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Next Generation Customer Experience Brochure

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The leading senior-level customer experience conference will take place in Los Angeles on May 23-25.

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									Brought to you by the creators of                                                                        Register by March 31, 2011
                                                                                                               and receive $200 off*
                                                                                                               *customer experience executives only

                                                                                                         2011 Speaking

          Profit From Groundbreaking Customer
                   Experience Strategies
                May 23-25, 2011 | Hyatt Regency Century Plaza
                            Los Angeles, California

Cross-Industry Customer Experience Insight From:
       Jay Topper                                              Janet Hopkins
       SVP, Customer Success                                   VP, Customer Experience
       Rosetta Stone                                           REI
       Vicky Stennes                                           Andrew Koven
       VP, Inflight Experience                                 President, e-Commerce and Customer
       JetBlue                                                 Experience
                                                               Steve Madden
       Devin C. Carty
       Chief Experience Officer & Chief Learning               Jasmine Green
       Officer                                                 Vice President, Chief Customer Advocate
       Vanguard Health                                         Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company

Revitalize Your Customer Experience Approach
    Instill customer-centric core values to set the stage for customer experience excellence
    Tap into structured and unstructured customer feedback to uncover experience gaps
    Engage with your customers on social media to respond to experience delights and
    Optimize the mobile brand experience and connect it to existing channels
    Invest in innovative customer experiences that will boost long term profitability

Lead Sponsor:                           In Partnership With:                        Organized by:        Join Us

Register Call: 1.888.482.6012 or 1.646.200.7530 Web: www.the-customer.com
Today: Fax: 1.646.200.7535 Email: CustomerExperience@wbresearch.com
                                                                                                         Who Should Attend?
                                                                                                         Senior level executives with
                                                                                                         responsibility for the customer
                                                                                                         experience across any and all
                                                                                                         consumer touch points:
                                                                                                         •   Chief Customer Officer
                                                                                                         •   Chief Store Officer
             Profit From Groundbreaking Customer                                                         •   Chief Experience Officer
                                                                                                         •   Chief Marketing Officer
                      Experience Strategies
                                                                                                         EVP, SVPs, VPS, Directors
                 May 23-25, 2011 | Hyatt Regency Century Plaza                                           and Managers of:
                             Los Angeles, California                                                     •   Customer Experience
                                                                                                         •   Customer Engagement
                          www.the-customer.com                                                           •   Customer Strategy
                                                                                                         •   Customer Relationship

                                                                                                         •   Customer Loyalty
                                                                                                         •   Consumer Insights
     Dear Colleague,
                                                                                                         •   Customer Care
                                                                                                             In-Store Experience
     With the continued commoditization of goods and services, smart companies differentiate by
                                                                                                         •   In-Store Operations
     providing value beyond their products. This value lies in an innovative cross-channel experience    •   Retail Operations
     that surprises and delights today’s empowered consumer.                                             •   E-Commerce
                                                                                                         •   Online
     This May, The Next Generation Customer Experience Event will provide you with the tools             •   Digital and In-store
     you need to boost revenue and drive customer loyalty in 2011 and beyond. Network and share              Marketing
     ideas with customer experience leaders and find out how to:                                         •   Channel Marketing
                                                                                                         •   Global Marketing
     •   Create a comprehensive company wide customer experience strategy
     •   Instill customer-centric core values and create an engaged employee culture
     •   Align company priorities and metrics around the customer experience
     •   Tap into customer feedback and interpret VoC data to identify critical experience gaps
     •   Optimize the mobile and social media brand experience and connect it to existing

     In just 3 days participate in CCO interviews, roundtable discussions, interactive workshops, real
     world case studies and provocative panel discussions all thoughtfully designed based on months
     of research with the content advisory board and customer experience executives across all

     We encourage you to browse through the brochure to see how you can profit from strategic
     customer experience design. Don’t be left behind your competitors. Secure your spot today
     at the customer experience event of the year.
                                                                                                         JOIN THE
     We look forward to meeting you in LA!

              Don McNichol                                              Kristin Paulick
                                                                                                         Are you on Facebook,
              Vice President, Online                                    Program Director                 Twitter or LinkedIn? Next
              Tourneau                                                  WBR                              Generation Customer
                                                                                                         Experience is!
              Maura Sullivan                                            Debra Haym
              Senior Manager, Customer Loyalty Team                     Divisional Director              Follow us: @customer_event
              Zappos CLT, Inc.                                          WBR                              Join us: visit
                                                                                                         www.the-customer.com to join
              Janice Brown                                                                               the LinkedIn and Facebook
              Manager, Channel Strategy and                                                              Groups
              Orchestration                                                                              Sign up for blog updates:
              FedEx                                                                                      www.theetailblog.com/

