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					PHD’S NEW IN THIS WEEK- WEEK OF 02/20/06 & then some…


WIZARDS OF THE COAST (Release Date Friday Feb. 24th)

Star Wars Minis: Attack on Endor Pack ( WOC95739) SRP $ 19.99
Expand your battles with this scenario pack! On the forest moon of Endor, the last great conflict of the
Galactic Civil War is about to take place. The Empire has terrible weapons of war on its side, but can it

* Exclusive alt-pose, alt-paint AT-ST figure
* Contains the first playable map for the huge figures
It also includes:
       Imperial figures: Scout Trooper, Stormtrooper, and Stormtrooper Officer
       2 double-sided, fold-out battle maps depicting the Endor combat zone and others
       Full-color game stat cards
       Scenarios booklet

HECATOMB: Blanket of Lies Booster (WOC95511)                             SRP $ 4.99/pack.
* Aliens are coming! New alien minions, technology and gods.
* Exciting new stack abilities that activate when the card is played on a new stack.


Xialon Showdown: Wudai Warriors Boosters (WOC95692) SRP $ 3.49/pk
Assemble the strongest team possible with Wudai Warriors , the first expansion set for the brand new Xiaolin
Showdown Trading card Game. Powerful and rare Master Cards are introduced in this 99-card set and
players can make Teamwork pay off with powerful elemental power combos, like Fire and Wind.

This mystical and comedic trading card game, based on the popular animated program on Kids! WB, lets
players use their wits and dish out hits, while encouraging friendship and teamwork.

Introduction of Teamwork mechanic which gives you bonuses if you have the monks working together using
their formations. Stronger and cooler Master cards will also be introduced

See all new Shen Gong Wu in the TCG before they appear in the TV show
Restocks on: D&D Minis: Underdark, Star Wars Minis: Rebel Storm Boosters, Guildpact boosters IN

UPPER DECK ENTERTAINMENT (Releases Wed. Feb. 22nd)

Marvel Vs. CCG: X-Men expansion- The Evolution has Begun!
Across the world there are people with an extra twist in their genetic code that gives them superhuman
abilities. These mutants are often feared and despised, forcing them to resort to desperate actions. However,
one group, under the leadership of Professor Charles Xavier, has banded together to show the world that
humans and mutants can live in peace. Apart, they are hunted and feared - but united they are more - they are
the X-Men!

Join the X-Men and fight against the mutant terrorists, the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants! Become a member
of the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club and plot world domination, or strike back from the shadows as one of
the outcast Morlocks. The most popular Marvel characters return to the Vs. System, the most action-packed
Trading Card Game ever!

Key selling points:
* Set features top Marvel characters, including Wolverine, Professor X, Magneto, Phoenix, Mystique,
Colossus, Nightcrawler, and many, many more!
* Original artwork on every card by premier Marvel artists!
* X-Men 3 in theaters at the end of May!

Target Audience: Trading Card Game players and comic collectors, ages 12-24 .

The X-Men includes:
110 Common Cards o 55 Uncommon Cards (13:1)
55 Rare cards (1:1)
Complete parallel foil set (1:1)
TWO PLAYER DECK (UDE44276)                     SRP $ 10.99/deck.
   Configuration: 6 displays/case, 10 decks/display, 52 cards/deck.

BOOSTER (UDE44280)                            SRP $ 3.99/pack
   Configuration: 12 displays/case, 24 packs/display, 14 cards/pack.

