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					Southbank Centre

Festival of

Thursday 18 – Sunday 21 September 2008
12 noon – 9pm
Southbank Centre

Festival of

Sample and buy great food from a choice of over 40 Slow Food
stalls offering fresh, sustainable and traditionally prepared
produce. There are cooking demonstrations from top chefs, book
signings, talks by award-winning food writers, a special focus on
the plight of the honey bee on Saturday and a Busy Bee Tent with
family activities. 1950s fairground stalls and a carousel add to the
fun. Read on for the full programme of events.

Slow Food is a non-profit, eco-gastronomic, member-supported
organisation that was founded in 1989 to counteract fast food and
fast life, the disappearance of local food traditions and people’s
dwindling interest in the food they eat. Food should taste good;
it should be produced in a clean way that does not harm the
environment, animal welfare or our health; and food producers
should receive fair compensation for their work - this is what the
Slow Food movement is all about.

18 September

               Free events

               Cooking Demo: Cyrus Todiwala               Truffle Talk
               of Café Spice Namasté                      London’s leading white truffle
               Cyrus Todiwala’s restaurant is one         dealer, Bruno Giorgi, discusses one
               of the only Indian restaurants to win      of nature’s finest delicacies.
               a BIB Gourmand Award from the              Demonstration Tent, 4pm
               Michelin Guide. He creates a great
               dish using produce selected from           Richard Haward’s Guide
               the market.                                to Native & Wild Rock Oysters
               Demonstration Tent, 12.30pm                The Haward family has been
                                                          growing oysters in the shallow
               Cooking Demo: Helena Puolakka              creeks leading from the river
               After learning her craft with Pierre       Blackwater to the west of Mersea
               Koffmann and Pierre Gagnaire,              Island, Essex since 1792. Learn how
               Helena became executive chef               to choose and prepare the best
               at Skylon, the restaurant at               specimens.
               Royal Festival Hall.                       Demonstration Tent, 5pm
               Demonstration Tent, 1pm
                                                          Talk & Book Signing:
               Butchery Demo: Peter Gott                  Planet Chicken
               of Sillfield Farm                          Award-winning author of Planet
               Learn the basics of pork butchery          Chicken: The Shameful Story of the
               from Peter Gott, a long-standing           Bird on Your Plate Hattie Ellis gives
               member of the Slow Food movement.          an insightful and thought-provoking
               Demonstration Tent, 1.30pm                 talk highlighting the exploitation
                                                          of the world’s best-loved bird and
               Cooking Demo & Book Signing:               how to choose ethical producers.
               Classic Italian                            Demonstration Tent, 5.30pm
               Pietro Demaio prepares a dish from
               his book Preserving the Italian Way,       Talk & Book Signing:
               a collection of classic Italian recipes.   The Slow Food Story
               Demonstration Tent, 2.30pm & 4.30pm        Geoff Andrews, academic and
                                                          author of The Slow Food Story:
               Cooking Demo: Jacky Lelièvre               Politics and Pleasure, discusses
               Chef Jacky Lelièvre from celebrated        the movement’s history, ideas,
               gastropub The Butcher’s Hook               structure and membership.
               prepares a seasonal dish using             Demonstration Tent, 6.30pm
               produce from Slow Food traders.
               Demonstration Tent, 3.30pm
19 September

               Free events

               Cooking Demo & Book Signing:             Talk & Book Signing: Delizia!
               Silla Bjerrum of Feng Sushi              John Dickie discusses his new book
               Executive chef of Feng Sushi Silla       Delizia!:The Epic History of Italians
               Bjerrum demonstrates innovative          and Their Food, highlighting Italian
               sushi, sourcing sustainable fish and     history from 12th-century Palermo
               local seasonal produce.                  to the Slow Food movement of
               Demonstration Tent, 12.30pm              modern Turin.
                                                        Demonstration Tent, 5.30pm
               Carrot Club
               A regular participatory parent           Talk & Book Signing:
               and toddler group that encourages        A World Without Bees
               playful interaction on themes of         Authors and urban bee-keepers
               food and growing through music,          Alison Benjamin and Brian
               arts and crafts. Suitable for children   McCallum discuss their new book
               aged two to five years old and           examining Colony Collapse Disorder,
               their carers.                            a mysterious phenomenon that is
               Busy Bee Tent, 1pm                       destroying honey bee communities
                                                        across the world.
               Cooking Demo:                            Demonstration Tent, 6.30pm
               Great Dishes for Under a Fiver
               Sarah Moore demonstrates                 Honey Party
               how to use seasonal, and                 Guest DJs and the Honourable
               sometimes unusual, ingredients           Company of Hive Workers play
               to create inexpensive, tasty and         bee-inspired music late into the
               nutritional dishes.                      night to celebrate the first honey
               Demonstration Tent, 1.30pm               harvest from Royal Festival Hive.
                                                        Concrete at The Hayward, 8pm
               Talk: Scrumptious Southbank
               Tutors and students from the
               Brighton University Centre for
               Research and Design explore
               the potential for growing and
               greening Southbank Centre
               with local people. André Viljoen
               introduces the project.
               Demonstration Tent, 4pm
                                                                                 river thames
                    embankment &
                    Charing Cross