2 Call: 1.888.482.6012 or 1.646.200.7530 Fax: 1.646.200.7535 Email: CustomerExperience@wbresearch.com Visit: www.the-customer.com
The 2011 Speaking Faculty
Conference Chair:                                 Zack Rosen                                Bonny Simmi                           Helen Burt
       Curtis N. Bingham                          CEO                                       Director of Customer                  SVP and Chief Customer
       Founder and Executive                      Mission Bicycle Company                   Experience                            Officer
       Director                                                                             JetBlue                               Pacific Gas & Electric
       Chief Customer Officer                     Jasmine Green
       Council                                    Vice President, Chief                     Jeff L. Anglin                        Larry Freed
                                                  Customer Advocate                         Director of Customer                  President and CEO
        Edward Jankowski                          Nationwide Mutual                         Experience                            Foresee Results
        Senior Vice President and                 Insurance Company                         Medtronic Diabetes
        General Manager                                                                                                           Michael Sachs
        Godiva Chocolatier, Inc.                  Pinny Gniwisch                            Tabitha Dunn                          General Manager, CRM and
                                                  Chief Motivational Officer                Director, Consumer Insights           Owner Loyalty
        Andrew Koven                              ice.com                                   Citrix Online                         Volkswagen of America
        President, e-Commerce and
        Customer Experience                       Maura Sullivan                            Kimberly Dunwoody                     Rudy Vidal
        Steve Madden                              Senior Manager,                           Director, Global Customer             Former Chief Customer
                                                  Customer Loyalty Tea                      Experience Design Strategy            Officer
        Devin C. Carty                            Zappos CLT, Inc.                          Western Union                         InContact
        Chief Experience Officer &
        Chief Learning Officer                    Julie Boston                              Kelly N. Cook                         Steve Cohn
        Vanguard Health                           Manager, Channel Experience               Vice President, Customer              CSP, Customer
                                                  and Infrastructure                        Strategy and Engagement               Experience Expert
        Jay Topper                                Pier 1 Imports                            DSW                                   People to People
        SVP, Customer Success                                                                                                     Learning, Inc
        Rosetta Stone                             Kelly Harper,                             Chris Brya
                                                  Director, Brand and Customer              Director, Mobile and Emerging         Lawrel Demmert
        Barbara Cerf                              Experience                                Channels and Development              Regional Human Resources
        Corporate Vice President                  BMO Financial                             Choice Hotels                         Director
        New York Life                                                                                                             The Home Depot
                                                  Janice Brown                              Jim Knight
        Janet Hopkins                             Manager, Channel Strategy                 Senior Director,
        VP Customer Experience                    and Orchestration                         Training and Development
        REI                                       FedEx                                     Hard Rock International
        Vicky Stennes                             Candy Clay                                Mike Bray
        VP, Inflight Experience                   Director, Customer Care                   VP, Customer Management
        JetBlue                                   CVS Caremark                              Sprint

A Special Thank You To The 2011 Advisory Board
            Devin Carty                                  Maura Sullivan                             Janice Brown                         Don McNichol
            Chief Experience                             Senior Manager,                            Manager, Channel                     Vice President,
            Officer & Chief                              Customer Loyalty Team                      Strategy and                         Online
            Learning Officer                             Zappos CLT, Inc.                           Orchestration                        Tourneau
            Vanguard Health                                                                         FedEx

Conference Day One                                                                                                 Monday, May 23, 2011

8:30     Breakfast And Workshop Registration                                        12:30   Luncheon

9:00     Workshop A (Refreshments Included)                                         1:30    Workshop B continued
         Tactics For Optimizing The Mobile Experience                                       It’s Not Rocket Service: Strategies For Managing,
                                                                                            Meeting And Exceeding Customer Expectations
11:00    Networking And Refreshment Break                                                          Steve Cohn
                                                                                                    CSP, Customer Experience Expert
11:30    Workshop B (Refreshments Included)                                                         People to People Learning, Inc
         It’s Not Rocket Service: Strategies For Managing,
         Meeting And Exceeding Customer Expectations                                2:30    Networking And Refreshment Break
         Designing and delivering outstanding customer experience requires
         not only feedback from experiences customers have already had but          3:00    Workshop C (Refreshments Included)
         also to anticipate what those customers’ expectations are before the               Chief Customer Officer 101
         experience. But most companies do not have a process for collecting
         and understanding their customers’ expectations and                                        Curtis N. Bingham
         communicating those expectations to their people. In this hands-on,                        Founder and Executive Director
         high-energy workshop, participants will:                                                   Chief Customer Officer Council
          •  Determine the customer expectations they already know and
             which expectations they don’t at each touch point                      5:00    Workshop Day Concludes
          •  Create a strategy for gathering customer expectations from their key
             customers which will drive strategies for serving them and others
          •  See expectations through their customers’ eyes.
          •  Walk away with at least one usable action item for exceeding
             customer expectations
                 Steve Cohn
                 CSP, Customer Experience Expert                                                                                      Lead
                 People to People Learning, Inc                                                                                       Sponsor:               3
     Conference Day Two                                                                                        Tuesday, May 24, 2011

