Priority:        HEALTH HUMAN                                                                       BACkGROUNDER

  Project:          Service Delivery MoDelS Project

Cancer control professionals will soon have access to an         PHASE 2:
online searchable database of approximately 200 innovative       Gathering and sharing leading service delivery models
and leading service delivery models from within Canada           Researchers will identify innovative and promising service
and across the international domain. The database will focus     delivery models, considering those that:
on those models of care which optimize the contribution of
health professionals while striving to improve the patient’s         • Have been tested and evaluated formally or
experience. Expected launch date of the database is Fall 2009.         informally in Canada

The three-phased Service Delivery Models Project began               • Have not been evaluated, but could potentially
in 2008. Its purpose is to better understand and promote               be assessed and replicated
the application of leading and innovative models of service          • Have been identified as innovative and/or promising
delivery that can be shown to be effective in overcoming               as per the definition developed in Phase 1 for the
existing and future human resource challenges faced by the             purposes of this project
cancer control system.
.                                                                    • Have been implemented internationally and may
                                                                       be applicable to the Canadian context

                                                                 A request for innovative and /or leading models of service
Developing the framework
                                                                 delivery that meet the definition developed for this project
After intensive consultation with stakeholders, a
                                                                 will be distributed throughout the cancer control
framework for describing innovative and promising models
                                                                 community this winter to help identify models that should
of service delivery in cancer control was completed in
                                                                 be included in the database.
December 2008.
                                                                 Each of the models identified will be available in the
This framework enables consistent, comprehensive data to
                                                                 online database and will include a short précis, using
be gathered in the project’s second phase. The framework
                                                                 elements of the framework. A shortlist of approximately
allows service delivery models to be described, assessed,
                                                                 100 innovative and/or leading service delivery models
and compared in areas such as: work team configurations;
                                                                 will be comprehensively described.
service delivery effectiveness; implications for future cancer
workforce requirements; and viability for adoption to
different organizations, jurisdictions, and population groups.                                                          ...over

Project:           Service Delivery MoDelS Project

                                                                       PHASE 3:
Innovative and/or leading service delivery model                       Fostering communities of collaboration
For the purpose of this project, a definition of an                    (or Stakeholder Symposium)
innovative and/or leading service delivery model was                   Cancer control professionals involved in the planning,
developed with extensive consultation with stakeholders                development, and implementation of service delivery
during Phase 1. An innovative and/or leading service                   models will be invited to a symposium to be held
delivery models is one that:                                           January 25-26, 2010. This event will foster collaboration
                                                                       and stimulate those interested in learning more about
a) Is focused on cancer control and/or care
                                                                       how they can implement aspects of innovative models
b) Is designed to maintain or improve patient care
                                                                       and improve service delivery in their areas.
c) Attempts to optimize the productivity, use, or
   contribution of multiple professional groups
d) Is new or established. If new, it should be at least
   developed with secured funding in place for piloting
   and/or implementation. If established, it should
   be different from what is standard practice in other
   organizations or jurisdictions
e) Involves a new approach or an improvement relative
   to more traditional approaches in one or more of
   the following areas:
   • Health care delivery systems and processes
      (including incorporation of leading practices and
      process changes)
   • Organization, integration, and management of
      human resources (including scopes of practice
      and roles of health providers)
   • Use of resources (including new technologies
      and research findings) to enhance effectiveness,
      efficiency, and/or efficacy                                      FOR MORE INFORMATION regarding the
f) Is sustainable (at least potentially); and/or                       project or symposium: Muneerah Kassam at
g) Can be transferable to other organizations and            
   jurisdictions (at least potentially)

  The Canadian Partnership Against Cancer Corporation is an independent organization funded by the federal government to accelerate
  action on cancer control for all Canadians. It is the first body to bring together patient survivors, cancer experts, and government
  representatives from across the country to lead the implementation of a Canadian Cancer Control Strategy.
  This document and programs described are made possible through a financial contribution from Health Canada. The views expressed
  herein represent those of the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer.


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