The Best Places to Shop in Dubai

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					Dubai is consumer mecca. Every year thousands of believers flock to its shores to
worship at the doors of some of the largest and most extravagant malls in the world!
Even those who know nothing else about Dubai know that it 鈥檚 famed for its
gargantuan shopping centres, markets that stretch endlessly into the distance and its
state of the art technology!
 For the ultimate spending experience, look no further than Dubai where you can
pretty much buy everything under the Emirates Sun! If shopping is your true passion
in life then check out our top shopping guide below, book flights to Dubai and don 鈥
檛 forget to bring a couple of empty suitcases!
   Town Centre

 This is an attractive shopping complex and not too huge, it 鈥檚 a good one to begin
with as it breaks you in gently to the mammoth malls to come. It has the feel of an
outdoor market offering a mix of modernity and nature with skylight windows letting
sun stream in and palm trees and waterfalls to make you feel relaxed (or as relaxed as
you can when shopping!). It has a cosmopolitan flavour and boasts a great food court
where you can get anything from American to Moroccan cuisine. A good start this
  Dubai Mall

 This is the world 鈥檚 largest shopping mall so be prepared! It 鈥檚 over 12 million
sq ft of shops, cafes, bars and restaurants with probably every discernable retail outlet
you could think of including Bloomingdales. There is an aquarium and underwater
zoo, an ice rink and cinemas. It also has one of the largest candy stores in the world so
make sure to bring back some for your friends.
  Mall of the Emirates

 This is the second largest mall in the UAE and should be a piece of cake after the
Dubai Mall. It has over 2 million sq ft of space filled with shops, cafes, restaurants,
bars along with a dancing water feature, and indoor ski slope with real snow, should
the fancy take you and a metro station to get in and out efficiently!
  Deira Souks

  Spread over two sides of a creek, the Deira Souks are as much an attraction as a
shopping destination. These open air markets are the life blood of Dubai and have
been around since the earliest days of Bedouin settlements. Selling wood, gold,
jewellery and many other beautiful hand crated products, to CD 鈥檚, high tech
gadgets, spices and perfume, it 鈥檚 worth taking a whole afternoon to wander and
   Twin Towers

 This is an ultra-modern shopping complex located in one of Dubai 鈥檚 most
famous landmarks, the Twin Towers. This place boasts many speciality shops as well
as individual boutiques and a hoard of continental style cafes where you can take the
weight off while contemplating your next purchase! The Twin Towers is a popular
destination for business people work in the nearby area.
  Bani Yas Square and Deira Tower

  Located in Deira Square, this is one of the city 鈥檚 hotspots where clever shoppers
haggle their way to fantastic bargains of local art, fabrics and even electronics. The
Deira Tower is the most imposing feature of the square and boasts the most staggering
array of carpets and rugs that you 鈥檙 e ever likely to see! Definitely worth
purchasing a couple of these to bring home.
    Oasis Centre Mall
  If you 鈥檙 e downtown or near Jumeriah beach then this is a great mall to pop into.
It has upscale shops and excellent restaurants without the chore of having to hike into
the very centre of town. As the name hints at, there is an oasis theme running through
the centre as does a babbling brook leading to water pools surrounded by palm trees.
There if 鈥榝 un city 鈥?for kids and various other games and rides to keep them
happy while you flex the credit cards.
    Wafi Shopping Mall

 Located on the west bank of the creek, this is part of the giant Wafi complex. It has
recently undergone serious developments and now boasts the new pyramid-shaped
Raffles hotel at its centre. The environment is aesthetically pleasing with fine shops
and dining that attracts many of Dubai 鈥檚 elite. There is plenty of natural light and
family friendly areas with interactive exhibits for children.
   Mercato Mall

 Designed to give a Renaissance feel, this is definitely one for the style conscious
shopper. A series of spaces make up this shopping centre named Italy, France and
Spain with the architecture and styles from those countries taken into account in the
design. There are upscale boutiques, trendy stores and designer outlets along with
fashionable cafes and restaurants where you can meet friends or just go to be seen!
   Festival Centre

 This is at the very heart of Dubai Festival City and has two floors of classy stores
selling everything from watches to clothes. The mall holds a program of live music
and cultural events as well as art and photography exhibitions. The indoor waterfall is
a particularly pleasing feature!

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