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					                Issue No. 12
                2011                           News for CityRail customers on Newcastle & Central Coast and Hunter lines
                Committed to
                improving your
                journey              1
                Upgrade at
                Muswellbrook Station 1
                Making boarding
                easier for customers 2
                School TravelSmart 3
                Trackwork            4

Upgrade at                                     Committed to improving
Muswellbrook                                   your journey
Station                                        In 2010, we delivered our second annual            All of our commitments for 2010 were met,
                                               Customer Charter. The 2010 Customer Charter        with the exception of the introduction of
Historic Muswellbrook Station has              continued to focus on the areas that you have      the first of the new Waratah trains. While we
been extensively renovated. The station        told us are most important to you:                 are disappointed for our customers that the
exterior has been repaired and both                                                               entry into service of Waratah trains has been
                                               •	 On-time	trains
the CityRail offices and the two-storey                                                           delayed, we will only introduce these new
heritage station buildings have been           •	 Manage	crowding
                                                                                                  trains when we are satisfied that they are safe
completely re-roofed and repainted.            •	 Fast,	accurate,	useful	information              and reliable. The new trains are now expected
Muswellbrook Station is on the Hunter          •	 Secure	and	safe	travel                          to enter service by April.
Line, 130 kilometres northwest of              •	 Clean	trains	and	stations                       We are continually gathering customer
Newcastle. The station was opened in           •	 Fast	ticket	sales                               feedback from a range of sources, which
May 1869 as Musclebrook Station, with                                                             we use to improve our services every year.
                                               •	 Quick	and	fair	complaints	handling              You can give us your feedback at any time
the current name being introduced in
                                               •	 Accessible	services	and	facilities.             by calling Transport Info on 131 500, visiting
September 1890.
                                               For each of these eight areas, the Charter or
Station manager Peter Helm explains            included specific commitments for 2010 that
how the renovation work took place while       were designed to improve our performance
the station and trains maintained services:
“Our first priority was to make sure our
                                               against three-year service improvement goals.
                                               Throughout the year, 24 of our Customer             CityRail news
                                                                                                   via email
customers continued to receive a good          Charter commitments were delivered on or
level of service. We’re familiar with most     ahead of time.
of our regular travellers and we took the      Highlights of our 2010 Customer Charter include:
time to explain what was happening, what                                                           Save paper and get the latest CityRail
                                               •	 introducing	an	additional	2,000	car		            news direct to your inbox when you sign
the new arrangements would be to get
                                                  parking	spaces	near	stations,	with		             up to receive CityRail Update via email.
tickets and where the train would pull up         improved	security	including	lighting,		
on the platform.”                                                                                  The quarterly email brings you local and
                                                  fencing	and	CCTV	                                network-wide CityRail news including:
The team had to relocate to a temporary        •	 introducing	guardian	services	on	selected	       •	 The	latest	on	station	upgrades	and		
ticket office in the car park while the work      Friday	and	Saturday	night	train	services		          new	trains
was going on. Peter recalls: “It was far          to	give	you	further	peace	of	mind	when		
                                                  travelling	at	night                              •	 Timetable	information
colder in there than in our usual office,
                                                                                                   •	 Planned	trackwork
but we knew we would end up with               •	 providing	additional	services	on	the		
                                                                                                   •	 Local	events.
something worth the wait.”                        Cronulla	Line	during	the	peak,	off-peak	and	
                                                  weekend	periods                                  To receive CityRail Update via email,
                                               •	 rolling	out	recycling	bins	and	safer	by		        simply register at
                                                  design	bins	to	help	keep	our	trains	and
                                                  stations	clean.

