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					                      Simply Delicious, Simply Healthy
Simply Homemade is committed to providing the most family-friendly,
nutritionally-balanced meals within the meal prep industry. In keeping with this
commitment, we have developed many entrees which we consider heart friendly.
Using criteria from the American Heart Association and the USDA’s, we have summarized guidelines for healthy eating.*

Healthy Eating Guidelines

Fat- of your total daily calories, less than 30% of calories should come from from fat and
less than 10% of calories from saturated fat.

Cholesterol- total cholesterol should be less than 300mg/day. Suggested quantity per
serving- 120mg.

Sodium -total sodium should be less than 2300mg/day. Suggested quantity per serving-

Any entrees meeting these guidelines will be noted with a heart icon in the

Please note. All nutritional analyses are based on the recipes provided and may vary
depending on customer preparation and cooking methods. Also, anyone following a
medical nutrition prescribed diet or therapy, should consult a medical professional for
guidance on using the nutritional information and guidelines provided.

*For more information about these guidelines please visit and www.americanheart/presenter.