Dario Rivolta

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					Dario Rivolta

                                    CURRENT ACTIVITY

International Political News Columnist                                               since 2008
International Trade Consultant

                                 POLITICAL EXPERIENCE

The Parliament of Italy                                                             1996- 2008
Deputy - Member of Chamber of Deputies

» 1996- 2001 Group Leader in the Foreign affairs Commission

» 2001-2008 Vice President in the Foreign Affair Commission
            Representative of the Italian Parliament at the European Council
            Representative of the Italian Parliament at the Assembly of the Western European
            Member of Board for the Parliamentary Diplomacy

» 2001-2008 Responsible for the Party’s International Relationships ( i.e. Foreign Politics,
     International Business, Relationships with other countries’ parties)

                                   EXECUTIVE PROFILE
President and CEO                                                                     1992-1996
» Consultant for international business strategies
» Approach and understanding of new and existing markets
» Creation and improvement of representative networks

FININVEST Spa                                                                        1984-1991
Senior Presidential Advisor

» 1984 -1987 Head of Secretery office of the Presidency
» 1986-1991 Head of International Business Development and personal and strategic advisor to the

REDAELLI TECNA Spa                                                                    1982-1984
Dario Rivolta
Director for International business

»   1982-1983 Foreign Trade Area Manager
»   1983-1984 Director for International Trade

SIDEREXPORT S.p.A. (Finsider Group)                                            1978-1982
Export employee

» 1980-1981 Representative abroad for Finsider Group (Maghreb - Algeria )
» 1980-1981 Business developer in many foreign countries for selling company’s products
» 1978-1980 employee in the export dept.

1977 The University of Milan – Milan, Italy
B.S.S., Political Science, with area of expertise in Social Psychology

1975-1976 Army of Italy, Artillery Officer

Native Italian
Fluent verbal and written skills in: English, French
Some basic verbal Spanish and Russian

                            FOREIGN RELATIONS EXPERTISE

» Expert in international trades
» Able to comprehend and analyze various national, social, political and economical environments
» Strong understanding and experience working closely with Algeria, Belgium, North Korea, Greece,
  Iraq, Lebanon, Hungary and European Union.
» Good knowledge on China, Colombia, Iran, Israel, Poland, Check Republic, Romania, United States,
  Tunisia, Venezuela.
» Other countries visited and well-known for professional or political reasons: Argentina, Brazil,
  Bulgaria, Canada, Egypt, Japan, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Syria, South Africa,
  Tajikistan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Vietnam

                                        CURRENT TITLES
Dario Rivolta

    Advisor for Iraq to the Vice- Minister for Economic Development charged for Foreign Trade
    President of the Association for friendship between Italy and Lebanon
»   President with Honour on the Franco Verga’s Foundation – COI (NGO)
»   Vicar Vice president of Association Azzurri nel Mondo
»   Vice President of Istituto per le relazioni tra Italia,Paesi dell’Africa,America Latina ed Estremo
        Oriente (IPALMO)
»   Member of the Association of friendship Italy - Algeria
»   President of the Council for the Cooperation between Italy and Kazakhstan
»   President of the Free Schools Movement (Association of more than 500 private schools )
»   Member of joint Committee Italy- Iraq