                                                                                                                              C I T Y R A I L U P D AT E   1
    Cashless                                    Making boarding
    ticket                                      easier for customers
                                                                                    JB1968 CR Board_Assist_Sign 800Hx1300W Portrait.pdf   7/5/10   10:55:29 AM

                                                We are introducing new train boarding
                                                procedures on CityRail suburban train
                                                lines to make it easier for people who
    We’ve been introducing cashless ticket      need help getting off and on the train.
    vending machines at some of our             A boarding assistance zone is now marked
    busiest stations to make it quicker and     on every wheelchair accessible platform or
    easier for customers to purchase tickets.   Easy Access station, near where the sixth
    Over 30 stations now have cashless          train carriage stops.
    ticket vending machines, including          These changes have been introduced
    Bondi Junction, Central, Eastwood,          to provide customers in wheelchairs or
    Holsworthy, Macquarie University,           scooters and parents with prams, with more
    Newtown, Parramatta, Penrith, Penshurst     available space and seating in the vestibule
    and Punchbowl.                              area of the sixth carriage. The new boarding
                                                location is also closer to the wheelchair
    Cashless touch screen machines enable       accessible toilet on all Oscar trains.
    you to use your MasterCard, Visa or                                                                                                                          If you’re travelling on an intercity train
                                                If you need help to board the train you
    debit card to purchase tickets. The new                                                                                                                      from Sydney, the train boarding procedure
                                                should still contact station staff at your
    machines are quick and convenient and       departure station to advise them of your                                                                         will not change. The new train boarding
    mean you will spend less time waiting       travel plans. At unattended stations you can                                                                     procedures apply to suburban trains only.
    to buy your ticket. You can use these       wait in the boarding assistance zone with a                                                                      Pick up a brochure at your station, visit
    machines to purchase the full range         boarding assistance card and the Guard                                                                  or phone on 131 500
    of CityRail tickets that are valid for up   will help you to board the train.                                                                                Transport Info.
    to 14 days.

                                                  Be heat smart on trains
    During 2010 we modified 40 ticket
    vending machines across the CityRail
    network, which now accept EFTPOS
    or cash.
                                                  this summer
                                                  As the summer weather brings high temperatures across Sydney, remember
                                                  to travel with a bottle of water to keep you hydrated in hot weather.
                                                  Currently 71 per cent of CityRail trains are air-conditioned, but others can get quite
                                                  hot, particularly on a summer afternoon.
                                                  The transition to fully air-conditioned trains is progressing, but will take time
                                                  considering the size of CityRail’s fleet and the time it takes to build new trains.
                                                  Follow these travel tips to help you stay heat smart on the train this summer:
                                                  •	 If	you	do	feel	unwell	don’t	board	the	train.	Ask	a	member	of	staff	for	help.
                                                  •	 If	you	are	on	a	train	and	feel	unwell,	alight	at	the	next	station.		
                                                     You	can	get	help	more	easily	there	than	on	the	train.
                                                  •	 Always	carry	a	bottle	of	water	with	you.	

        Did you                                 We’ve got you covered
        know...                                 Three stations on the Newcastle & Central
                                                Coast Line are being made safer and
                                                                                                                                                                 helping to keep the platforms drier and
                                                                                                                                                                 therefore less slippery.
        A CityRail train is one of              more comfortable for customers, with                                                                             The canopies also mean that customers
        the most energy-efficient               new platform canopies installed as part                                                                          can spread out more evenly along the
        ways to get around                      of an upgrade program.                                                                                           platform, which helps us manage crowding
        Sydney. Find out how                    The new canopies increase the covered                                                                            on the train.
        much energy you’re saving               area of the platforms at Cardiff, Morriset                                                                       Construction was completed at Cardiff
        using the carbon calculator             and Tuggerah stations, protecting                                                                                in December and the canopies at Morisset
                                                customers from rain and heat, and                                                                                and Tuggerah will be completed in February.