     7:15   Networking Breakfast And Registration                                  clicks and page views are too many or too few? How much
                                                                                   does social media buzz impacts your bottom line? What’s
     8:10   Welcome Remarks                                                        the tolerance threshold for a call center call? Or the right
                                                                                   amount of helpfulness for sales associates? Behavioral
                  Kristin Paulick                                                  analytics are missing the contextual customer perspective
                  Program Director                                                 that can yield insight to grow your business. Learn how to
                  WBR                                                              apply science and art to quantify intangible qualitative
                                                                                   factors that influence and predict cross-channel customer
     8:15   Conference Chair’s Opening Address                                     behavior, not just report it.
                  Curtis N. Bingham                                                This session will show you:
                  Founder and Executive Director                                   • A scientific approach to attitudinal analytics that
                  Chief Customer Officer Council                                     complements behavioral metrics and provides a more
                                                                                     well-rounded, accurate gauge of the cross-channel
     8:30   Keynote: Why Now? Why It Is More Important                               customer experience
            Then Ever To Deliver Groundbreaking Customer                           • The difference between feedback and measurement
            Experiences                                                              analytics and why this difference is so important
            Over the past two to three years, the US economy has                   • How to deploy a consistent measurement framework
            significantly impacted many companies’ ability to provide                across multiple channels to keep the pulse of customer
            excellent customer service. Resources were slashed and price             relationships on a continuous basis
            wars often ensued…the focus on the customer experience
            dwindled. Now, with the economy rebounding, all industries                   Larry Freed
            are recognizing that to meet the needs of today’s discerning                 President and CEO
            and tech savvy consumer, they must invest in strategic and                   Foresee Results
            groundbreaking customer experiences across all consumer
            touch points. Learn why the customer experience is the key       10:15 Keynote Interview: The Case For Creating A
            to differentiating your brand and attracting a loyal customer          Separate Customer Experience Department
            base in 2011 and beyond.                                               With the continued commoditization of goods and services,
                                                                                   many organizations are using customer experience as a way
                  Andrew Koven                                                     to differentiate their brand and drive customer loyalty. With
                  President, e-Commerce and Customer Experience                    this increased focus, there is a need for a separate functional
                  Steve Madden                                                     group that acts on behalf of the customer. Learn why one
                                                                                   company established a customer experience department and
     9:00   Keynote: Create And Sustain An Engaged                                 put in place a VP of Customer Experience as well as the
            Employee Culture That Sets The Stage For An                            results of this effort.
            Emotionally Engaging Customer Experience                               • How to establish a customer experience function and
            To create winning customer experiences, customer-centricity               develop an internal reporting structure
            must permeate all aspects of an organization. Every function           • Gain visibility into all customer touch points and gather
            as well as every corporate operation and decision should align            customer feedback across all touch points
            with the customer. Customer-centric core values must be                • Empower the customer experience team to affect change
            believed and followed by everyone within the organization.                and dictate new processes
            Find out how to:                                                       • Maintain efficiency while still enhancing internal
            • Create and sustain an engaged employee culture that will
                                                                                      communications with your customer experience team
               drive an emotionally engaging customer experience                   • Prioritize customer experience projects in order of highest
            • Drive a great customer experience by focusing on people
                                                                                      sustaining value and sustaining profits
               and empowering them to do what’s right
            • Develop and instill customer-centric core values with all            Led By:
               employees to reinforce every customer experience initiative               Curtis N. Bingham
            • Leverage employee engagement to maximize customer                          Founder and Executive Director
               loyalty                                                                   Chief Customer Officer Council
            • Communicate a customer-centric value proposition to all
               employees that demonstrates a customer view
            • Align the company objectives and initiatives around                        Jasmine Green
               creating an ideal customer experience                                     Vice President, Chief Customer Advocate
                                                                                         Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company
                  Devin C. Carty
                  Chief Experience Officer & Chief Learning Officer                      Helen Burt
                  Vanguard Health Systems                                                SVP and Chief Customer Officer
                                                                                         Pacific Gas & Electric
     9:45   Metrics To Understand The Cross-Channel                                      Rudy Vidal
            Customer                                                                     Former Chief Customer Officer
            Companies that are committed to providing a superior                         InContact
            customer experience face a common problem – how to
            evaluate and benchmark performance across multiple touch-        11:00 Networking And Refreshment Break
            points with consistent, insightful and actionable metrics that
            encompass the customers’ perspective? How many website