Dark Revelations 2 Boosters (UDE43518)                         SRP $ 3.99
PRIVATEER PRESS (Release Date- Friday Feb. 24th)
PIP31037                                                        PIP31038

PIP32036                                                            PIP32037

PIP34039                                PIP41017
Cygnar Stormguard Unit Box (PIP31037)              SRP $ 36.99
Cygnar Stormguard Blister(2)(PIP31038)             SRP $ 11.99
Protectorate Exemplars Errant Unit Box (PIP32036)  SRP $ 29.99
Protectorate Exemplars Errant Blister (PIP32037)   SRP $ 9.99
Protectorate: Castigator (Heavy Warjack)(PIP32038) SRP $ 29.99
Cryx: Harrower Helljack (PIP34039)                 SRP $ 29.99
Mercenary: Rhulic Heavy Warjack (PIP41017)         SRP $ 19.99

Intrigue (ASI5721)                SRP $ 20.00
This is the first game produced by the new Mayfair Games / Amigo Spiele partnetship.
ASI5721 IntrigueT          $20.00
          A Game of Bribery, Bluffing, Betrayal, and Banishment Intrigue - a secret scheme... To achieve or
force a result by manipulation, scheming, or underhanded means. Can you supress your integrity and honor?

Will only the money in your coffers have value to you?

 As master of a palace of unemployed scholars, you must coerce, cajole, con, bully, beg and bribe the other
palace holders to employ these freeloading academics and bring you profit.

 Beware of double-crossing opponents, who may not honor your deals and banish your scholars to the "Island
of Misfit Scholars". But revenge is sweet (and the profit that much greater) when they come to you for


Brittania (FFGVA19)                           SRP $ 39.95
The Battles for Britain!
Published almost two decades ago, the classic war game Britannia finally returns! Take on the role of 17
ancient civilizations vying for control of historic Great Britain. Rally your nations, crush your enemies, and
build your Empire. Cunning, strategy and history itself will play roles in this epic battle for political and
territorial dominance.

Witness Britannia like you've never seen it before: FFG's new edition of this classic board game features
updated rules for streamlined play from the game's original creator, Lewis E. Pulsipher, as well as completely
new graphics and components. In 2005, one King will rise from the ashes.

Call of Cthulhu CCG:Forgotten Cities (FFGCT11)                            SRP $ 3.49/pack.
    Configuration: 36 packs/display.
Forgotten Cities! In this stunning conclusion to the Eldritch Edition
block, Forgotten Cities introduces over 130 brand new cards with innovative mechanics, fantastic art and
exciting game play to enjoy with Fantasy Flight Game's worldwide community of players!

As heroic investigators risk sanity, their life and much for in an desperate attempt to throw back the forces of
the Mythos, the Forgotten Cities are humanities last hope for survival!


                         Fury of Dracula (FFGVA31)                                 SRP $ 49.95
Restocks: Runebound, Doom, Descent !!!

BANDAI OF AMERICA (Recently Released)

Gundam War CCG: Binding Fate Booster (BAN14409) SRP $ 3.79/Pack.
   Configuration: 12 packs/display.
      The Binding Fate expansion contains 190 new cards for use in the Gundam War CCG that recreate
       the Federations’ Londo Bell task force and their attempt to thwart the Neo Zeon’s attempt to destroy
       the Earth.
      New mechanics are added to the expansion such as the use of pollution counters that may
       accumulate and spell defeat for the player.

Star Wars Figures- Saga Collection- Assort # 000L (HAS85770-000L)
Case Includes: Assortment includes:
   1- Clone Trooper,1- Sora Bulq, 2- Sun Fac, 2- C3PO, 2- Poggle the Lesser, 1- Jango Fett, 1-
      RepublicCommando Scorcher & 2- Yoda.

BOWSSM                                      BOWSMS
Spider-Man Statue (BOWSSM)                           SRP $ 175.00
         Sculpted by John Cleary. Over 14" Tall.
         Production run of 1,750.

Spider-Man Statue “Scarlet” (BOWSMS) SRP $ 175.00
         Sculpted by John Cleary. Over 14" Tall.
         Production run of 1,200


BattleTech: Jihad Hot Spots: 3070 (FPR35026) SRP $ 24.99
Jihad Hot Spots: 3070 continues the stunning events revealed in Dawn of the Jihad, using the same rolling
format and immersing readers directly in the action as never before. Players of both Classic BattleTech and
Classic BattleTech RPG will find framework rules to run any type of campaign in regions throughout the
Inner Sphere.


