The Benefits of Playing Car Games by djsgjg0045


									Car games, though meant simply for entertainment has been found to be more than
that. Researches show that mind and body gets affected in a positive way when you
engage in the make-believe world of car racing games.
  It has been found that players of car-games experience a thrill and fulfillment which
they can never experience in real life. The person gets transformed in to a hero,
defeating others to become the winner! Rushing with his or her sports car through
streets, with the sole aim of winning, increases his determination and concentration.
Unlike in the real world, you don't have to worry of accidents or getting hurt. Even if
you hit a car, you need not stop as you can start the game again! The chance to win
remains with you.
  The exhilarated feeling one experiences while playing car games is found to relieve
stress and leave the player in a happy mood. These capturing games are powerful
enough to bring a smile to the face of the most stressed person. It means the person is
able to forget his tensions and other problems of daily life while he is engaged in
these stress- busting games.
  Physiologically speaking, Car-games make us happy because it affects our brain.
When you are engaged in a race you experience an increase in your heart rate. It is
common when one is in the middle of competition. Your mind is so involved with the
game your heart beats faster! We cannot deny that there is a special joy and thrill to
competition and winning.
  Another advantage of Car games are that they improve persons driving skills. These
games give you an edge when you take a car on to the road. The experience you
gained from these games make you more attentive and cautious while you are behind
the wheel. You gain more control of steering, and you are able to glide smoothly in
  Car games are found to improve co-ordination of hands and fingers. The game
requires precise movements of hands, concentration and determination to win. It
improves your ability to make on-the-spot decisions.

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