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					Fellowship application form

Personal details                                                    CIMA Contact ID                                 -
 Date of birth (dd/mm/yy)                   Age           Nationality

            /         /19
Please enclose documentary evidence of any name change.

Surname/                                                                                                      Title (Mr/ Mrs/ Miss/ Ms/ other)
family name





zip code
                      Country code          Area code                     Phone number                       Extension
Daytime phone no.

Email address


Date elected as a
CIMA Associate                /         /
                    (as shown on your membership certificate)

Declaration by the applicant (please read carefully)

Please place a cross in the box ONLY if the paragraph below is applicable

I confirm that I have been subject to disciplinary sanction by another body or tribunal, or been convicted of an offence (other than an offence
leading to a conviction which is now spent under the relevant jurisdiction) which may be relevant under the proposed Fellow membership of
the Institute. I wish to declare the sanctions or convictions detailed in the attachment to this form, and recognise that the Institute may refuse
my application for Fellowship in the light of the information supplied by me, and may make such further enquiries in connection with my
application as may be considered necessary.

I hereby make application for election to Fellowship of the Institute on the basis of the particulars given, which I certify are correct.

I confirm that I have kept up to date with developments in management and other related topics and maintained my professional skills and
competence. I undertake to comply with the laws of the Institute – The Royal Charter, Bye-laws, Regulation 13 and the Code of Conduct
as detailed or as they may thereafter be amended

I enclose a cheque for the Fellowship application fee of £68.00 (2010) / I hold a Direct Debit mandate with the Institute through which you
may debit my account for the £68.00 (2010) application fee – (Please delete as appropriate and complete the remittance advice on page 2).

Please note, if you are awarded Fellowship before 1 September, you will be liable to pay the balance of the FCMA subscription for the
whole year.

                                                                               Day         Month             Year

Signature                                                               Date           /            /20
Current employment details
Job title



Nature of business




zip code
                                                   Country code   Area code                Phone number                        Extension
Company fax

Email address


Membership of other professional
bodies (with dates obtained)

Remittance advice


Tick one only                                  CIMA Contact ID
   Sterling cheque

   Sterling bank draft
                                                                                             Amount due    £
   UK postal order

   International VISA/Mastercard/Switch/Delta/Amex            Voluntary donation to the Benevolent Fund.
                                                                                                           £                       .
                                                                                        Amount enclosed    £                       .
 Card No.                                                                                            Expiry date           /
  Switch Only: Card Issue No              Valid from

                                               /            Signature
            Warning: if you do not enclose this Remittance Advice with payment, there will be a dela y in updating your record.

Making your Fellowship Application – some points to remember
> Please read the ‘Guidelines for Applicants wishing to apply for Fellowship’

Have you included everything? Please use the check list below to make sure
you have completed everything we need:

                                                                                               Please tick
•	    Fellowship	Application	form,	including	current	employment	details	
      signed and dated

•	    Employment	summary	 	              	        	        	        	         	        	       	

•	    Senior	Experience	Profile	describing	the	relevant	work	undertaken	               	       	

•	    One	or	more	signed	organisation	charts			            	        	         	        	       	

•	     Two	or	more	written	references	 	          	        	        	         	        	       	

•	     Enclosed	the	appropriate	fee/have	a	Direct	Debit	mandate	with	the	Institute	                  		

       Please send your completed application to:

       Membership Admissions
       26	Chapter	Street
       London	SW1P	4NP

               * Please ensure that you keep a copy of your application for future reference