S2P1010                       S2P1020                      S2P1001

Reaper Transport 1” Foam (S2P1010)                   SRP $ 5.99
Reaper Transport 2” Foam (S2P1020)                   SRP $ 5.99
Reaper Transport ( Restock) (S2P1001)                SRP $ 49.99


    RPR14253                     RPR14255               RPR14258                 RPR14259

    Khamsin Lancer (RPR14253)                                          SRP $ 11.49
    Khamsin Med Archer (RPR14255)                                            SRP $ 11.49
    Count Lorenth, Overlord Captain (RPR14258)                         SRP $ 13.49
    Lorena of the Whip (RPR14259)                                      SRP $ 5.49

Pirates of South China Seas                        2006 Race Day
Pirates of the South China Seas (WZK6079)                                  SRP $ 3.99
The new stand-alone expansion for the amazing Pirates of the Spanish Main Constructible Strategy Game is
here: Pirates of the South China Seas! The European and American powers are sailing the valuable waters of
the South China Seas, and the Jade Rebellion opposes their imperialism!
Gold, silk, and future riches are at stake as the Spanish, English, French, and Americans battle for supremacy,
and the Jade Rebellion must resist! Contains new ship designs, including Chinese Junks and Korean Turtle

Each person can play from one affordably-priced Game Pack. Packs contain two ships, a crew or treasure
card, a die, an island or terrain, and rules of play.

 * 2 sailing ships
* 1 treasure or crew card
* 1 cardboard island card
* 1 rules sheet
* 1 die

2006 NASCAR RACE DAY BOOSTER (WZK7522)                                     SRP $ 3.99/pk.
* 36 packs/display.
The first series of 2006 includes 28 cards to collect, each with its own unique statistics and abilities, including
Dale Earnhardt, Jr., in the No. 8 Chevrolet and Jeff Gordon in the No. 24 DuPont Chevrolet. One lucky
consumer will win a NASCAR-fan’s Dream Trip for four to the Pennsylvania 500 at Pocono Raceway in

 Best of all, everything two people need to play comes in one low-priced Game Pack (MSRP $3.99),
including two randomly inserted race cars, one resource card, rules, a die, and a racetrack play mat! Each 36
count display comes with a clear bubble with 4 pre-assembled race cars.

     2 randomly inserted race cards, 1 rules sheet, 1 resource cards & 1 die.

Everything up to five people need to play comes in one low-priced Value Box, including five race cars, three
resource cards, complete rules, two full-sized dice, and an oversized Daytona International Speedway play

Dungeon Magazine #133 (PZODUN133)                                  SRP $ 6.99

Corpse Bride Movie 2-Pack Edition (MFT61480) SRP $ 24.95
    6 per case.

New Anime in this week !!!!!!!!(February 20th )
DearS 4

SRP $24.98
DearS 4                                                    $24.98
Desert Punk 1                                              $29.98
Desert Punk 1 w/Art Box                                    $39.98
Fighting Spirit 10                                         $29.98
Galaxy Railways 5                                          $29.98
Gilgamesh 5                                                $29.98
Immortal Sisters 3 (Adult)                                 $29.95
Kenshin Box Set 3                                          $79.95
Loveless 1                                                 $19.95
Melody of Oblivion 5                                       $29.98
Misaki Chronicles 2                                        $29.98
One Piece 1                                                $19.98
Saint Seiya Complete Box 1                                 $49.98
Saiyuki Reload 7                                           $29.98
Sextra Credit (Adult)                                      $29.95
Shadow Skill 3                                             $29.98
Sukisho 3                                                  $19.95
UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie Vol 1                             $29.98
Ultramaniac 6                                              $24.98
Viewtiful Joe 1 w/CD                                       $29.98
Zeta Gundam Vol 5                  $34.98

Previous New Releases
 Burst Angel 6                     $29.98
 Dandoh 1                          $29.98
 Final Fantasy Unlimited OST       $14.99
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