Invest in Your Future with Insurance by hkksew3563rd


									Of all the reasons why people invest in life and health insurance, the most important
one is that they are worried for the future. An older man who married late would need
to be sure that his young children will have something to live off when he dies. A man
who works overseas all the time, under extreme danger from natural predators or
security risks, wants to make sure that his wife will have something to live off when
he passes.
 It could become essential to have health insurance if one is in a foreign land. A
mother needs health insurance for her children, in case they get sick. We pay our
monthly premiums, not because we think its part of our expenses, but because the
premiums will go a long way in ensuring that our family members are taken care of.
 I can enumerate a number of reasons why health insurance is a necessity. The first is
that health coverage protects me during health care emergencies. This gives me the
confidence to carry on as I know that medical bills will not lay me down. I also feel
more secure knowing that no matter how expensive a health service is I can afford it
as my health insurer will cover it. Another thing is that I save a lot of money as my
policy covers all the services I usually avail.
 One other great thing about having health insurance is that your whole family is
covered - unless otherwise specified. As a result, you will not have to worry about
scraping together the money to pay for hospital bills for your spouse of children.
Because I have a lot of children, and only paying average premiums, I am getting a
good deal. I really do not see these payments as being big burdens on me. The
motivating factor is that I know that my family and I are secured for the future.
 We all have to come to terms with the fact that death is inevitable. But by providing
protection for your spouse, children and other dependants, life insurance will ease
your fears about what happens to them after you expire. Purchasing life insurance
need not be a burden, especially if you think about how the benefits will help your
family cope with your loss.
 Then, in case of your death, your loved ones will not have to struggle to pay off the
debts that had been taken on by you. They will have enough money to pay off the
mortgage on your home. Even if medical attention is very costly for you, your
insurance plan should help ease the burden. Your body doesn't have to be dumped in
the ocean because your insurance policy covers the burial costs.
 If you have children on their way to college, your death benefits could cover all their
education costs. You need to have insurance especially if you happen to be the main
breadwinner. With insurance, your family will be covered after your death.
 If you think about it, the benefits of having health and life insurance far outweigh the
monthly premiums you have to pay. So you would be doing yourself a big favor by
applying for a good life insurance policy.
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