4 Call: 1.888.482.6012 or 1.646.200.7530 Fax: 1.646.200.7535 Email: CustomerExperience@wbresearch.com Visit: www.the-customer.com
Day Two Continued

11:30                 Invite-Only VP Think Tank                           OR                     Interactive Roundtable Discussions
                                                                         join in:
                                                                                    After a busy morning of active listening, keynotes and networking,
          As a CEO or customer experience executive, it is your                     take control of your own event experience. Don’t be shy! Ask
          responsibility to prioritize customer experience initiatives              questions (or answer them!) of other conference attendees who are
          and promote a customer-centric value proposition                          dealing with the same challenges as you. After 40 minutes, when the
          throughout your organization.                                             bell rings, move on to your second table for a repeat performance
                                                                                    with a fresh topic!
                                                                                    In the last 10-15 minutes, each roundtable facilitator will share the 3
          Join your VP level peers at the Next Generation
                                                                                    take-aways from each discussion.
          Customer Experience VP Think Tank. Gain honest
          feedback, debate strategic ideas and share high level                     Benefits:
          insights in a private, moderated forum for 75 minutes.                    • Network with industry peers with very similar challenges, interests
          Take advantage of this rare opportunity to learn how                        and responsibilities
          your counterparts are creating innovative experiences                     • Take a deep dive into a niche topic in an intimate and informal
          across all consumer touch points.                                           setting moderated by a subject matter expert
          This is an invitation only session. If you wish to                        • Don’t miss out on any discussions or learnings by staying for the
          participate or would like to nominate your VP-level                         roundtable wrap ups at the end of the sessions
          customer experience colleague, please contact Kristin                     • Bonus - Leave Next Generation Customer Experience with 10 key
          Paulick, Program Director at                                                take-aways you can put into action as soon as you return to the
          kristin.paulick@wbresearch.com.                                             office
          Strategic Thought Leaders:                                                Topics:
                 Janet Hopkins                                                      Roundtable 1: Motivating And Empowering Employees To
                 VP, Customer Experience                                            Deliver Exceptional Experiences
                 REI                                                                Facilitator :
                                                                                            Jeff L. Anglin
                 Jasmine Green
                                                                                            Director of Customer Experience
                 Vice President, Chief Customer Advocate
                                                                                            Medtronic Diabetes
                 Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company
                                                                                    Roundtable 2: Social Media To Enhance The Customer
                 Helen Burt
                 SVP and Chief Customer Officer
                                                                                    If you are interested in moderating this discussion, please contact
                 Pacific Gas & Electric
                                                                                    Kristin Paulick: kristin.paulick@wbresearch.com
                                                                                    Roundtable 3: Mobile Technology To Meet The Needs Of
                                                                                    Today’s On-The-Go Consumer
                                                                                    If you are interested in moderating this discussion, please contact
                                                                                    Kristin Paulick: kristin.paulick@wbresearch.com
                                                                                    Roundtable 4: Capturing And Interpreting Customer Feedback
                                                                                    To Spark Experience Innovation
                                                                                    Facilitator :
                                                                                            Julie Boston
                                                                                            Senior Manager, Customer Relations
                                                                                            Pier 1 Imports

12:45 Luncheon

                Concurrent track sessions begin, feel free to alternate between tracks to customize your experience

       Track A: Cultivate A Customer-Centric Culture                                  Track B: Turn Customer Feedback Into Unrivaled
                                                                                                   Customer Experiences

1:45     Gaining Buy-in From The Front-line To C-Suite                              Mission Bicycle: The Solution To An Industry-Wide
         In Customer Experience Initiatives                                         Customer Experience Gap
         Shifting to a more customer-centric company does not                       Just a few years ago the customer experience in the biking
         happen overnight and certainly would not be possible                       industry, especially in city biking, was poor to say the least.
         without consistent and serious executive support that                      What’s more, the existing bike industry supply chain allowed
         drives solid alignment all the way to the front-line.                      for little control over the customer experience. Knowing this,
         Uncover the best ways for keeping C-level executives                       the founders of Mission Bicycle Company recognized this
         engaged in the customer experience transformation,                         customer experience gap and solved it by created a company
         while at the same time gaining buy-in from those who                       that transformed the supply chain and offered a unique and
         actually deliver the service                                               personalized way to purchase city bicycles.
         • Being ambidextrous: How to present new customer
                                                                                             Zack Rosen
            experience initiatives and suggestions to your key                               CEO
            executives and front-line at the same time                                       Mission Bicycle Company
         • Uncover tips for achieving consistent backing and buy-
            in from the c-suite to ensure ample funding and
            resources for customer experience projects
         • Developing alignment through a bottom up and top
            down approach to improving the Customer Experience
               Bonny Simi
               Director of Customer Experience
               JetBlue                                                                                                               Lead
                                                                                                                                     Sponsor:                 5
     Day Two Continued