2    C I T Y R A I L U P D AT E
School TravelSmart                                                                                Meet the
                                                                                                  Would you like to meet the CityRail
                                                                                                  managers at your local station? If you’ve
                                                                                                  got feedback about any aspect of our
                                                                                                  services or facilities, attending these
                                                                                                  events is the perfect time to let us know.
                                                                                                  We’re planning to hold over 100 Meet the
                                                                                                  Manager events at stations and on trains
                                                                                                  across the network during 2011.
                                                                                                  This year, we’ll also publish key initiatives
                                                                                                  that we’re introducing to address
                                                                                                  your feedback and suggestions. This
                                                                                                  information will be available every three
                                                                                                  months at
                                                                                                  Visit to find out more
                                                                                                  about Meet the Manager events at your
                                                                                                  local station.
If you’re a parent of one of the 75,000             To explain the Code, we have invested
school students who are either going back           in a School TravelSmart Program where         • Morisset – 9 February
to school or will soon start travelling on          transit officers and NSW Police visit high    • Warabrook (University) – 9 February
CityRail trains each day, you may want to           schools with school liaison representatives   • Newcastle – 10 February
take a look at both our Code of Conduct             to educate school students about safe and     • Hamilton – 9 March
and policy regarding Student RailPasses.            courteous train travel.                       • Wyee – 9 March
The Code says that students with a free             We’re committed to educating school           • Maitland – 10 March
RailPass must behave in a manner that               students about ways to stay safe              • Broadmeadow – 21 March
ensures the comfort and safety of all               while travelling to and from school           • Cardiff – 22 March
passengers on CityRail trains. Not following        on our trains.                                • Point Clare – 13 April
the Code could lead to the free RailPass being      Visit to find           • Fassifern – 27 April
confiscated or even cancelled.                      out more about the Code of Conduct.           • Maitland to Scone Return – 28 April

    Guardian                                                                                      How we’re
       service                                                                                    Our on-time running target is for 92 per
                                                                                                  cent of peak suburban trains to arrive
                                                                                                  within five minutes of the scheduled time

Available on your line
                                                                                                  and for the same proportion of intercity
                                                                                                  trains to arrive within six minutes of their
                                                                                                  scheduled time.
                                                                                                  The good news is that on-time running has
Customer safety and security is our priority. That’s why we have introduced Guardian              improved steadily over the past few years.
services on selected lines on Friday and Saturday nights.
                                                                                                  However, if you do experience a delay, we
Transit officers will travel on board each Guardian service. CCTV cameras are operating           aim to keep you informed as we work to
on trains and station platforms, and CityRail and security staff will be present at               resume services as soon as possible.
major stations.
                                                                                                  On-time running targets were achieved
Guardian services will be available at the times listed below:                                    on the Newcastle & Central Coast
                                                                                                  and Hunter lines in the September to
 Newcastle & Central Coast Line
                                                                                                  November period.
 Friday night         Depart Central 10.15pm, arrive Newcastle 1.18pm
                      Depart Central 12.15am, arrive Wyong 2.05am
                                                                                                           Peak on-time running (%)
 Saturday night       Depart Central 10.15pm, arrive Newcastle 1.16am                             100
                      Depart Central 12.15am, arrive Wyong 2.05am                                                                            Target
                                                                                                   80                                        92%
CityRail and security staff will be at Strathfield, Epping, Hornsby, Morisset, Gosford,            60    97.6 93.9   95.0 95.6 92.4 92.4
Wyong and Newcastle Stations.
Services will be cancelled or altered when there is trackwork. You can
check if there is trackwork on your line by visiting
                                                                                                        September October November
                                                                                                         Newcastle & Central Coast Hunter Line

                                                                                                                              C I T Y R A I L U P D AT E   3
                                   What’s on                                                                                                                                        Trackwork calendar
                                                                                                                                                                                    Our planned maintenance program is
                                   Check out some of these great events –                                                                                                           scheduled two years in advance. Every
                                   leave your car at home and go by train.                                                                                                          week of the year, some part of the
                                                                                                                                                                                    CityRail network is undergoing trackwork
                                   The First Emperor:                                                                                                                               in line with our continuing effort to
                                   China’s entombed warriors                                                                                                                        maintain and upgrade our network and
                                   When: 4 December –13 March 2011                                                                                                                  provide you with a smoother ride.
                                   Where: Art Gallery of NSW

