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									Philips company general presentation

Philips is building the leading company in                      Key messages of the presentation are:
health and well-being. We need to define and
articulate to the world, and our employees,                     Who
exactly how we will compete and become a                        Philips – a global company of leading businesses
global leader in health and well-being.
To articulate effectively, we need targeted and consistent      Winning now and in the future by repeatedly developing
messaging to our key stakeholder groups.                        meaningful innovations based on unique user insights

This presentation is a key component of this communication      Where
effort. It is a general presentation intended to be given by
members of Philips senior management and is targeted to         In the space of health and well-being
a general audience.
It is created to be engaging and impactful. Speaker notes       By putting our brand promise “sense and simplicity”
are included and should be utilized as they will enable the     into practice
speaker to deliver the presentation in the most effective and
engaging way possible.

If you have questions please contact Philips
Corporate Communications.

Building the leading company in
health and well-being

An introduction to Philips
“A global company of
leading businesses
creating value with
meaningful innovations
that improve people‟s
health and well-being”
Health and well-being
What do we mean by this?
A commitment to:
healthy, fulfilled lives
our communities and societies
our world
Meaningful innovations
What do we mean by this?
improving people‟s lives
going beyond technology
introduced at the right time

The world needs meaningful
innovations to respond to
today‟s dramatic global changes

Aging populations…
Without changes to the healthcare system, 25% of the working population would
be needed to provide today‟s level of care by 2040* (*for a typical western healthcare system)

Globalization and the rise of emerging markets…
Emerging markets already produce 28% of global GDP

Empowered consumers…
Companies need to find new ways of gaining business

Climate change and sustainable development…
Almost one-fifth of global electricity consumption is used for lighting

…an opportunity to work together
to improve the quality of people‟s lives and live our brand promise

Energy efficiency

Personalized experiences

Personal well-being

Homecare, independent living

Better healthcare for all, at lower cost
“sense and simplicity”
What do we mean by this?
easy to use
designed around you

Putting “sense and simplicity”
into practice in
health and well-being


“From the onset of a
heart attack to the
start of treatment,
speed is vital –
every second counts”


“How can we
shorten the „time
to treatment‟?”

Meaningful innovation

Philips HeartStart MRx helps cut
time to treatment by transmitting
vital ECG data directly from the
ambulance en route to the hospital.

“It‟s thanks to HeartStart that I‟m still
here. I feel I‟ve been given a second
chance to raise my kids”

Most widely recognized and
recommended cardiac emergency
response device worldwide

Part of a complete “discovery to
treatment” solution

Common complaint

“I hate waking up on
dark winter mornings:
I feel tired, lethargic
and a bit down”

Common complaint

“Why can‟t I always
wake up like I do
in summer?”


“It‟s all to do with the
intensity of light before
we wake up”

Meaningful innovation

By emitting light that simulates the
rising sun in your bedroom, Philips‟
wake-up light gently prepares your
body to wake up.

“I immediately noticed a difference –
it feels just like waking up naturally”

9 out of 10 consumers say it wakes
them up pleasantly

Sales exceeded expectations by 42%

Customers‟ No. 1 preferred product in
its category

Office worker

“My office lighting is so
harsh and cold. I wish
I could change it…”


“Light tone and
intensity has
profound effects on
the energy levels of

Building owner

“To attract and
retain good tenants
I need flexible,
high-quality spaces”

Meaningful innovation

Using the new possibilities offered by
LED lighting, DayWave enables
people to create an inspiring,
enjoyable office environment by
varying the color and intensity of
lighting to suit their mood and activity.

“No other form could better express
the flexibility of LED technology” -
Architectenkrant, april 2008, issue 216

“Enables an entirely new level of
comfort for functional applications” -
Electromagazine, May 2008

Philips the business

A well-respected, blue-chip
company for over 100 years

Founded in 1891
Headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Sales over EUR 23 billion (USD 32 billion)
30% in emerging economies

116,000 employees
Sales and service outlets in over 100 countries

Globally recognized brand (world top 50)
Our brand value almost doubled to $8.1bn since 2004

€1.6 billion investment in R&D, 7% of sales
55,000 patent rights – 33,000 registered trademarks –
49,000 design rights
Our focus on Health and Well-being
Synergies across the portfolio