     2:15   How To Hire And Train Employees In A                          Customer Feedback: The Key To Exceeding
            Customer-Centric Organization                                 Expectations At Every Touch Point
            Regardless of your industry, delivering exceptional           Methods for collecting customer feedback are constantly
            customer experiences starts with exceptional employees.       changing and there is debate as to which methods are the most
            Find out how Zappos hires and trains employees to align       effective. Learn the latest techniques for gathering customer
            with their core values and culture.                           feedback and which approaches are most efficient, accurate and
            • Hire employees based on their personality and               undisruptive to the customer’s experience with your brand.
               enthusiasm for working with people                         • An overview of quantitative and qualitative methods for
            • Select employees who align with company culture and           capturing customer feedback
               team dynamics                                              • Insight into which customer feedback techniques to use and
            • Improve employee morale and satisfaction by                   when
               developing their strengths and providing diverse, cross-   • Determine the most important touch points for listening to

               functional training opportunities                            your customer
            • Implement situational/role play exercises to optimize       • How to really listen to your customer and unearth the broader

               employee-customer interactions                               context of a customer’s life
                  Candy Clay                                                     Julie Boston
                  Director, Customer Care                                        Senior Manager, Customer Relations
                  CVS Caremark                                                   Pier 1 Imports

     2:45   Networking And Refreshment Break

     3:15   Empower Employees To Deliver Unparalleled                     Employ Voice Of The Customer To Capture Unmet
            Customer Experiences                                          Customer Experience Needs
            Once you have hired and trained customer-centric              Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs are present in almost
            employees, it is critical for you to empower them to          every organization’s ongoing customer experience analysis.
            make decisions with the customer in mind. While the call      Discover new examples of how VoC has been deployed to solve
            center environment is often structured and based on           customer issues, deliver product insight, and identify new growth
            efficiency, learn techniques to avoid this from being an      opportunities. This session will walk you through trends in VoC
            anchor. Inspire people to stretch their minds, think          programs and how to conduct an efficient and telling customer
            outside the box, and take risks in your pursuit of a great    experience research.
            customer experience.                                          • When is it appropriate to deploy VoC methods?
            • Focus on employee happiness to create an optimal            • Best practices for identifying target customers and selecting

               customer experience                                          which customers to contact for VoC research
            • Shape your culture with core values that are utilized       • Ideas for better capturing customer needs through interviews,

               inside and outside the office                                contextual inquiries and ethnographic deep-dives
            • Change the mindset to empower representatives while         • Examples of how to use social media to monitor voice of the

               removing fear of poop performance                            customer
            • Provide employees with the tools they need to offer         • Methods for aggregating social media conversations to

               the best possible customer experience                        interpret customer needs
                  Maura Sullivan                                                  Kimberly Dunwoody
                  Senior Manager, Customer Loyalty Team                           Director, Global Customer Experience Design Strategy
                  Zappos CLT, Inc.                                                Western Union

     3:45   Gather Employee Feedback To Reveal                            Marketing To Women: Same Faces, New Places
                                                                          Women make up 51% of the workforce and make 85% of family
            Customer Experience Gaps
                                                                          decisions. This "Chief Financial Officer" of the home is key to your
            All companies have different methods for assessing their
                                                                          marketing, and she's savvy about finding the best ways to maximize
            employees and interpreting the feedback they receive.
                                                                          her time while multitasking. How do you reach the various segments
            Find out how the most customer-focused companies are
                                                                          of the women's market using social media, smart phones, traditional
            using employee feedback to identify areas for
                                                                          and non-traditional methods? Are you selling to "women" as a
            improvement in their customer experience across all
                                                                          market or really taking a deep dive into the heart of what she wants,
            touch points.
             • Net Promoter Score is not just for customers, how to
                                                                          her market segment, lifestyle, age, demographics? Are you being
                                                                          "authentic" or is that just the latest catch phrase? Join us for an
               use NPS with your employees
             • VoC is not just for your customers, how to capture
                                                                          interactive session on reaching women and discuss examples of
                                                                          successful marketing and how to avoid the pitfalls and some of the
               Voice of the Employee
             • Methods for collecting transactional feedback as well
               as employee engagement feedback                                    Barbara Cerf
             • How to overlay VoE and VoC to identify attributes that             Corporate Vice President, Women’s Market
               bring the most lift to customer experience                         New York Life

