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     Coding the MDS 3.0… New Items & Key Concepts
Rather than an item-by-item walk through, this focused presentation will emphasize coding
                  on new and significantly changed MDS 3.0 items only.
 How is 3.0 different? What do I absolutely need to know? Where should I even begin?
The recently released MDS 3.0 RAI User’s Manual is 983 pages long, and
October 1, 2010 is quickly approaching! In addition to comprehensive,
quarterly, PPS and OMRA assessments, we now have several new types of              What You
assessments, each having their own specific timing and coding criteria (i.e.
Discharge, OMRA Discharge, OMRA Start-of-Therapy & End-of-Therapy).                Will Learn:
Individuals who complete MDS sections on Mental Status, Mood, Daily                   What has most significantly
Activity Preferences and Pain will need to become acquainted with new items            changed with transition to the
and new skills, including appropriate interview techniques outlined by CMS.            MDS 3.0.
Several MDS sections, including Behavior (E), Skin (M) & Physical                     Rationale, appropriate use,
Functioning (G) are significantly different. Other sections I, J, N, O & P are         scheduling and coding for
greatly expanded or brand new altogether. In addition, a brand new Care Area           several brand new assessment
Assessment process (CAA) has replaced the RAPs. Is it any wonder even the              types.
most seasoned staff may have difficulty knowing where to begin?
                                                                                      New Resident Interviews for
MDS Coordinators, Unit and Dept. Managers, and Administrators                          Mental Status, Mood, Daily
will all benefit from this single day offering. This is not an item-by-item walk       Activity Preferences and Pain.
through, but rather a focused presentation to get you moving in the right             Integrated assessments including
direction, and bring you up to speed on items that are most changed or most            BIMS (mental status), CAM
complicated to code. This course is not for beginners…A solid working                  (delirium), & PHQ-9 (mood).
knowledge of the current process is required.
                                                                                      Appropriate interview techniques
                                                                                       per the new RAI User’s Manual.
                   Thursday, July 22, 2010                                            Coding significantly changed
                Buffalo Niagara Marriott (Buffalo)                                     items: Behavior (E), Skin (M),
     1340 Millersport Hwy. ♦ Amherst, NY 14221 ♦ 716.689.6900                          and Physical Functioning (G).
                                                                                      New scoring methodology for
                         Friday, July 23, 2010                                         Section G and the significance as
                Holiday Inn Liverpool/Syracuse (Syracuse)                              it relates to payment.
      441 Electronics Pkwy. ♦ Liverpool, NY 13088 ♦ 315.457.1122                      Calculating therapy minutes(O).
                                                                                      Coding new or expanded
                       Thursday, July 29, 2010                                         sections for Diagnosis (I), Falls
                  Clarion Century House (Albany)                                       (J), Pain (J), Medications (N),
       997 New Loudon Rd. ♦ Latham, NY 12110 ♦ 518.785.0931                            Special Treatments (O),
                                                                                       Restraints (P).
                         Friday, July 30, 2010
                                                                                      Up to the minute update on any
             Courtyard By Marriott LaGuardia (New York)
                                                                                       RAI manual changes.
      9010 Ditmars Blvd. ♦ E. Elmhurst, NY 11369 ♦ 718.446.4800
                                                                                      Overview of new
                                                                                       interdisciplinary Care Area
    Continuing Education Provided for Nursing Home Administrators,                     Assessment process, which
     Nurses, Activity Directors, Social Workers, Dietitians & Therapists               replaces the RAPs.
                                (OT/PT/SLP).                                          Pointers and suggestions….
           Approving boards and credit hours per discipline listed at                  items you should make special
                                                          note of and why.

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                           Presented By
                                                                                The newly released MDS 3.0 RAI User’s
     Judy Wilhide Brandt, RN, BA, RAC-MT, C-NE
                                                                         Manual is 983 pages long, and October 1, 2010 is
  Ms. Wilhide Brandt is a MDS/Medicare Consultant specializing in
the MDS/RUGS process. She is a Master Teacher for AANAC MDS
                                                                         quickly approaching! The MDS 3.0 is radically
3.0 and 2.0 certification courses, and author of a 3 day Medicare        different, so where do I even begin? Rather than
course also provided by AANAC. Previously a state surveyor and           an item-by-item walk through, this focused
RAI trainer for the Commonwealth of VA, Judy was responsible for         presentation will emphasize coding for MDS 3.0
training surveyors in all aspects of the RAI process. Judy also has
                                                                         items that are new or most significantly
over a decade of experience in LTC facilities at various positions
including: Unit Manager, MDS Coordinator and Director of Nursing.        changed, and provide an overview of the new
She is a widely sought after presenter and trainer on the RAI process.   CAA process. This course is not intended for
                     Program Schedule
                                                                         beginners…a solid working knowledge of the
Registration/Continental Breakfast:   8:00 – 8:30 am                     current process is a must!
Presentation:                         8:30 – 4:00 pm
Lunch Provided:                       Noon – 1pm
----------------------------------------------------------------                            Coding the MDS 3.0…
                  Registration Information                                                 New Items & Key Concepts
1. Choose Your Session:
                                                                               What has most significantly changed with transition
  ___ Buffalo (7/22)          ___ Syracuse (7/23)                               to the MDS 3.0.
              ___ Albany (7/29)                 ___ New York (7/30)            Appropriate use, scheduling and coding for several
2. Payment Information:                                                         brand new assessment types.
  Discounted Fee:               (Payment mailed by 7/8)     $179/pp
  Standard Fee:              (Payment mailed after 7/8)     $199/pp
                                                                               How to perform new Resident Interviews for Mental
  Late Fee:     (Payments received after date of seminar)   $219/pp             Status, Mood, Daily Activity Preferences and Pain.
        Amount of Total Payment $_____                                         Completion of integrated assessments: BIMS (mental
   ____ Check Enclosed (Payable to: Healthcare Information                      status), CAM (delirium), & PHQ-9 (mood).
         Network, PO Box 147, Liverpool, NY 13088)                             Appropriate interview techniques per the new RAI
    ____ Charge To:         Visa        MasterCard          Am Ex               User’s Manual.
   Card # ________________________________________                             Coding significantly changed items: Behavior (E),
                                                                                Skin (M), and Physical Functioning (G).
   Exp. ______________ 3-digit Security Code __________
                                                                               New scoring methodology for Section G and the
   Card Holder ____________________________________                             significance as it relates to payment.
                                                                               Calculation of therapy minutes (O).
  Signature (required) _______________________________
                                                                               Coding new or expanded sections for Diagnosis (I),
3. Attendee(s) Name & Title:                                                    Falls (J), Pain (J), Medications (N), Special
  *Please provide an email address for your registration confirmation.
                                                                                Treatments (O), Restraints (P).
   Place () to request a kosher meal (NYC only)                K ()
   1.__________________________________ Title: ________________K ___           Up to the minute update on any RAI manual changes.
                                                                               Overview of new interdisciplinary Care Area
                                                                                Assessment process, which replaces the RAPs.
   2.__________________________________ Title: ________________K ___           Pointers and suggestions…. items you should make
                                                                                special note of and why as you review the new
                                                                                manual on your own.
   3.__________________________________ Title: ________________K ___           Items may not be presented in same order as they appear.
   Email:________________________________________________________        The Healthcare Information Network, Inc. is an approved provider of continuing nursing
                                                                            education by the New York State Nurses Association, an accredited approver of
   4.__________________________________ Title: ________________K ___         continuing nursing education by the American Nurses’ Credentialing Center’s
                                                                                                    Commission on Accreditation.
                                                                                   No commercial support was received for this educational activity.

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