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                                                                       FOR PARTICIPANTS ONLY
                                                                       4 MAY 2010

WTO/ESCAP Advanced Regional Seminar on the GATS and Services Negotiations

4-7 May 2010
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

                                        LIST OF PARTICIPANTS


Mr. MD. Abul Hosain, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Commerce, Dhaka, Tel: 882-716-9687, 882-836-0404, Fax:
882-951-5519, E-mail: hossainmdabul@gmail.com


Mr. Penday Dorji, Import License Officer, Import Division, Department of Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs,
Thimpu, Tel: 975-2-328-334, Fax: 975-2-321-338, E-mail: pendayc@yahoo.com

                                         BRUNEI DARUSSALAM

Mr. Adi Khalid Chuchu, Second Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Bandar Seri Begawan, Tel:
673-238-3874, Fax: 673-238-4099, E-mail: adi.chuchu@mfa.gov.bn


Mr. Nop Sophorndara, Deputy Director, Department of Multilateral Trade, Ministry of Commerce, Phnom Penh,
Tel: 855-12-678333, Fax: 855-23-866469, E-mail: nop_sophorndara@yahoo.com


Mr. Changtian Han, Deputy Director, Department of WTO Affairs, Ministry of Commerce, Beijing, Tel: 8610-
6519-7338, Fax: 8610-6519-7202, 8610-6519-7310, E-mail: hct@mofcom.gov.cn


Ms. Radika Devi Kumar, Economic Planning Officer, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Co-operation
and Civil Aviation, Suva, Tel: 679-330-9655, Fax: 679-330-1741, E-mail: radika.kumar@govnet.gov.fj
                                          HONG KONG, CHINA

Mr. Kar Keung Chan, Principal Trade Officer, Trade and Industry Department, Hong Kong, Tel: 852-2398-
5396, Fax: 852-2390-7479, E-mail: kkchan@tid.gov.hk


Mr. Herfino Husnaidi, Diplomat, Directorate of Trade, Industry, Investment and Intellectual Property Rights,
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jakarta, Tel:62-21-344-1508 ext. 5533, Fax: 62-21-351-9593, E-mail:

Mr. Antonius Yudi Triantoro, First Secretary, Indonesian Mission to the WTO, Geneva, Tel: 41-22-338-3392,
Fax: 41-22-940-1734, E-mail: antonius.triantoro@mission-indonesia.org

                              LAO PEOPLE’S DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC

Mr. Saybandith Sayavongkhamdy, Trade Policy Officer, Multilateral Trade Policy Division, Foreign Trade
Policy Department, Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Vientiane, Tel: 856-21-450-066, Fax: 856-21-450-066,
E-mail: saybandith@hotmail.com

                                             MACAO, CHINA

Ms. Weng Ieng Chiu, Senior Officer, Macao Economic Services, Macao, Tel: 853-8597-2127, Fax: 853-2871-
2553, E-mail: jonachiu@economia.gov.mo


Ms. Eziatul Nurin Ahmad Sapawi, Assistant Director, Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI),
Kuala Lumpur, Tel: 603-6203-3152, Fax: 603-6203-7753, E-mail: nurin@miti.gov.my

Mr. Mohd Zairul Zahari, Assistant Director, Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI), Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603-6203-4786, Fax: 603-6201-9799, E-mail: zairul.zahari@miti.gov.my


Mr. Yusuf Riza, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Economic Development, Male, Tel: 960-33-33100, Fax: 960-
33-23840, E-mail: permanent.secretary@trade.gov.mv


Ms. Zoltuya Batsuuri, Second Secretary, Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Department, Ministry of
Foreign Affairs and Trade, Ulaanbaatar, Tel: 976-11-261-678, Fax: 976-11-322-127, E-mail:


Mr. Kyaw San, Assistant Director, Ministry of Commerce, Nay Pyi Taw, Tel: 95-67-408-319, Fax: 95-67-408-
243, E-mail: kyawsan1@gmail.com


Mr. Chandra Kumar Ghimire, Joint Secretary, Planning & International Trade Cooperation Division (WTO
Division), Ministry of Commerce and Supplies, Kathmandu, Tel: 977-1-421-1434, Fax: 977-1-421-1167, E-
mail: chandrakg64@yahoo.com


