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Dublin City University Students Union Executive (DOC)


									Dublin City University Students’ Union Executive

                           Meeting Minutes
                         29th November 2010
Attendees: Megan O’Riordan, Cillian Byrne, Colin Oliver, Alan Armstrong,
Ian McGlynn, David McMullin, Emma Murray, Jackie Fox, Khaula Bhutta.

Apologies: Leah Caul, Brian McDonald, Ed Leamy.

   1. Matters Arising from Minutes
         a. Action Item review
                 i. DMM contacted ROK regarding water, ROK is sorting
                ii. CO to circulated e-mail regarding Christmas bonding,
                    Friday 17th, December.
               iii. JF sent e-mail
         b. Text Service, no update.
   2. Activity Reports
         a. IMG; Teaching and Learning, changing module date change
            issue. Programme board standard programme board regs. IBL
            final yr. Media drag ball, monologues, UC, campus, Please talk,
            sex .
         b. JF; humanities peer review group, arts week, bullying in CS1,
            facebook groups; now deleted. Campus piece, media ball,
            UC, CCS not part of any school
         c. KB; money raised in international week €304.57. Most people
            enjoyed it, people didn’t seem to understand that funds
            raised was going to charity.
         d. DMM; FCE meeting, changes implemented. Student
            representation at programme boards, seem unsure internally,
            committee meeting on issue. DMM forwarding a proposal.
            Drag ball, won worst dressed, contacted ROK rgding water.
         e. AA; met with AP rgd Uaneen, UC nursing class rep issue,
            other class rep issues,
         f. EM; survey will be ready Wednesday, NGM meeting, module.
   3. Personal Tutors
         a. Discussion around personal tutor systems in all faculties.
        b. MOR calls for submission for executive asap
4.   Voting (General Election)
        a. MOR is contacting local TD regarding registering students to
5.   Uaneen Module
        a. AA met with AP rgding promotion of Uaneen. Push through e-
           mails, possible class drop ins by convenors. AP wants to meet
           convenors. Piece on website to be reviewed, invitation to be
           extended to first yrs and final yrs.
        b. JF suggested poster campaign
                i. Action Item CO to include Uaneen details in next all
                   student mail.
               ii. Website to be reviewed rgd Uaneen.
              iii. Action Item Union to push Uaneen.
6.   Christmas
        a. Festival; band for €15 euro gets you into every event,
           german market, Giant Secret Santa! Gift Appeal, Christmas
           DVD night, Christmas day! CO and MOR argue about sheets!
           Mince pies, mulled wine, mistletoe booth, mistletoe speed
7.   AOB
        a. Class rep Christmas party
                i. Wednesday week 11 after UC. Boozing.
                       1. Action Point. CO to organise
        b. Please Talk Wall;
                i. Concerns over publishing in any shape or form direct
               ii. CB to write e-mail to direct students to services
                   linked to wall comments.
        c. Bullying issue
                i. Action needed
        d. Walk Home Service
                i. Info on site

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