MMri stem cell symposium 2011

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					                                                      Opening address
                                                      by prOfessOr Martin pera
                                                      4 pm to 6 pm, tuesday, 10 May 2011

                                                      WelcOMe receptiOn
                                                      6 pm to 8 pm, tuesday, 10 May 2011

                                                      8 am to 5 pm, Wednesday, 11 May 2011

                                                      the university of Queensland centre for
                                                      clinical research on the royal brisbane
                                                      Women’s Hospital campus at Herston,
                                                      Queensland, australia.

                                                      free registration.

                                                      lOcal Organising cOMMittee
                                                      Kerry atkinson (MMri), nick fisk

MMri stem cell
                                                      (uQccr), ernst Wolvetang (aibn),
                                                      paul Verma (Monash university).

symposium 2011
                                                      fOr furtHer infOrMatiOn cOntact

                                                      professor Kerry atkinson 07 3163 3429

induced pluripOtent steM cells:                       eVent cOOrdinatOr

Hurdles to clinical translation and their solutions   emma ballantine 07 3163 3776