The basics of laser vision correction

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					When you have problems with your vision, laser vision correction is one of the best
things you can do for yourself. The many advances in Lasik eye surgery have
simplified the process for patients as well as for doctors. If you are a good candidate
for this procedure, it is both a safe and popular way to correct your eye problems. But,
as with any surgery, you may have some reservations. This article will give you an
overview of the process, and you will have a general idea of what is ahead of you
when you go to talk to your physician. Changes in the cornea of the eye can cause
vision problems. Some, like astigmatism, are genetic and others are from the changes
that occur when the eye ages. Laser vision correction will reshape the outside of the
eye so that your vision is improved. You won't have to wear corrective lenses or
glasses when you have a positive outcome from this kind of surgery. It is one of the
greatest benefits to this kind of surgery, especially when you have most common
variant; Lasik eye surgery
  You may wonder if there are many complications to Lasik eye surgery. Generally
speaking, this is a very safe procedure especially when done by a person who is
skilled in laser vision correction. In the spirit of full disclosure, there is a overall
failure rate of five percent. This risk cans be minimized, however, when you go to a
doctor who is a very experienced in laser vision correction surgery. They will be sure
to perform a comprehensive work up before your procedure. This is when they will
assess you and give you more details about your surgery.
  If, for example, you have astigmatism or myopia, Lasik eye surgery is a wonderful
choice. In this procedure, a very small blade will be use to cut away a thin flap of the
cornea. Then using the laser, a layer of tissue is removed. The flap is then placed back
where it is allowed to heal. This will change the shape of the cornea, and it will be
changed the way that will correct your eyesight. It is one of the more common kinds
of laser vision correction.
  Besides Lasik eye surgery, you can also be a candidate for PRK. This different
procedure will use an ultraviolet light to begin the procedure and then switch to the
laser. Vision correction is accomplished by a flattening of the cornea. This will cause
dilation of the center of the cornea. And as with other types of laser vision correction,
the amount of tissue that is removed will determine on how the light is focused. In
this, PRK is similar to Lasik eye surgery.
  If you are tired of having problems with your eyesight, you need to make an
appointment with a doctor when possible. They will tell you if you're a good
candidate and what kind of outcome you can expect. All you have to lose is your bad
eyesight. Be sure to talk to your doctor today.

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