                                                                                                                                             Image courtesy of Art Gallery of NSW
                                   Take a look at one of the greatest                                                                                                               Trackwork by email
                                   archaeological discoveries in history. The                                                                                                       Would you like to know what’s
                                   terracotta army, discovered in 1974 in Xi’an,                                                                                                    happening on your line without leaving
                                   Shaanxi province in China, was buried with                                                                                                       the comfort of your office or home?
                                   the First Emperor of China in 210 BC. Its                                                                                                        It’s easy if you subscribe to CityRail’s
                                   purpose was to help Emperor Qin Shihuang                                                                                                         free trackwork email service.
                                   continue his reign in the afterlife. The                                                                                                         Simply go to to
                                   exhibition includes more than 100 objects                                                                                                        register. Select the lines you most
                                   including life-size warriors, foot soldiers,                                                                                                     frequently use and we’ll send you a
                                   cavalry and chariot horses.                                                                                                                      weekly email advising of any trackwork
                                                                                                                                    affecting train services. The emails can
                                                                                             Loop the Lake Bicycle Challenge
                                   first-emperor                                                                                                                                    be sent to your home or office email –
                                                                                             When: 13 March
                                                                                             Where: Speers Point Park                                                               or both!
                                   Chinese New Year: Twilight Parade
                                   When: 6 February                                          Get on your bike and enjoy the ‘Loop
                                                                                                                                                                                    The calendar below shows major work
                                   Where: Sydney Town Hall to Chinatown                      the Lake’ recreational ride around Lake
                                                                                                                                                                                    planned for your line in the near future.
                                   Head down to the Chinese New Year Twilight                Macquarie. You can choose 85km, 50km
                                   Parade to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit.
                                                                                             or 16km rides all finishing at Speers Point                                            Buses replace trains:
                                                                                             Park. This 15th annual event is supported by
                                   Lights, lanterns, dancers and dragons will fill                                                                                                  7–10 Feb          Newcastle & Central
                                                                                             The Rotary Club of Lake Macquarie for the
                                   the streets between Town Hall and Chinatown.                                                                                                     (evening)         Coast Line
                                                                                             benefit of John Hunter Children’s Hospital.
                                   The Twilight Parade is just one of the many                                                                                                                        Trains operate via the
                                                                                                                                                                      North Shore Line, to an
                                   events in the Chinese New Year calendar.
                                                                                                                                                                                                      amended timetable.
                                                    Hunter Valley Steamfest
                                                                                             When: 9–10 April                                                                       21–24 Feb         Newcastle & Central
                                   Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras                                                                                                                (evening)         Coast Line
                                                                                             Where: Railway Precinct and Church                                                                       Between Newcastle
                                   Fair Day
                                                                                             Street, Maitland                                                                                         and Wyong.
                                   When: 20 February
                                   Where: Victoria Park, Sydney                              Take the family on a day trip to the Hunter                                            26–27 Feb         Newcastle & Central
                                                                                             Valley Steamfest. There will be steam and                                              (weekend)         Coast Line
                                   Around 70,000 people are expected to turn                 vintage diesel train excursions, market                                                                  Between Newcastle
                                   out at the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras              stalls, miniature locomotives, a museum                                                                  and Central.
                                   Fair Day on 20 February. There will be plenty of          display and children’s entertainment.
                                   stalls with a selection of good food and drinks.                                                                                                                   Hunter Line
                                                                                             Steam train journeys include the Foreshore                                                               Between Scone and
                                   Fair Day officially launches the 2011 Sydney              Flyer and the Great Train Race. It’s an event                                                            Newcastle and also
                                   Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Festival.                      that train enthusiasts won’t want to miss.                                                               between Dungog,
                                                                                                                                          Telarah and Newcastle.

                                   Contact us
                                   Report security issues          Rail Greenline for environmental
                                   1800 657 926 (24 hours)         enquiries and complaints
HC13761 Printed January 2011

                                   Lost property                   1300 656 999 (24 hours)
                                   02 9379 3341                    TTY (Teletypewriter service)
                                   or            for hearing and speech impaired
                                   Passes and concessions          customers only 1800 637 500
                                   1300 302 130                    For service information or to
                                   Ticket vending machine          give customer feedback                                                                                           Details are correct at time of printing.
                                   faults 1800 808 822    or call 131 500
                                                                                                                                                                                    Please check, posters at
                                                                                                                                                                                    your station or call 131 500 closer to the time.

                               4    C I T Y R A I L U P D AT E   ISSN (Print) 1836-3997

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