iPhone 4G Finder roommate tipped off Apple by hkksew3563rd


									guy who found a 4G prototype iPhone in a bar in Silicon Valley was tracked down
after his roommate tipped off Apple.
21-year-old roommate Brian Hogan Katherine Martinson security officer called Apple
to report the whereabouts of the lost prototype 4G iPhone, according to new
documents to the public on this issue.
Bad cop show plot
In what sounds like a lot of ill prepared to COP-TV show, following Rick Martinson
to Orloff, Apples Director of Information Security, Then the police were probably sent
to a bizarre search for information about missing iPhone, which involved the recovery
of a computer hidden in a church and a USB thumb drive hidden in the bushes!
If it is not strange enough already, the iPhone has lost the serial number sticker has
been recovered from the gas station parking lot.
Wired has published a whole 10-page statement of the search warrant which describes
the strange saga that ended with Hogan Gizmodo prototype to sell up to $5,000. Cash.
Hogan told his roommate that he had received a total of $8,500 on the phone, though
it is not yet clear where the additional $3,500 comes from. Roommate claimed that
Hogan said that he should actually returned the phone to the engineer, who left the bar
as Hogan showed him through his profile on Facebook iPhone.
Gizmodo Hogan has promised a bonus, when Apple officially announce the new
iPhone, according to the roommate.
According to a statement Gizmodo editor Jason Chen is accused of the possibility of
receiving stolen property, copying trade secrets and destroy property worth more than
The case continues

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