Our mission
Improving people‟s lives

Our promise
“sense and simplicity”

Our company
• Common, end-user driven
  innovation process
• Strong global brand
• Channel access and global
• Engaged workforce
• Technology, know-how and
  strong IP positions
• Economies of scale e.g. Shared
  service centers
Our health and well-being offer
is powered by three sectors

Healthcare      Consumer Lifestyle   Lighting

The power of Healthcare
Further strengthening our global leadership

Clinical care systems
Global market leadership for automated external defibrillators

Home healthcare solutions
No.1 provider of personal emergency response services in the US

Patient monitoring
Leadership position offering significant reduction in mortality and
length of stay in ICUs equipped with VISICU eICU

Imaging systems
Cardiovascular X-ray is no.1 in overall manufacturing satisfaction

Customer services
No.1 in service performance in patient monitoring systems
and ultrasound
The power of
Consumer Lifestyle
Focusing on differentiating leading businesses

Mother and childcare
Philips AVENT is market leader. Its feeding bottles have been
clinically proven to reduce colic*
*At 2 weeks of age, babies fed with the AVENT bottle experienced less colic than babies fed with a conventional bottle

Male electric shaving
No.1, with every second shaver in the world being a Philips shaver

Power toothbrushes
Philips Sonicare is the no.1 recommended sonic toothbrush brand by
dental professionals worldwide

Domestic appliances
Over one million „healthy living‟ aluminum Juicers sold since launch

Philips invented the successful ambilight flat TV concept
The power of Lighting
Further strengthening our global leadership

Market leader: 1 out of every 4 lamps used worldwide is a
Philips lamp

Professional luminaires
No.1 lighting 65% of world‟s top airports and 30% of offices,
hospitals and landmarks

Consumer luminaires
Market leader and front runner in driving the switch to energy
efficient lighting

LED applications
Strong presence across the complete solid state lighting chain

Automotive lighting
Leads the market, with one-in-three cars worldwide using Philips
automotive lighting
Giving people the best healthcare possible

Giving people the best healthcare possible

                                             We‟re dedicated to understanding the
                                             challenges people face – and helping
                                             them overcome them every day.

                                             We strive to improve the quality of
                                             people‟s lives and continue raising
                                             the bar on clinical excellence at lower
                                             cost. Because healthcare simplified
                                             means improving healthcare
                                             for everyone.

                                             People focused.
                                             Healthcare simplified.

Healthcare proof-points

Turning healthcare into „human care‟

                                       When children go for a scan, they
                                       often feel anxious, and sometimes
                                       need sedating in order for them to
                                       lie still while the scan takes places.

                                       Philips ambient experience
                                       creates a calming,
                                       interactive environment.

                                       • Patients relax
                                       • Reduces need for sedation
                                       • Improves workflow
                                       • Improves patient outcomes
                                       • Quicker return on investment

Making a good night‟s sleep possible again

                                             Millions of people stop breathing
                                             repeatedly during sleep, because
                                             their airway collapses.

                                             CPAP system for obstructive
                                             sleep apnea
                                             keeps airways open with gentle,
                                             positive air pressure.

                                             Dramatically improves quality of life

                                             Simple, natural and easy to live with

Freedom, comfort and piece of mind during pregnancy

                                          Mothers in labor want to move freely
                                          and with comfort whilst having the
                                          piece of mind their unborn baby is
                                          being monitored.

                                          Avalon fetal/maternal
                                          monitors, OBTraceVue
                                          and ICIP critical care for the
                                          neonatal intensive care unit
                                          combines continuous surveillance with
                                          discrete data integration.

                                          Offers safe and reassuring environment

                                          Greater freedom and comfort for mother
Improving personalized workflow

                                  Procedures and technologies used in
                                  the cath lab are getting increasingly

                                  Cath lab experience
                                  simplifies workflow through integrated
                                  approach to healthcare informatics.

