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					Whether you own an online store or run a brick and mortar business model, having its
web presence is the quickest and effective way to reach the potential customers.
Search engine optimization often known as SEO is one among the conventional
method of endorsing any business on internet, yet a very influential tool that online
marketers use to attract visitors to their website. It has taken off again over the last
few years. There are lot of factors (on page and off page) that contributes to a
successful SEO campaign; such as placing right keywords, tags, original and keyword
rich content (SEO Copy writing) etc.
Keywords play a vital role to achieve online success of any business. The process of
Search Engine Optimization starts on with exploring the targeted keywords associated
with the given product or service. Once a line of action is developed from the
keyword research, the keywords that are selected for optimization are rooted into the
webpage. The idea is to achieve higher ranking on Google and other search engines,
organically (naturally). In order to do so, you need to put into practice certain search
engine optimization (SEO) strategies, and placing right keyword is the first step to it.
Another effective tactic is the SEO copywriting. SEO Copywriting is not just about
inserting keywords for attaining increased search engine rankings; it is also helpful in
generating higher profits. It is more of textual work of art for promotion of any
website, with major emphasize on skillfully manipulating the phrasing of the page and
to place it among the first results of a user's search list, yet creating comprehensible
and influential content.
Process of Search Engine Optimization has really stirred into the digital age with
news feeds and high definition video news feeds to improve the marketing and
promotion of a website. News feeds and video are becoming very powerful and
effective marketing tools. Lot of people would chose to watch a video then reading. It
allows to get connected to a much wider audience.
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