                                                                                                             Festival pier

                                                         Market                         Market
                    Golden Jubilee

                                                                        festival Riverside

                                      festival terrace

                                                                  Royal FEstival Hall                   WC
stalls & Carousel

                                                                                                        queen elizabeth Hall
1950s fairground


                                                                                                                                          Waterloo bridge
                                                                                                             The hayward       concrete
                                                                                                 Busy                          Cafe/bar
                                                                  Demo Tent                      Bee

                                                         Market                  Market

                                                                                   Belvedere Road        belvedere road
20 September

               Free events

               Slow Art Tent                           Talk: Mike Thurlow                   Talk: The Art of Italian Coffee          Talk: Bee Plight
               Art activities for children and their   Orchard Apiaries’ Mike Thurlow       Founded in Italy in 1882, Caffè          Learn some practical steps to
               families celebrating the beauty and     displays his observation hive.       Vergnano is dedicated to the             support your local honeybees in
               versatility of food. Drop in and have   See his bees in action, whilst       cult of coffee. Proprietor Luciano       their fight for survival through this
               a go at creating a visual feast.        he demonstrates some of the          Franchi describes their coffee-          talk and demonstration by the
               Busy Bee Tent, 12 noon-4pm              techniques of bee-keeping.           making process.                          London Beekeeping Association.
                                                       Demonstration Tent, 1.30pm           Demonstration Tent, 3.30pm               Demonstration Tent, 5pm
               Bee and Q
               Peter James, bee-keeper at the          Cooking Demo: Abel Vieilleville      Royal Festival Hive                      Talk & Book Signing:
               Chelsea Physic Garden, brings           Abel, pastry chef from celebrated    Southbank Centre has its own             Apples, Orchards &
               along a dry hive and answers            restaurant Skylon, creates a         beehive on the roof of Royal Festival    Community Orchards
               questions about bees.                   signature honeycomb dessert.         Hall. Meet the Honourable Company        Sue Clifford discusses her book
               Demonstration Tent, 12 noon             Demonstration Tent, 2pm              of Hive Workers who look after the       The Apple Source Book, a
                                                                                            bees, listen live to the hive, and win   celebration of the nearly 3,000
               Cooking Demo & Book Signing:            Papermaking                          some of the most cultured honey in       varieties of apple grown across
               Silla Bjerrum of Feng Sushi             Recyling organisation Bywaters       London in our raffle.                    the UK, their distinctive flavours,
               See Friday 19 September.                hosts a fun papermaking workshop     Meet at the Demonstration Tent, 4pm      uses, places of origin, stories and
               Demonstration Tent, 12.30pm             for children.                                                                 associated customs.
                                                       Busy Bee Tent, 2pm                   Cooking Demo & Book Signing:             Demonstration Tent, 6pm
               Be a Bee                                                                     Jenny Linford
               Become a bee and discover how           Gauri Sharma Tripathi:               Author Jenny Linford cooks a recipe      Cooking Demo:
               these fuzzy creatures find their way    Flavours In Emotions                 from her new book The London             Delicious Honey Recipes
               and talk to other bees. Suitable for    South Asian culture has always       Cookbook, a celebration of London’s      Sarah Moore creates exciting
               children aged five and over, their      been heavily rooted in food and      gastronomy past and present.             honey dishes.
               friends and families.                   dance, and Artist in Residence       Demonstration Tent, 4pm                  Demonstration Tent, 7pm
               Busy Bee Tent, 1pm, 3pm & 4pm           Gauri Sharma Tripathi celebrates
                                                       the beauty of this combination in    The Shellac Sisters                      Time For Tease
               Cooking Demo:                           a short Kathak dance piece.          Four glamorous women who                 Sit down to a full spread of
               How to Make Honeycomb                   Festival Riverside, 3pm & 5pm        dress in all things vintage play         afternoon tea and be interrupted
               BBC Masterchef winner Steven                                                 78rpm records on 1920s wind-up           in the nicest possible way by
               Wallis demonstrates how easy it         Cooking Demo: Jacky Lelièvre         gramophones.                             stunning burlesque and cabaret
               is to make honeycomb.                   Chef Jacky Lelièvre from             Festival Riverside, 4pm                  performances. Spaces are limited.
               Demonstration Tent, 1pm                 celebrated gastropub The Butcher’s                                            Please note this show contains
                                                       Hook prepares a delicious dish       Talk: Why Should We Recycle?             partial nudity.
                                                       using honey.                         Talk by recycling organisation           Festival Riverside, 8pm
                                                       Demonstration Tent, 3pm              Bywaters.
                                                                                            Demonstration Tent, 4.30pm
21 September

