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Everything you need to know about


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									Everything you need to know about

Everything you need to know about

Whether you are making payments, sending or receiving money online, with
Moneybookers you only need an email address and a password. No need to
carry all your payment details around and repeatedly type them in. It takes
just seconds and is absolutely free to set up a Moneybookers account.
How you choose to fund it is up to you. Moneybookers offers over 100 local
payment options to choose from. Attach a credit or debit card, transfer funds,
and use it the way that suits you.

What you can do with

   1. Transfer Money Internationally
      Can't pop into your local bank? Don't want to spend a fortune in
      transfer and exchange fees? This is your low cost solution for sending
      and receiving funds internationally, whether it's family, friends or
      simply to your own bank account when you're abroad in over 40

   2. Shop Online
      Every day more and more merchants accept Moneybookers payment.
      So you can pay directly and securely without revealing your bank or
      credit card details.

   3. Deposit Money
      Free and safe storage comes as standard with a Moneybookers
      account. Upload and withdraw your funds when you need them, to use
      at all your favourite sites.

   4. Receive Payouts
      Where should we send the payment to? If this is the sort of question
      you get asked, then there's only one answer: Your Moneybookers
      account, where you can receive payments from over 200 countries and
      territories in over 40 currencies.

       Different ways to Make Money:
Everything you need to know about

  5. Refer a Friend and Make money
     Refer friends, family and customers to and
     qualify for cash rewards. All you have to do is copy and paste your
     personalized link or banner code into an email or your website to get

  6. Customers shop on your website and pay on

      If you are selling something on your website then this is an easy,
      quick way to start accepting credit cards online. A simple integration
      into your shopping cart allows your customers to pay securely and

Send money to others

      For the sender
       Go to “home”, select sender and receiver country, click on “send
       Please enter your details, which we require for regulatory reasons
       Select your funding option, specify amount and provide us with
         necessary receiver details
       Complete the transaction and your money is on its way!
      For the receiver
       The recipient of your money transfer will receive an email
       A great solution is the Moneybookers Prepaid MasterCard®: first
         your recipient need to sign up or log into their Moneybookers
         account and order the card
       Once they have the MasterCard card, your recipient will instantly
         have access to the funds you sent on their card

      For more information please visit:

       Different ways to Make Money:

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