; The choice of women- Christian Louboutin shoes
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The choice of women- Christian Louboutin shoes


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									The T stage of 10 Autumn Winter is obviously the world of high-heeled shoes,
Christian Louboutin is one of the well-known fans of high-heeled shoes. The complex
of him came from early in school when he went to Paris to see the famous The Palace
nightclub cabaret - in the 1970s, Karl Lagerfeld, Yves Saint Laurent and Grace Jones,
are all the frequent visitors there. "Those colorful dancing women deeply influenced
me," Christian Louboutin said, "if you like high-heeled shoes, it is the perfection of
high-heeled shoes which key lies in that how high heels decorate their legs, and how
they act freely wearing the high heels, which is my ultimate idols". Christian
Louboutin created the most famous shoe myth since the Cinderella.

Although the charm of low-heeled shoes can`t be compared with high-heeled shoes,
they are cute and don`t play fire. But there's a truth that can not be ignored, that not
every woman can wear the few ten centimeters high heels. According to England
"daily post" report, British union recently released that employers shall not force
requirements female employees to wear leather shoes the heels of which should not
more than four centimeters, they think high-heeled shoes means gender discrimination,
from a long-term perspective, high heeled shoes are adverse to health. For this,
Louboutin holds doctrine of attitude. "I feel comfort is very important and it is
meaningless to suffering for beauty," he said, "a pair of shoes is not only beautiful but
should not make person feel sick." He added that many of his design in the forepaws
have hidden bottom, though the heels may reach 18 centimeters in height, in fact it is
only 12 centimeter or so. "If you like wearing high-heeled shoes, then you should bear
among 12 centimeter scope".

So Christian Louboutin shoes are not only beautiful but comfortable to wear, which
are the dream of many women in the world, and that is the reason why Christian
Louboutin shoes are so popular in the world for so many yeas, Christian Louboutin
shoes are designed according to women`s desire and as a result it reflect the desire of
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