Mr. Tashfeen Khan, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Commerce, Islamabad, Tel: 92-51-920-2107, Fax: 92-51-921-
3785, E-mail: tashfeen61@gmail.com

                                          REPUBLIC OF KOREA

Mr. Ho Cheol Kim, Senior Deputy Director, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Seoul, Tel: 822-2100-7635,
Fax: 822-2100-7978, E-mail: hckim99@mofat.go.kr

                                         RUSSIAN FEDERATION

Mr. Alexander A. Mishin, Third Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Moscow, Tel: 7499-241-0149, Fax:
7499-795-1088, E-mail: aamishin@mid.ru

Ms. Natalia E. Oreshenkova, Chief of Division, MFA of Russia, Moscow, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tel:
7499-249-3589, Fax: 7499-795-1088, E-mail: noreshenkova@mail.ru


Mr. Ulisese Rimoni, Investment Promotion Officer, Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Labour, Apia, Tel: 685-
20441, Fax: 685-20443, E-mail: ulisese.rimoni@mcil.gov.ws


Mr. Eng Gun Kiat, Assistant Director, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Singapore, Tel: 65-6332-8066, Fax: 65-
6334-5848, E-mail: eng_gun_kiat@mti.gov.sg

                                           SOLOMON ISLANDS

Ms. Laura Marina Norris, Trade Policy Analyst, Department of External Trade, Solomon Islands Government,
Honiara, Tel: 677-21250 ext. 229, Fax: 677-20351, E-mail: lauramarinanorris@googlemail.com

                                                SRI LANKA

Mr. R.D.S. Kumararatne, Deputy of Director of Commerce, Department of Commerce, Colombo, Tel: 94-11-
243-8035, Fax: 94-11-243-0233, E-mail: kumararatne@doc.gov.lk


Mr. Almerio Docarmo Vieira, Desk Officer for ICJ Treaties & ECOSOC, Multilateral Division, Ministry of
Foreign Affairs, Dili, Tel: 670-333-1237, 670-732-1318, Fax: 670-333-1237, E-mail:


Ms. Duangporn Sinturak, Trade Officer, Bureau of Service and Investment Negotiations, Department of Trade
Negotiations, Ministry of Commerce, Bangkok, Tel: 662-507-7476, Fax: 662-547-5622, E-mail:


Mr. Ahmet Zafer Gulsen, Assistant Treasury Expert, Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry, Undersecretariat of
Treasury, Directorate of General of Banking and Exchange, Ankara, Tel: 90-312-204-6037, Fax: 90-312-212-
8775, E-mail: ahmet.gulsen@treasury.gov.tr

                                                  VIET NAM

Mr. Pham Anh Tuan, Official, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Hanoi, Tel: 844-2220-5420, Fax: 844-2220-2525,
E-mail: tuanpanh@moit.gov.vn


                             INTERGOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS

Ms. Joanne Lucy Lovejoy, Program Director, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), Singapore, Tel: 65-
6891-9607, Fax: 65-6775-0357, E-mail: jll@apec.org



Ms. Nurfitra Mohd Alias, Federal Counsel, Attorney General's Chambers (AGC), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Tel:
603-8872-2302, Fax: 603-8890-3413, E-mail: MAInurfitra@agc.gov.my

Mr. Mohamad Firdaus Ismail, Assistant Secretary, Ministry of Home Affair (MOHA), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,
Tel: 603-8886 3310, Fax: 603-8889-1693, E-mail: firdausismail@ moha.gov.my

Mr. Mohamad Akbar Haji Mahbat, Senior Under Secretary, Policy and International Relations Division,
Coomunication Sector, Ministry of Information Communication abd Culture, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Tel:
603-3-2612-7797, Fax: 603-2697-3141, E-mail: akbar@kpkk.gov.my

Ms. Nurul Adni binti Zainul Ariff, Assistant Secretary (Policy), Policy and International Relations Division,
Ministry of Health (MOH), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Tel: 603-8883-2867, Fax: 603-8883-2331, E-mail:

Mr. Adi Abyadi Azman, Assistant Secretary (Maritime Economy), Ministry of Transport (MOT), Kuala
Lumpur, Malaysia, Tel: 60-8886 -6365, Fax: 60-8889-1618, E-mail: adi_azman@mot.gov.my

Mr. Azimuddin bin Bahari, Under Secretary, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (NRE), Kuala
Lumpur, Malaysia, Tel: 60-8886-1433, Fax: 60-8888-0291, E-mail: azim@nre.gov.my

Ms. Zainon Mustaffa, Assistant Director, Ministry of High Education (MOHE), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Tel:
603-8884-4685, Fax: 603-8884 - 4650, E-mail: zainon@mohe.gov.my

Ms. Latifahaida Abdul Latif, Senior Executive International Department, Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), Kuala
Lumpur, Malaysia, Tel: 603-2698-8044 ext 7312, Fax: 603-2692-6762, E-mail: latifahaida@bnm.gov.my

Mr. Mokhtar Puteh, Registrar, Board of Quantity Surveyors Malaysia (BQSM), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Tel:
603-2696-7809, Fax: 603-2692-5680, E-mail: faizah@bqsm.gov.my

Ms. Zuraina Leily Awalludin, Registrar, Board of Architects Malaysia (LAM), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Tel:
603-2698-2878, Fax: 603-2693- 6881, E-mail: info@lam.gov.my

Ms. Razmona bt Abd. Rasak, Principle Assistant Secretary, Ministry of Finance, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Tel:
603-8882-3496, Fax: 603-8882-3450, E-mail: razmona.razak@treasury.gov.my


                                         RESOURCE PERSONS

Ms. Lai Peng Yap, AEC Department, Services and Investment Division, ASEAN Secretariat, Jakarta, Indonesia,
Tel: 622-1-724-3372 ext 351, Fax: 6221-739 8234, E-mail: yap@asean.org

Ms. Deunden Nikomborirak, Research Director, Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI), Bangkok,
Thailand, Tel: 662-718-5460, Fax. 662-718-5461-2, Email: deunden@tdri.or.th

Mr. Mohamed Shahabar Abdul Kareem, Senior Director of the Services Sector Development Division, Ministry
of International Trade and Industry, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


                                         MITI SECRETARIAT

Ms. Shaliza Tay Abdullah          Director, Tel: 603-6203-4704, Fax : 603-6203-1745
                                  E-mail: shaliza@miti.gov.my

Mr. Nik Salihin Nik Mustafa       Assistant Director, Tel: 603-6203-3371, Fax: 603-6203-1745
                                  E-mail: salihin@miti.gov.my

Ms. Sara Hani Mohd Zin            Assistant Director, Tel: 603-6203-4643, Fax : 603-6203-1745
                                  E-mail: sarahani@miti.gov.my

Ms. Lim Pei Yun                   Assistant Director, Tel: 603-6205-2187, Fax : 603-6203-1745
                                  E-mail: lpy@miti.gov.my


                                         WTO SECRETARIAT

Mr. Aik Hoe Lim                   Counsellor, Trade in services Division, WTO, Tel: 41-22-739-5466, Fax:
                                  41-22-739-5771, E-mail: hoe.lim@wto.org

Mr. Markus Jelitto      Counsellor, Trade in services Division, WTO, Tel: 41-22-739 5885, Fax.:
                        41-22-739-5771, E-mail: markus.jelitto@wto.org


                            ESCAP SECRETARIAT

Ms. Mia Mikic           Economic Affairs Officer, Trade Policy Section, Trade and Investment
                        Division, Tel: 662-288-1410, Fax: 662-288-1027, E-mail: mikic@un.org

Ms. Melanie Ramjoue     Associate Economic Affairs Officer, Trade Policy Section, Trade and
                        Investment Division, Tel: 662-288-2067, Fax: 662-288-1027, E-mail:

Ms. Panjai Limchupong   Team Assistant, Trade Policy Section, Trade and Investment Division,
                        Tel: 662-288-2251, Fax: 662-288-1027, E-mail: limchupong@un.org



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