                  Kelly Harper
                  Director, Brand and Customer Experience
                  BMO Financial

6 Call: 1.888.482.6012 or 1.646.200.7530 Fax: 1.646.200.7535 Email: CustomerExperience@wbresearch.com Visit: www.the-customer.com
Day Two Continued

4:30   Panel Discussion: Transform Your Internal                            You Have Your Customer’s Feedback…Now What?
       Structure To Create A Unified Customer                               Most companies are no longer in need of customer data…In
       Experience For Today’s Cross-Channel Buyer                           fact; they often have so much data that it’s hard to know
       Cross-channel customers are no longer the exception,                 what to do with it all. This session will help you to understand
       they are the rule. Your customer interacts with your brand           your data: from where it originated to how to translate it into
       across multiple touch points, and accesses product                   actionable customer experience insight. Discover how to:
                                                                            • Use the data to spark customer experience innovation and
       information in a myriad of ways. Despite this fact, many
       organizations continue to be siloed and communication                  new ideas that will surprise and delight your customer
                                                                            • How to assess and interpret findings from solicited vs.
       across channels remains limited.
       How can you better align your customer channels and                    unsolicited feedback
                                                                            • How to avoid data overload and misinterpretation
       communicate across functional areas to ensure a unified
                                                                            • Prioritize customer feedback and translate it into key action
       customer experience?
        • Understand how your channels connect and how your                   items for different organizational teams
          customer interacts with each touch point                                   Tabitha Dunn
        • Coordinate efforts across channels and make policies                       Director, Consumer Insights
          and processes consistent                                                   Citrix Online
        • Relay critical customer information and feedback

          across all touch points
              Janice Brown                     Michael Bray
              Manager, Channel                 VP Customer
              Experience and                   Management
              Infrastructure                   Sprint
                                               Lawrel Demmert
              Jeff L. Anglin                   Regional Human
              Director of Customer             Resources Director
              Experience                       The Home Depot
              Medtronic Diabetes                                                Don’t miss out on over eight hours of networking!

5:10   Join Us For The Next Generation Customer Experience Cocktail Reception In The Exhibit Hall
       After a busy day of solution-focused sessions, relax with fellow speakers and attendees. Take advantage of the
       opportunity to network, share ideas off-line and check out new products and services from innovative customer
       experience providers.

6:00   Conference Day Two Concludes

Conference Day Three                                                                                        Wednesday, May 25, 2011

7:30   Networking Breakfast                                                      actions are taken with the benefit of the customer in mind.
                                                                                 Hear how you can apply the principles of values-based
8:00   Re-cap Of Main Conference Day One By The                                  decision making and servant leadership to improve
       Conference Chair                                                          retention, word of mouth buzz and create powerful brand
              Curtis N. Bingham
              Founder and Executive Director                                             Vicky Stennes
              Chief Customer Officer Council                                             VP, Inflight Experience
8:15   Key Insights From The VP Think Tank
                                                                         9:15    Creating The Ultimate Chocolate Experience That
8:30   Fueling Loyalty With A Mile High Customer-                                Inspires Passion For The Godiva Brand Around
       Centric Culture                                                           The World
       Over the decades, service and experience have taken a back                        Edward Jankowski
       seat in the airline industry. JetBlue Airways has made it their                   SVP, GM, North America
       mission to bring the long forgotten customer service back to                      Godiva Chocolatier
       the business, but in a new, more relevant way. This mission
       all starts with the infusion of a customer centric culture
       across the organization—one where even operational

