The Concept of Direct Marketing Services

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					Marketing refers to a synchronized process of promotion and sale. There are various
ways adopted by the producer to market his goods. Television, radio and newspapers
have been the most common means used. But if we analyze the situation prevalent
today, these methods seem to be a bit outdated. Revised forms of marketing are being
used these days.
  The advertisement techniques used today communicate directly with the consumer.
Catalogue distribution, street advertisement, fliers etc are some of them. The direct
marketing has erased the intermediate party that is the media, it deals directly with the
one who would be affected that is the customer.
  Direct Marketing Services are a form of communication that sends out personalized
messages to the prospect individually instead of sending them out to the whole bunch
through mass media. This form of communication ensures, maintains and enhances
long term direct relationship with the prospects.
  The other aspect of the direct marketing services is that it helps the producer gauge
the responses of the consumer. The tactics can be changed according to the customer
response to yield maximum profits. The advantage of this is that it makes direct
marketing services most successful.
  Direct market services have represented a revolution in the field of marketing in the
past one decade. According to a recent survey conducted in the United States of
America nearly 70% of the marketing budgets is being spent on the various
techniques of direct marketing.
  Many direct marketing agencies have sprung up which provide eminent direct
marketing services. Direct response from the customers is the driving force of this
  Services provided by the direct marketing agency
  There is a wide range of services provided by the direct marketing agency. Usually
the small scale enterprises make use of these direct marketing services. Some of the
eminent services provided by the direct marketing service are listed below:
  鈥?List management 鈥?List brokerage 鈥?Email append 鈥?Interactive marketing
鈥?Data processing 鈥?Database marketing 鈥?Modeling 鈥?Analytics
  Direct marketing services are based on conceptual analysis of the purchasing trends
of the customers. The direct marketing agency entrusted for the work of providing the
work of direct Marketing services, perform an all round survey to decide upon the
best possible option suitable for the company profile. Based on these results the
customer can then adjust their products and services in order to cater the needs of
target audience.