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Karumba Port Fact Sheet - CENTURY


century MIne IS AuStrAlIA’S lArgeSt zInc MIne –
PrOducIng 500,000 tOnneS Of zInc AnnuAlly.

The Karumba Port
and dewatering

                                                              LoCAtion: Two sites in Queensland’s          CoMMenCed oPerAtion: 1999
POrt OPerAtIOnS                                               remote lower Gulf region: the mine at Lawn
                                                              Hill and associated dewatering and ship-     exPeCted Mine Life: 2015
BAcKgrOund                                                    loading facilities at Karumba.
                                                                                                           MArket: Sold to smelters in Australia, Asia,
Century is Australia’s largest zinc mine,                     Mining: Open pit mining. The ore body        Europe and North America.
producing some 500,000 tonnes of zinc                         is flat-lying and covers an area of 1.4
                                                                                                           eMPLoyees: 900
annually.                                                     kilometres by 1.2 kilometres with a final
                                                              depth of 344 metres.
Ore is mined and processed at Century’s Lawn Hill site,                                                    WorkforCe: Fly-in/fly-out from Gulf
before being transported via a 304 kilometre                  ProCessing PLAnt: Conventional               communities, Townsville and Cairns, and
underground pipeline to its Port and dewatering facility in   grinding and flotation.                      residential workforce in Karumba.
Karumba. From here, Century’s MV Wunma transfers the          ProduCt: Zinc concentrate, lead
concentrate to export ships anchored offshore in the Gulf     concentrate and silver.
of Carpentaria.
                                                              2010 ProduCtion:
Century’s zinc concentrate is highly valued by smelters       500,000 - 510,000 tonnes of zinc.
because of its low iron content, which enables smelters to    25,000 - 30,000 tonnes of lead
produce minimal amounts of iron content by-products
that can pose re-treatment and disposal problems.

Key eVentS                                                                       the MV WunMA
1869       Base metals discovered in Lawn Hill area                              Specially built to navigate the Norman River channel and shallow waters of
                                                                                 the Gulf, the MV Wunma transports concentrates from MMG’s Port
1887       First mining lease pegged over Silver King vein deposit               Operations in Karumba to export ships anchored in a designated area
1987       Exploration titles granted to CRA                                     offshore in the Gulf of Carpentaria.
1997       Gulf Communities Agreement (GCA) between four Native Title            Self-loading and discharging, the MV Wunma is designed to transfer 5000
           Groups, mine and Queensland Government signed.                        tonne parcels of concentrate to awaiting export ships – about one shipload
                                                                                 of concentrate leaves Gulf waters each week. It takes about 12 hours for
1999       Commercial production commences at Century                            the vessel to load, transport and discharge the concentrate and return to
2000       Mine commissioning
                                                                                 Pronounced ‘Wood-MA’, the transfer vessel’s name means storm bird in the
2008       300 million bank cubic metres (BCM) moved milestone                   Lardil language of Mornington Island.

gulf cOMMunItIeS AgreeMent                                                       yOur SAfety
Signed in 1997, Century’s ‘social license to operate’ is the unique Gulf         While our crews do everything they can to minimise the impact of our
Communities Agreement (GCA), an agreement between Century, the                   activities on locals and tourists, in the interest of public safety we ask that
Queensland Government and the four Native Title Groups of Waanyi,                you please:
Mingginda, Gkuthaarn and Kukatj. The agreement provides education,
                                                                                 •	   Stay least 50 metres from the MMG wharf
training and employment opportunities for the people of the lower-Gulf
region, as well as cultural and environmental assurances.                        •	   Stay at least 25 metres from the MV Wunma at all times
                                                                                 •	   Do not anchor in the Norman River when the MV Wunma is moving.
                                                                                 Thank you for your cooperation and assistance.

                                                          At work at Century’s
                                                          Port operations.                                                                    The MV Wunma.

the PIPelIne                                                                     grOuP OffIce
After being processed, mineral concentrates are mixed with water to create       Level 23, 28 Freshwater Place
a slurry. It takes about three days for a single pump station located at the     Southbank VIC 3006
mine site to propel the zinc and lead concentrates, which are separated by       PO Box 19421 Southbank VIC 3006
batches of water, through the 304 kilometre underground pipeline to              T 61 3 9288 0888
                                                                                 F 61 3 9288 0800
Karumba. The pipeline is continuously monitored from control rooms at  
both sites.

POrt OPerAtIOnS                                                                  century
At Karumba, water is removed from the mineral concentrate by five                Port Site – Karumba
pressure filters. The zinc concentrate then passes through a rotary dryer        Yappar Street, Karumba
before being stored in an 80,000 tonne capacity storage shed where               PO Box 230
lead concentrate is also stockpiled.                                             KARUMBA QLD 4891
                                                                                 T 61 7 4747 6300 F 61 7 4747 6307
                                                                                 Century mine ContaCtS
                                                                                 greg scanlan                                          karl spaleck
                                                                                 Manager – Community and Stakeholder Relations         General Manager
                                                                                 mmg media enquirieS ContaCt
                                                                                 sally Cox
                                                                                 Communications Manager
                                                                                 T 61 3 9288 0850   E


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