                                                                                                                            Sponsor:           7
     Day Three Continued

     9:45   Keynote: Think Global: Customer Experience                        1:00   Engage With Your Customers On Social Media To
            Considerations With A Global Brand And                                   Respond To Experience Delights And
            Customer Base                                                            Disappointments
            When your brand operates on a global level, you are                      The average American spends 421 minutes on Facebook per
            presented with a unique set of customer experience                       month. So how can you take advantage of this time spend
            challenges. Each region’s culture dictates different customer            on social media? Reach your customers where they already
            behaviors and preferences. What’s more, communicating                    are. This session will show you how to:
            core brand values and achieving consistent customer success              • Create an authentic social media presence for your brand
            becomes exponentially more difficult with widespread global                to establish consumer trust and loyalty
            offices.                                                                 • Train your employees on how to engage on social media
                                                                                       to ensure that your customer-centric core values shine
                   Jay Topper
                   SVP, Customer Success                                             • Integrate social media into your existing channels—
                   Rosetta Stone
                                                                                       connect it to CRM, mobile, email, etc.
                                                                                     • Use social media customer feedback to create new
     10:15 Navigate Social Media: The Customer Experience                              revenue streams
            Game Changer                                                             • Provide individual customer feedback that is helpful and
            At this very moment, someone online is talking about your                  visible to other customers which will save time, money
            brand. They may be providing a review of a recent purchase                 and reflect positively on your brand
            on a site like Yelp, or telling their Twitter followers about a          • Leverage the value of public and private customer
            recent in-store experience. DSW will discuss methods for                   communities to capture customer insight
            leveraging social media to monitor the pulse of their brand
            and using unsolicited feedback and brand chatter to make                       Pinny Gniwisch
            incremental changes to their customer experience.                              Chief Motivational Officer
             • Evaluating where to start with social tools and which                       ice.com
               efforts will have the greatest impact
             • Methods for monitoring and interpreting social media           1:30   Improve The Customer Experience Using Mobile
               activity to gather insight about your current customer                Technology
               experiences                                                           With ever growing mobile adoption rates, particularly smart
             • Debate who should be responsible for social media to be               phone adoption rates, organizations must position their
               sure that critical customer experience insight is                     brand in the mobile space in order to compete. This session
               consistently captured                                                 will show you how to take advantage of mobile technology
                                                                                     to improve the customer experience and connect this
                   Kelly N. Cook
                                                                                     channel with existing customer touch points.
                   Vice President, Customer Strategy and Engagement                  • How to make your product site mobile and tablet friendly
                                                                                        for improved usability
                                                                                     • Examples of apps that provide product education and fun
     10:45 Networking And Refreshment Break
                                                                                        branding opportunities
                                                                                     • Make use of location based product offers and education
     11:15 Industry-Focused Interactive Roundtable                                      to provide on-demand
            Discussions                                                              • Methods for tracking the performance of mobile in
            Select a table based on your focus in:                                      comparison with other customer channels
                                                                                     • Use of mobile to assist and add value to in-store purchase
            Roundtable 1: Retail/CPG
            Moderator to be determined                                                  decisions
                                                                                     • Connect mobile to other customer channels to create a
            Roundtable 2: Account based services                                        seamless experience
                 Kelly Harper                                                              Chris Brya
                 Director, Brand and Customer Experience                                   Director, Mobile and Emerging Channels
                 BMO Financial                                                             Choice Hotels

            Roundtable 3: Hospitality                                         2:00   Optimize The In-Store Experience To Meet The
            Moderator:                                                               Needs Of Today’s Empowered Consumer
                 Chris Brya                                                          Customers have more brand choices and more channels to
                 Director, Mobile and Emerging Channels                              access brands than ever before. How can you differentiate
                 Choice Hotels                                                       your brand and create an in-store experience that cannot be
                                                                                     found elsewhere? This session will walk you through one
     12:00 Luncheon
                                                                                     company’s effort to rejuvenate its stores to better meet the
                                                                                     needs of its customers.
                                                                                     • Shift from a transaction-oriented retail model to a service-
                                                                                       oriented retail model
                                                                                     • Provide product information to augment the shopping

       Visit us on the                                    Blog                         experience through the use of matrix bar codes
                                                                                     • Equip employees with handheld devices to bring extensive
                                                                                       product information to their fingertips
                                                                                     • Utilize mobile technology to provide customized, location
                                                                                       based product information

8 Call: 1.888.482.6012 or 1.646.200.7530 Fax: 1.646.200.7535 Email: CustomerExperience@wbresearch.com Visit: www.the-customer.com
Day Three Continued

