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									The final step to a naturalized U.S. citizen is passing the citizenship interview and
taking the Oath of Allegiance. Soon after filing your Form N-400 "Application for
Naturalization", you will be expected to attend an in-person interview to decide your
eligibility for U.S. citizenship. The interview is roughly twenty minutes long and is
going to be held at your local United states Citizenship and US Immigration Services
("USCIS") office. The interview might be broken down into the following major

Reviewing your Form N-400;

Testing your English reading and composing skills; and

Testing your knowledge of U.S. government and history ("civics)

The largest part of the will be spent reviewing your N-400. This is designed to serve
two functions. , this portion of your interview might be to establish your to and speak
English. Second, your interviewer is going to be reviewing your N-400 to make sure
that you're in fact eligible to a naturalized U.S. citizen. This includes asking you a
number from your Form N-400 to make certain that you have told the truth (if you
ever lie to a USCIS officer you may perhaps be disqualified from citizenship for
demonstrating "poor moral character" - even numerous several years later.) Your
interviewer will even want to make sure qualify for citizenship based on the answers
you provided, and might review data connected to, for instance, your marriage to a
U.S. citizen, time outside of the us and your affiliation with any organizations. The
interviewer may also seek to decide no matter whether or not any events subsequent
on the time you filed your Form N-400 disqualify you from citizenship.

It really is very recommended that you simply thoroughly evaluate your Form N-400
prior to your to guarantee that you're familiar with all of the answers you supplied on
your , and that you are ready to reply any concerns to events that occurred right after
you filed your (for instance, in case you had a child because filing your application,
be prepared to provide that child's date of birth, Social Security Number, and bring his
or her certificate with you to the interview.) Should you be not confident in your
English language knowledge, you must also answering out of your N-400 having a
friend who speaks English well.

Following reviewing your N-400, you might then be tested in your English reading
through and composing expertise. Your interviewer will ask you to study a sentence,
and also to compose yet another (distinct) sentence. For each and every with the
reading through and writing portions, you will probably be given three chances to
correctly examine or compose a sentence. This implies that, if you don't effectively
examine or compose a sentence the time, you is going to be provided up to two a lot
more opportunities to accurately learn or compose a unique sentence. Each sentence
needs to be mainly produced up of words, men and women, places and phrases
presented by the USCIS. For example, a sentence may possibly examine "George
Washington Father of our Nation." "George Washington" and "Father of our Country"
are all official vocabulary which you can download from the USCIS website.

During the last component of your US citizenship interview, you will be expected to 6
out of 10 civics questions . The USCIS delivers a checklist of 100 official questions to
study from and you don't must worry about asked questions which will not be to the
official list. On top of that, if you're 65 or older and have been a permanent resident
for at the very least 20 years, you might be only to review from a listing of 20 . In
general, if you might have a college education or higher, your interviewer may tend to
ask you much more tricky issues. The can range in difficulty substantially. For
example, a few of the more hard consist of: "What could be the name Speaker from
the House of Representatives now?" and "Who may be the Chief Justice of the united
states now?" Quite simple include things like: "What is the capital of the usa?" and
"When do we celebrate Independence Day?"

Average wait times between the day you file your N-400 and also the day of your are
in many instances longer than 9 months. This signifies you may have plenty of time to
study. When you take the time to prepare for your US citizenship Application
interview, you ought to have no trouble a naturalized U.S. citizen!

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