                                  Reduced complexity in the cath lab

                                  Faster and more accurate

                                  Staff can focus fully on the patient
                                  experience and clinical outcomes

Consumer Lifestyle
Making a difference to the way people live their lives

Consumer Lifestyle
Making a difference to the way people live their lives

                                              Living well, looking good and
                                              feeling great

                                              Enhancing the home

                                              Sharing life's experiences with family
                                              and friends

                                              Enabling people to live healthier,
                                              more enjoyable and more
                                              rewarding lifestyles

Consumer Lifestyle proof-points

Consumer Lifestyle
Enabling more natural feeding

                                Babies who are bottle fed often get
                                colic and digestive problems.

                                Philips AVENT natural
                                feeding bottle
                                special flexible valve enables baby to
                                suckle almost as if breast-feeding.
                                • Clinically proven to reduce colic*
                                • Recommended by doctors, praised by mothers
                                  and recognized internationally
                                • No. 1 in reputation award for natal care
                                • 20 million units sold every month
                                • Made Philips‟ mother & childcare business
                                  no.1 globally
                                * At
                                   2 weeks of age, babies fed with the AVENT bottle experienced less colic than
                                babies fed with a conventional bottle

Consumer Lifestyle
Perfectly close, even on the neck

                                    Many men find it difficult to get a good
                                    shave around the neck area.

                                    Philips Arcitec shaver
                                    unique flex-and-pivot action that closely
                                    follows contours of the face and neck.

                                    It offers a faster, smoother shave –
                                    even on the neck.

                                    Further boosting leadership in male
                                    electric shaving.

                                    • 71 years in business
                                    • 500 million shavers sold
                                    • Yet still innovating
                                    • No.1 position globally
Consumer Lifestyle
Redefining clean

                     Busy schedules make it difficult to
                     always give mouth the care it needs

                     Philips Sonicare toothbrush
                     developed together with periodontists
                     and bioengineers, it offers
                     personalized care settings

                     Philips Sonicare is the no.1
                     recommended sonic toothbrush brand
                     by dental professionals worldwide

Consumer Lifestyle
Your daily dose of vitamins

                              People want to live a healthier
                              life, but don‟t manage to eat
                              enough fresh fruit and vegetables to
                              get all the vitamins they need.

                              Philips whole fruit juicer
                              juices whole fruit, instantly, and is easy
                              to use, and easy to clean!

                              Over 1 million sold

                              Increased our market share

                              Boosted sales and margins

Simply enhancing life with light

Simply enhancing life with light

                                   Innovating new lighting solutions
                                   based on proven consumer insights.

                                   Global leader in sustainable lighting
                                   projects for cities, offices, workplaces
                                   and homes.

                                   New business areas (e.g. solid-state
                                   lighting) provide energy-efficient
                                   solutions that reduce lighting‟s
                                   environmental impact.

Lighting proof-points

Creating your home away from home

                                    Business people are often tired,
                                    stressed and disoriented when
                                    traveling. They long for a revitalizing
                                    environment to stay in while away –
                                    and hotels are looking for ways to
                                    meet this need.

                                    Philips ambient experience
                                    concept suite
                                    enables hotel guests to create their
                                    preferred ambience at the touch of
                                    a button.

                                    Installed at Fairmont Singapore

                                    Won Grand Prize Innovation Award
   Improve quality of urban life

                                   City authorities want to make cities
                                   more attractive at night.

                                   Philips city beautification
                                   addresses night time experiences
                                   of a city, as well as the day time
                                   experience, making urban spaces
                                   lighter, safer and more secure.

                                   Enriches human appeal of urban

                                   Brings safety, security, special
                                   ambiance and identity

Grand Place, Brussels (Belgium)
Improving safety and efficiency

                                  Many people no longer feel safe
                                  walking on city streets after dark.

                                  CosmoPolis street lighting
                                  improves safety with a very high-quality
                                  white light, and uses 50% less energy
                                  than mercury vapor street lighting.

                                  Led to a dramatic 25% drop in street
                                  crime in major cities

                                  Saves more than 100g of C02 per
                                  year per lamp

Inspiring energy awareness

                             People want to help save energy,
                             but don‟t want to give up their
                             current lifestyle.

                             global consumer campaign inspired
                             more than 2 billion people to take
                             simple steps to save energy.

                             More than 3.5 million people pledged
                             to change to energy-efficient lighting.

Color your world with light

                              People increasingly use the interior of
                              their homes as a way to express

                              allows users to choose a particular
                              lighting effect inside their homes that
                              can change the atmosphere, match
                              their mood and suit every occasion.