               Free events

               Slow Art Tent                           Papermaking
               Art activities for children and their   See Saturday 20 September.
               families, celebrating the beauty and    Busy Bee Tent, 2pm
               versatility of food. Drop in and have
               a go at creating a visual feast.        Brighton Morris Men
               Busy Bee Tent, 12 noon-4pm              Brighton Morris Men are renowned
                                                       for their enthusiastic interpretation
               Bellowhead                              of the English Morris Dance.
               Artists in Residence Bellowhead         The Brighton men dance mainly
               invite you to bring along an            in the Cotswold tradition, but have
               instrument and have a jam with          also evolved a number of dances
               the folk wizards. Learn the song        in their own unique Sussex style.
               online at www.bellowhead.co.uk/         Festival Riverside, 2pm, 4pm & 6pm
               Festival Riverside, 12 noon & 5pm       Cooking Demo: How To Smoke
                                                       BBC Masterchef winner Steven
               Cooking Demo & Book Signing:            Wallis demonstrates how easy
               Arthur Potts Dawson from                it is to smoke food.
               Acorn House                             Demonstration Tent, 2.30pm
               Arthur Potts Dawson, executive
               chef of eco-friendly, award-winning     In Conversation with Rose Prince        Truffle Talk
               restaurant Acorn House, showcases       Silvija Davidson, the Chair of Slow     See Thursday 18 September
               some delicious ways to enjoy            Food UK, hosts a talk with Rose         Demonstration Tent, 4.30pm
               selected autumnal ingredients.          Prince, celebrated author and
               Demonstration Tent, 12.30pm             one of the UK’s most prolific food      Richard Haward’s Guide to
                                                       journalists.                            Native & Wild Rock Oysters
               Cooking Demo & Book Signing:            Demonstration Tent, 3pm                 See Thursday 18 September.
               Stéphane Reynaud                                                                Demonstration Tent, 5pm
               Stéphane Reynaud, acclaimed             Cooking Demo & Book Signing:
               French chef owner of renowned           Raclette & Fondue                       Cooking Demo:
               restaurant Villa 9 Trois in Montreuil   Patricia Michelson, the owner of        Silla Bjerrum of Feng Sushi
               (France) cooks a recipe from his        Marylebone cheese emporium              See Friday 19 September.
               new book which celebrates simple        La Fromagerie, discusses                Demonstration Tent, 5.30pm
               home cooking and bistro dishes.         the delights of cheese and
               Demonstration Tent, 1.30pm              demonstrates how make to                Talk: The Art of Italian Coffee
                                                       fondue and serve raclette.              See Saturday 20 September.
                                                       Demonstration Tent, 4pm                 Demonstration Tent, 6.30pm
MArket stalls
Altissima                              Cupcake Boutique                         Holker Farm Dairy                      Richard Haward’s Oysters
The best Italian wines and             Cupcakes baked from all-natural          Raw sheep’s milk cheeses from          Colchester native and wild rock
gourmet products                       ingredients                              Cumbria                                oysters from West Mersea