       •   How to take advantage of digital signage and kiosks to
                                                                         4:00   Keynote: Going From Last To First The Evolution
           deliver on demand product education
                                                                                Of The Sprint Customer Experience
       Dmitri Siegel                                                            In 2007 Sprint found itself in the precarious position of
       Executive Director, Customer Loyalty                                     trailing its wireless competitors in customer satisfaction and
       Urban Outfitters (invited)                                               having a brand that suffered an identity crisis.
                                                                                With a renewed focus on innovation and a relentless focus
2:30   Networking And Refreshment Break
                                                                                on improving customer experiences, Sprint is now back in
                                                                                the hunt and is a bona fide contender in the race for best
2:45   Service That Rocks
                                                                                overall wireless customer satisfaction.
       This interactive session is effectively designed to highlight
       best practices to create, maintain or revolutionize a                    According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI)
       company’s service culture. The end-result of everyone who                Customer satisfaction with wireless telephone service sets a
       attends is to ultimately provide such unbelievable guest                 new all-time high for the second consecutive year (in 2010),
       obsession, that it demands for people to return or continue              rising 4% to 72. With wireless looking to be the future of
       utilizing your products. The visceral backdrop of Hard Rock              telephone service, providers are ramping up efforts to provide
       International will set the stage to allow you to get into the            new services, simplified usage plans and better pricing.
       memory-making business. The time allotted is chock-a-block
                                                                                In the ACSI survey, Sprint achieved the largest improvement
       full of visual Power Point slides, out-of-the-box thinking,
                                                                                of any company across all industries, in customer
       book quotes, personal stories and an interactive handout for
                                                                                satisfaction, over the last two years. Only one time, six years
       some real “take aways”. If you are a fan of both irreverence
                                                                                prior, has any company improved as much as Sprint in a two
       & unparalleled guest experience, come see what all the
                                                                                year period, in the 16-year history of the survey.
       noise is about…Creating unforgettable memories, all told
       through the spirit of Rock ‘n Roll.                                      Other third party studies are verifying Sprint’s rising leadership
                                                                                in call satisfaction. In the January 2011 National Customer
               Jim Knight                                                       Service Survey from Vocalabs, Sprint made impressive gains in
               Senior Director, Training and Development                        phone-based customer service in 2010 and now leads all
               Hard Rock International                                          national wireless competitors across several key metrics,
                                                                                including call satisfaction and first call resolution.
3:30   Panel Discussion: Drive Customer Loyalty And
       Build Brand Advocates Who Will Share Your                                Hear how Sprint was able to quickly capture the “most
       Customer Experience Story                                                improved” award in the wireless industry and its goal of
       More so than customer satisfaction, customer loyalty is closely          becoming the leader in overall wireless satisfaction.
       tied to customer retention, purchase behavior and brand                         Mike Bray
       referrals. What are the best ways to measure customer loyalty?                  VP, Customer Management
       Is NPS still the Holy Grail? Find out how leading companies are                 Sprint
       measuring customer loyalty and using these measures to
       identify high value customers and brand advocates.                4:30   Closing Remarks: What Is Your Customer
        • Determine how customer loyalty differs from customer
                                                                                Experience End Game?
          satisfaction?                                                         What’s next for your customer experience initiatives? What
        • Deliver on your brand promise to build customer trust,
                                                                                is your ultimate goal as a customer experience exec? Are you
          and in turn, loyalty                                                  looking to fix existing gaps in the customer experience and
        • New ideas for creating loyalty and making it easier to gain
                                                                                create steady state growth? Or, are you hoping to develop
          and maintain repeat business                                          new, break-through experiential design? Discuss the future
        • Methods for identifying and rewarding brand advocates
                                                                                of your role and your initiatives and what might be the next
          and evangelists                                                       customer experience game changer.
               Guy Dilger
               Contributing Editor                                       4:45   Conclusion Of Next Generation Customer
               Colloquy                                                         Experience. See You Next Year!
               Michael Sachs
               General Manager, CRM and Owner Loyalty
               Volkswagen of America

 “Absolutely had the time of my life not only speaking and being a part of the panel but also in meeting
              so many good people in the industry who all had wonderful ideas to share.”
                                -Lee Bissonnette, SVP, Direct-to-Consumer, FAO Schwarz (eTail West attendee)
                                                                                                                          Sponsor:                   9
     About Our Sponsor
                                As the leader in customer satisfaction measurement, ForeSee Results captures and analyzes voice of
                                customer data to help organizations increase loyalty, recommendations and marketing value. Using a
                                patented, scientific methodology developed at the University of Michigan, ForeSee Results identifies
                                improvements across all channels and touch points that drive customer satisfaction. With over 55 million
                                survey responses collected to date and benchmarks across dozens of industries, ForeSee Results offers
                                unparalleled expertise in customer satisfaction measurement and management around the globe.
                                ForeSee Results can be found online at www.ForeSeeResults.com.

     About Our Media Partners
                   The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council is                 marketplace. Electronic Retailer magazine offers exclusive research,
                   dedicated to high-level knowledge exchange, thought          exclusive columnists; news on market trends and industry events, as
                   leadership and personal relationship building among          well as feature articles on industry leaders. Electronic Retailer is your
     senior corporate marketing leaders and brand decision-makers across        premier resource for successful marketing through television, the
     a wide-range of global industries. The CMO Council's 6,000                 internet, radio, mobile and social networking.
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     strategic interest communities include over 12,000 global executives                        commerce. We offer extensive coverage of every
     across 100 countries in multiple industries, segments and markets.         facet of e-marketing and commerce, including search engine
     Regional chapters and advisory boards are active in the Americas,          marketing and optimization; database marketing and analytics; e-
     Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, India, and Africa.                      mail, video, viral marketing; social networking; behavioral targeting;
     www.cmocouncil.org                                                         and Web analytics and optimization, among a host of other
                                                                                strategies. We also produce virtual trade shows, webinars and
                              The Chief Customer Officer Council is the         whitepapers. The main goal of eM+C is to provide actionable,
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