels, tanks, pressure piping,         mechanical engineering
                                                                                                               Y14   Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing
       and pressure relief devices)                         Christine Bujal, 1-212-591-8592,
                                                                                                                     professionals (GDTP)
       Bibi Rahim, 1-212-591-8465,                 & Ken Baron,
                                                            1-212-591-7019,                          Sandra Bridgers, 1-212-591-8465, & Felicia Zusman,
                                                                                                            & John Millman,
PRD Pressure relief device testing laboratories and      To receive an ISO 9000 proposal or cost
       authorized observers                              information on an ASME Accreditation review,
       Joseph Pang, 1-212-591-8525,                      contact:; Sandra Bridgers,                  Raj Manchanda
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