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technology from
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About revenue+                              ferry+
revenue+ has been involved in the
development of a range of integrated
                                            While the business and
                                            operational requirements
                                            for traditional ferry and
                                                                            “ Our choice of
                                                                            revenue+ and their
reservations systems for ferry operators,   high speed craft operators      ferry+ product was
railway companies and vacation              may vary, these requirements    based on the
                                            have a common link –
operators on a global basis.                complexity. Therefore, any      company’s unique
                                            reservations and operational    knowledge of the
                                            technology must be capable
Our core skill set is centred on our        of dealing with this
                                                                            ferry business
extensive experience of travel              complexity efficiently.         which, added to
reservations, particularly for ferry and                                    their innovative
                                            Our ferry+ browser based
high speed operators. Specifically, this    reservations and operational
                                                                            web enabled
experience encompasses the design,          system simplifies the           software, made it
building and implementation of large        implementation and use of       an unbeatable
                                            technology while providing
scale reservation systems.                  the depth and scale needed
                                            to support complex and
                                                                            choice     ”
                                                                            Matthew Lipscomb,
                                            varying business models.        Wightlink Project Manager
Our travel technology experience
includes reservations, CRM, ticketing,
GDS interfaces, yield control, revenue
                                               ferry+ includes:
analysis, revenue management, deferred
revenue, accounting, check-in, POS,
marketing, EDI and Internet reservations.
                                               •   Setup of vessel configuration (including
                                                   vehicle, passengers, cabins and on-board
                                                   extra limits), sailings, ticket types and
                                                   promotions, pricing etc.
Our success in delivery of quality
solutions to budget and schedule is only
made possible by the commitment and
                                               •   Reservations, options, amendments, addition

dedication of the people who make up           •   Invoicing (via plain text or pdf email or post),
                                                   ticketing (including e-tickets), deferred revenue
revenue+. Our sole objective is to
provide solutions to match our
customer’s needs.
                                               •   Check-in, go-shows, no-shows, manifests
ferry+ combines
sophisticated core business          Revenue management and profit optimisation
critical tools into one
integrated system for all            A key component of ferry+ is its integral yield management tools which allow yield
aspects of, passenger, (leisure      space rules to be applied automatically as availability is displayed and reservations
and commuting) group, and            are made. This major ferry+ feature is further enhanced by our strategic partnership
freight reservations.                with Revenue Technology Services Corporation.

Operationally, ferry+ provides       Revenue Technology Services Corporation is a world leader in the provision of revenue
complete control of                  management and profit optimisation tools for the ferry and cruise markets.
departures, inventory control,
and manifests as well as             ferry+ seamlessly integrates with the Revenue Technology Services Corporation
handling check-in, go-shows,         solution to provide operators with an efficient and complete solution to
no-shows and point of sale           maximising revenue.

User friendly reservations
functions are a major             Architecture
element of ferry+.                ferry+ is written within the       procedures for tables gives    users and this enables, for
It is designed for fast           Microsoft .Net Framework           good control of table access   example, utilisation of
and efficient use with            using VB.NET. Development is       and splits load between the    common application code
presentation of all               carried out using Microsoft        application and database       for both Web and Call
available tickets and             Visual Web Developer and           servers for both efficiency    Centre users of the
prices to provide                 code is structured into classes,   and security.                  application whilst still
correspondingly high              libraries etc to ensure that the                                  incorporating a different
levels of customer service.       application is both efficient      CSS is extensively used to     presentation style for the
                                  and easily maintained.             control presentation to the    two types of user.
ferry+ is supplied with
an integral Content
Management Engine
                                  ferry+ utilises the
                                  Microsoft SQL Server 2005          “ ferry+ combines sophisticated
                                                                     core business critical tools into one
to alleviate the major            database and associated
issues of cost and speed          database management                integrated system ”
of implementation of              tools. The table structure
even minor changes. This          is designed to be both
feature empowers users to
make changes to the
                                  efficient, logical and
                                  to provide a flexible
                                                                     “ ferry+,needs of traditional ferry
                                                                               scaleable to meet the
presentation of the system,       platform for future changes
quickly and without costly        and customisations.                and high speed craft operators of
program changes.                  Extensive use of stored            all sizes and profiles          ”
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Contact details:
Revenue Plus PLC
P.O. Box 177
East Sussex TN22 4WB Tel: +44 (0)8456 430 730                                                                ferry+
United Kingdom       Email: info@revenue-plus.com

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