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Carbon In Fly Ash

                          CIFA Model 350
                                                                  CIFA Model 350

                    Real time measurement of unburnt      The Scantech CIFA Model 350 offers a number of
                    Carbon in fly ash provides active     technical advantages over other methods of
                    process control in coal burning       measuring unburnt carbon in fly ash. The
                    power stations. The CIFA Model        measurement method uses the patented
                    350 with online measurement of        microwave resonant cavity technique originally
                    unburnt carbon in fly ash permits:    developed by the CSIRO*. The electronics and fly
                                                          ash handling system have been designed to
                    • Reduced carbon dioxide              provide the following advantages:
                      emissions per unit of electricity
                      due to more efficient boiler        • New microwave technology allows a very precise
                      operation.                            and stable measurement of the microwave cavity
                                                            resonance. This allows a density compensated
                    • Immediate adjustment in boiler        unburnt carbon measurement to be made.
                      operation when variation in           Density compensation allows improved accuracy
                      unburnt carbon in fly ash occurs.     for low unburnt carbon fly ash. It also allows
                    • Improved boiler efficiency,           improved accuracy where multiple coal types are
                      especially when feed coal quality     fed to the boiler.
                      is variable.                        • An effective method of vibrating the sample tube
                    • Improved fly ash quality – lower      eliminates build up and blockage in the sample
                      unburnt carbon is beneficial for      tube.
                      end users of fly ash, such as the   • A powerful purge air heating system ensures that
                      cement industry.                      the purge air is heated to above 100 degrees
                    *Commonwealth Scientific and            Centigrade at all times. This ensures that
                     Industrial Research Organisation,      moisture condensation can never occur in the fly
                     Australia.                             ash pathway.
                                                          • A sampling valve and collection canister can be
                                                            fitted to collect fly ash sample for laboratory
                                                            analysis when required. When not required it can
                                                            be removed for safe keeping.
                                                          • A single sampling valve and canister can be
                                                            shared amongst several CIFA Model 350
                                                            monitors if simultaneous sampling is not
                                                          • Control of the CIFA Model 350 monitors is
                                                            centralised in a control cabinet which can be
                                                            located up to 1km away in a control room or
                                                            switch room.
                                                          • Up to 16 CIFA Model 350 monitors can be
                                                            connected to a single control cabinet.
                                                          * Low maintenance requirement. Routine
                                                            maintenance is limited to replacement of the
                                                            sample tube and pinch valve tube. This can be
                                                            accomplished in less than 30 minutes. Typical
                                                            life of these components is three to six months.
CIFA                                                                                              List of Scantech
    Introducing the CIFA                                                                          Products
    Model 350
                                                                                                • COALSCAN Model 1500 On-
                                                                                                  belt Natural Gamma Ash
The CIFA Model 350 provides on-line                                                               Monitor
analysis of carbon in fly ash. A
                                                                                                • COALSCAN Model 2100 &
stream of hot gas containing fly ash                                                              2800 On-belt Ash / On-belt Ash
                                                 Scantech’s Analysers                             and Moisture Monitors
is sampled from the boiler duct by an
                                                                                                • COALSCAN Model 9500X On-
isokinetic sampling system (such as          SCANTECH provides the energy,                        belt Elemental Analyser for
             TM                                                                                   Coal
the Cegrit        sampler). The fly ash is   mining, coal and cement sectors with
separated from the hot gas by a              analysers for a wide range of                      • GEOSCAN™ On-belt Elemental
                                                                                                  Analyser for Cement or
cyclone. The fly ash falls vertically        situations and environments. We can                  Minerals
down a tube into the CIFA                    deliver the online solutions that suit
                                                                                                • TBM 200 Series On-belt
measurement module. When the                 your process and reduce your                         Microwave Moisture Monitor
required quantity of fly ash has been        operating costs. Whether you want to               • CIFA Model 350
collected the sample is analysed and                                                              Carbon In Fly Ash Monitor
                                             monitor moisture, ash, sulphur, or
is then purged back into the duct by a       energy content we have the right                   • CM Model 100 On-belt
                                                                                                  Conductive Material Moisture
stream of preheated compressed air.          application for your needs and                       Monitor
Collection of the next sample then           budget.                                            • IRONSCAN Model 1500 On-
begins.                                                                                           belt Natural Gamma Iron Ore
                                             Real time analysis during the various                Monitor
The complete analysis cycle typically        phases of resources production                     • MINERALSCAN Model 1500
takes 3 to 5 minutes. At the                 provides operators with significant                  On-belt Natural Gamma
                                                                                                  Minerals Monitor
conclusion of analysis a new percent         opportunities for plant optimisation
carbon result is produced.                   and quality control. Over the past two               Interfacing the CIFA
An optional sampling valve allows the
                                             decades, online analysers have                       Model 350 to your
                                             become a standard process control                    plant
sample of fly ash to be saved in a
                                             tool in the resources industry. Recent
sample canister rather than ejected                                                             The computer in the control
                                             scientific and computing innovations               cabinet is an industrial
back into the duct. The saved sample                                                            computer running Windows XP
                                             now offer considerable performance                 Professional. Available options
may be sent for laboratory analysis to
                                             and operational improvements in
check the calibration of the CIFA
                                             current generation analysers.                      • Plant interface by Modbus
Model 350.                                                                                      protocol over serial link or
                                             SCANTECH is a leading provider of                  ethernet.
Calculation of results and interfacing       this technology and with our                       • Remote access via dial-up
to the plant is provided from the CIFA       experienced R&D staff we make sure
                                                                                                line or via ethernet.

Model 350 control cabinet which is           our customers will benefit from                    In additions a hard-wired
                                                                                                interface is available where
located in a control room or switch          improvements and new                               control signals are supplied by
room.                                                                                           contact closures and results
                                             developments.                                      are provided on 4–20 mA
                                                                                                current loops.
                                                   This analyser has proprietary
                                                   patented technology covered by
                                                   patents and patent applications.


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