The Arabica Food & Spice Company       EatNatural                               La LodiGrana Cheese                    Source by Sarah Moore
Contemporary Middle Eastern            Tasty fruit and nut bars made in small   Traditionally-produced Tipico          Freshly baked cakes, savoury
delicacies                             batches from simple ingredients          Lodigrana cows milk cheese from        muffins and delicious salads made
                                                                                Lombardy, Italy                        with impeccably sourced ingredients
Bean & Gone                            Emmett’s Traditional Bacon and Ham
Rich coffee made from Monmouth         Specialist ham and bacon producers       La Grotta Ices                         Sillfield Farm
beans                                  using local Suffolk pigs                 Inventive artisanal ice cream          Rare breed pigs, sheep and wild boar
                                                                                                                       from the Lake District
Ben’s All Natural Candyfloss           Farmer Sharp                             Luca’s Bakery
& Popcorn                              Co-operative of small famers from        Craft bakers, also offering a range    Slow Food London
Floss made from unrefined, organic     Cumbria supplying Herdwick sheep,        of fruit and savoury tarts             Slow ploughman’s, perry and
sugar and freeze-dried fruit           Galloway cattle, primitive breeds.                                              soft drinks.
                                                                                Manor Farm Game
                                       Next door, Farmer Sharp provides                                                Information point
Born and Bread Organic Bakery                                                   Game cuts (oven-ready), pies,
                                       real burgers, welfare veal and lamb
Organic, slowly fermented and                                                   sausages, pasties, pâtés and           The Traditional Bratwurst Company
                                       steaks to go
sourdough breads from South                                                     burgers                                Traditional bratwurst from
East London                            Farmstead Cheese                                                                unintensively outdoor-reared pigs
                                                                                Mersea Vineyard and Brewery
                                       The best seasonal French cheeses
Bruno Giorgi Truffles                                                           High-quality English white wines       Utobeer / Beer2Love
                                       and the famous Brie aux Truffes
London’s leading truffle dealer                                                 and real ale                           Real beers, expertly sourced
                                       Franklins Deli & Farm Shop
Café Spice Namasté                                                              The Mushroom Table
                                       Ethical deli offering locally-grown
Acclaimed Indian dishes and                                                     Wild and cultivated funghi
                                       fruits and vegetables
home-made pickles                                                                                                      festival terrace stalls
                                                                                Norfolk and Suffolk Speciality Foods
Casa de L’Oli                                                                   Fruit chutneys, mustards, harissa
                                       Wild game pies and freshly made                                                 Caffè Vergnano 1882
Award-winning extra virgin olive oil                                            and salad dressings inspired by
                                       rabbit pasta                                                                    Restaurant and bar. Purveyor of the
from Catalonia                                                                  South East Asia
                                                                                                                       best Italian food and drink
Chocstar                                                                        Orchid Apiaries
                                       Italian cheeses, particularly                                                   Feng Sushi
Chocolate bar serving punchy                                                    Sublime honey, including Ivy,
                                       Piedmontese                                                                     Sushi made from impeccably
Venezuelan hot-chocolate shots,                                                 Starflower and Norfolk
                                                                                                                       sourced, sustainable fish supplies
chocolate Guinness cupcakes and        Green and Blue                           Blossom varieties
more                                   Rare, biodynamic wines you would                                                Le Pain Quotidien
                                                                                Patchwork Pâtés
                                       never see on supermarkets’ shelves                                              Home-made baguettes with a
Churros Garcia                                                                  Award-winning, artisan pâtés,
                                                                                                                       choice of fillings, including freshly
Artisanal, freshly-made churros        Hanne Lindberg Design                    preservative-free, sold frozen
                                                                                                                       barbequed chorizo sausage
with hot thick chocolate sauce         Personal design consultancy,
                                                                                Rainha Santa Roast Hog
                                       concentrating here on showing how                                               Ping Pong
                                                                                Portuguese hog roast, marmalades,
                                       one might make London greener                                                   Aromatic flowering teas
                                                                                preserves, honeys and wild herbs
This Christmas at
Southbank Centre
Christmas Market at Southbank Centre
Friday 21 November – Tuesday 23 December

Visit Southbank Centre’s German-style Christmas Market with more
than 30 stalls along the Queen’s Walk between the London Eye and
Royal Festival Hall. The wooden chalet stalls offer everything from
jewellery and hand-crafted toys to ornaments, mulled wine and
festive food, all accompanied by traditional Christmas music.

Slow Food Christmas Market
Saturday 20 – Tuesday 23 December

The perfect place to sample and buy delicious, fresh, sustainable
and traditionally-prepared produce for your Christmas table.
Organised in association with Slow Food London.

                                   Photos: Belinda Lawley
                                   Listings correct at time of going to press
                                   With thanks to Foyles bookshop

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