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					The company Mahindra and Mahindra, known as Mahindra South Africa in our
country, was founded in 1945. The company was set up to manufacture general
purpose utility vehicles for the Indian market. Mahindra's name immediately comes to
mind when you think of army vehicles, tractors and utility vehicles, but this motor
manufacturer's products and services stretches so much further than that!
  Mahindra has since become a leader in various markets including the United States
of America, China, Malaysia, Latin America and as from 2004, South Africa. The
company is well renowned for their affordable range of bakkies, SUV's (small utility
vehicles) and MPV's (multi-purpose vehicles). This does not mean that quality or
luxury is ever compromised and some of the Mahindra models come standard with
power steering, aircon, immobilizer and power windows. Passenger cars, 3-wheelers
and pick-ups further ads to the extensive Mahinda range.
  The Mahindra range includes a large product portfolio satisfying their varied
customer base and caters for anything from defense requirements and urban utility
vehicles to the later addition of the sports utility vehicle. The company takes good
care of their customers and services such as roadside assistance, customer satisfaction
surveys and dealer visits to monitor service, contribute to the overall customer
satisfaction. The end result is the delivery of a quality product 鈥?on time, every
  The latest Mahindra model to reach the South African shores is the new Thar, a
2-seater with a real presence! This vehicle with the "Boys will be Boys attitude"
boasts one of the most iconic vehicle designs ever! The square-jawed looks originated
as far back as World War II and have survived several fashion trends and generations
of owners. The headlights on the Thar are circular and the signature slotted grill
rounds off this picture of boldness 鈥?both on tarmac and off-road trails.
  The Thar's name originates from the Thar desert, the world's ninth largest "sandpit".
This desert lies in the north western Indian state of Rajastan. With ground clearance of
200mm, the Thar is a pleasure to drive in on various surfaces 鈥?from the Thar desert,
to muddy farm roads and rocky terrains. The Thar's off-road capabilities can help you
explore places where your daily car can't even dream of going!
  The Mahindra's tough build suit the needs of their customers. Vehicle model names
such as Thar, Scorpio and Xylo creates an immediate impression of ruggedness and
durability 鈥?two of the qualities that this motor manufacturer is well-known for.
  Mahindra managed to bridge the gap between style and adventure, comfort and
ruggedness and performance and economy 鈥?the result: a winning recipe! The
company's reputation is going from strength to strength and they can hold candle with
the best that the world of motoring manufacturers has to offer!
  Mahindra has been quoted as "a group in a hurry, engaged in an ambitious, sustained
and prolonged penetration into the global arena". Other words that come to mind are
rugged, stylish, record sales, market dominance 鈥?truly a company to reckon with!
  Mahindra 鈥?the journey has just begun!
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