                              Combining energy efficiency and
                              unprecedented freedom in terms of
                              color through LED lighting.

                              The concept quickly reached high
                              awareness among its target groups.
What makes us different
Driven by our brand promise “sense and simplicity”

Innovation process         Customer relationships    Philips people

Sustainability             Emerging Markets          Leadership positions   57
Creating meaningful innovations
Improving lives in new ways

                              Gain deep insights into people‟s
                              needs and aspirations
                              by following a process requiring
                              end-user input at every stage

                              Transform insights into innovations
                              by combining the diverse perspectives of
                              different disciplines

                              “Learn fast, fail cheap”
                              by applying a rigorous process to assess value
                              potential early

                              Lead in open innovation
                              by working closely together with partners in a
                              spirit of open innovation

Close customer relationships
Creating promoters of our brand

                                  Customer loyalty
                                  is fundamental to growth and profitability

                                  We win the trust of customers
                                  and partners
                                  • by understanding and anticipating
                                       their needs
                                  •   by sharing our insights
                                  •   by providing the right products
                                       and solutions

                                  We monitor our effectiveness
                                  with the Net Promoter Score based
                                  on a simple question:
                                  “would you recommend us to
                                  a friend or colleague?”

Philips people
Strong leadership, heading a highly engaged workforce

                                          A strong leadership team
                                          formed by diverse top-60 leaders who focus on
                                          managing the current downturn while building
                                          the business for future wins

                                          We live our company values
                                          •   Delight customers
                                          •   Develop people
                                          •   Deliver great results
                                          •   Depend on each other

                                          A competitive advantage
                                          created by a proven, highly engaged workforce

                                          An eye on the leaders of tomorrow
                                          by nurturing all talent in line with our strategies
                                          we optimize performance, and offer fast-track,
                                          stretch opportunities for top talent

A strong position in emerging markets

                          Emerging markets represent 30%
                          of sales
                          In Healthcare double-digit growth in sales and
                          order intake

                          High corporate brand equity
                          Consistently among the top-ranking players in
                          India, China, Russia and Brazil

                          Championing growth with
                          dedicated strategies
                          Based on local market insights, supported by
                          increased marketing investments

                          Increasing our footprint
                          • Opened more than 100 exclusively Philips
                            branded lighting stores in China and India
                          • Established an Imaging Systems Industrial
                            Campus in Suzhou, China

Sustainability as a driver for growth

                            Our commitment
                            One of the strategic drivers behind our targets is a
                            commitment to sustainability and making a
                            difference in energy efficiency

                            EcoVision4 program
                            A clear example of how we are driving business
                            growth through Sustainability is the launch of our
                            EcoVision4 program in 2007

                            Targets for the period 2007 – 2012
                            • Generate 30% of revenues from Green
                              Products up from 15%
                            • Double our investment in Green Innovations to
                              a cumulative EUR 1 billion
                            • Further increase the energy efficiency of our
                              operations by 25%

We are leaders in many markets
Examples of key leadership positions

Healthcare           Cardiovascular                Patient                         Care and Resuscitation
                     Market                        Monitoring                      #1 Global,
                     #1 Global,                    #1 Global,                      AEDs (Automated
                     Cath Labs                     Critical Care                   External Defibrillators)

                                   Male shaving                    Coffee makers                Rechargeable
Consumer                           #1 Global,                      #1 Western                   toothbrushes
Lifestyle                          Arcitec and                     Europe,                      #1 US
                                   Nivea for men                   Senseo                       # 2 Global,

Lighting             Professional                  Consumer                        Lamps
                     Lighting                      Lighting                        #1 Global,
                     #1 Global, City               #1 Global,                      Energy-efficient
                     Beautification;               LED-based                       lighting
                     sports lighting               luminaires

Leading today, into tomorrow

We‟re a global company of leading businesses
built on „sense and simplicity‟
Strengthened by a growing brand and significant investment in
emerging markets

We provide solutions that improve people‟s
health and well-being
A sustainable area of business, driven by
global trends

We do this with a relentless people-focus
•   Highly engaged Philips people
•   Strong relationships with customers
•   Continued creation of meaningful innovations

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