The Best Yellow and Green Variegated Colocasia by djsgjg0045


									Who doesn 鈥檛 like variegated Colocasia or multi-colored leaves? There have been
several selections of 鈥榚 sculenta 鈥?types with variegation or contrasting vein
colors. These are high wow-factor plants that really stand out in the garden. Elephant
ears with a starkly contrasting vein color have an additional depth to the leaf that
really makes them pop. Variegated elephant ears tend to have flecks or speckles of
variable size on the leaf. The variegation patterns are less bold than Caladium or
Coleus, but with leaves the size of elephant ears, who cares? The following list
contains variegated Colocasia whose primary colors are yellow and green.
  Colocasia esculenta 'Chicago Harlequin' (Sun to Part Sun, Zone 7b-10, at least, Ht.
60 鈥? is for those collectors of the truly amazing. This new striped elephant ear was
discovered by John Joicus of the Brookfield Zoo circa 1993, in a batch of normal
Colocasia esculenta. The giant green leaves of Colocasia 'Chicago Harlequin' are each
blotched with large, lighter green, random sectors. The highlight, however, is the tall
5' stems, which are vividly striped with cream-and-green vertical bands. Colocasia
'Chicago Harlequin' spreads rapidly in very wet areas by means of above-ground
  Colocasia esculenta 'Elepaio' (Sun to Part Sun, Zone 8a-10, possibly colder, Ht. 36
鈥?: Named after the rare Hawaiian flycatcher bird, this very rare, small-growing
elephant ear is one of the classic old Hawaiian cultivars. Colocasia 'Elepaio' makes a
small, 3' tall clump of green foliage that is heavily spotted with white paint-like flecks.
This unstable chimeral variegation pattern often results in some leaves that are half
green and half white. This is a true curiosity and what we call a "fun" plant for the
  Colocasia esculenta 'Lime Aide' (Sun to Part Sun, Zone 8-10 at least, Ht. 48 鈥?:
This new Alan Galloway introduction has been diagnosed to be borderline
schizophrenic...some leaves are dark green with chartreuse yellow flecks, while others
have large sectors of yellow in between the green. The leaves are in addition to the
cool leaf petioles which are heavily striped green and yellow. Alan discovered this
gem while ditch-hopping in the Philippines...another reason for expanding this
botanical pastime.
  Colocasia esculenta 'Mojito' PPAF (Sun to Part Sun, Zone 7b-10, Ht. 72 鈥?: If
you're looking to add another wild and crazy elephant ear to your garden, drink up.
Colocasia 'Mojito' (pronounced Mo-he-toe) is a sport of Colocasia 'Burgundy Stem'
via Colocasia 'Black Marble', discovered at Florida's Agristarts. Named after the
popular Cuban mixed drink, the amazing leaves are medium green with dark purple
flecks throughout...just too cool! In moist, rich soils, you can expect the clump to
reach 6', less in drier sites. Although winter-hardy in Zone 7b, the central tuber will
often die in the low teens F, so to get larger-sized plants, mulch well in winter to save
the central tuber.
  Colocasia esculenta 'Nancy's Revenge' (Sun to Part Sun, Zone 8a-10, Ht. 72 鈥? was
introduced at the 2000 International Aroid Society meeting in Florida, where it was
the most drooled-upon plant. Emerging solid green, the 25" long, light green leaves
begin turning buttercream-yellow along the center at the onset of flowering, with
which the coloring is genetically tied. The color then pours down into the main vein
creating a huge, bold Y-pattern in the center of the leaf. Color then bursts into the
lateral (side) veins and begins its march to the margins. Colocasia 'Nancy's Revenge'
sends out lots of side stolons that will root into the soil where moisture is adequate. As
with all elephant'' bigger. Colocasia 'Nancy's Revenge' was
discovered in the Caribbean and imported by Jerry Kranz, who later named the plant
for his business partner, Nancy McDaniels of Florida.
  Colocasia esculenta 'Tiger Stripe' (Sun, Zone 7b-10, Ht. 60 鈥?: This Alan Galloway
selection makes a large 5' tall clump of medium green leaves with some chartreuse
yellow flecking. The best trait is the stunning stalks, which are heavily streaked with
purple and yellow. When the soil is moist, it spreads well via aboveground rhizomes
forming a large patch.
  Colocasia esculenta 'Yellow Splash' (Sun to part Sun, Zone 7b-10, Ht. 48 鈥?: For
those variegated nuts out there...we know you're out there...we are excited to offer the
long-awaited Colocasia 'Yellow Splash'. There are several splashed forms entering the
US, but this name should only be applied to this cultivar. Each 4' tall clump of large,
gray-green leaves is heavily splashed with creamy yellow patterns, differing in each
leaf. Colocasia 'Yellow Splash' spreads via rhizomes, so propagation will be easy.
Rich organic soils that stay moist in the summer will result in the largest plants.
Thanks to plantsman Frank Galloway for sharing this exciting introduction.
  These yellow and green variegated Colocasia add a bright splash to draw the eye to a
focal point in the garden.

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