Flowchart for the Application for Naturalization in Marriages

					                        Flowchart for the Application for Naturalization in Marriages between
                         Foreign Nationals and R.O.C. Citizens and Household Registration
                                                                                                                                           Revised by Ministry of Inter

ation                    Where to Apply                                                                                Required Documents

                                                              1. Applicants marrying in the R.O.C.: 1) wedding certificate; 2) Identification Cards of foreign spouses and
                                                                 cates with Chinese translation and certified (inspected) by R.O.C. foreign missions; 3) household re
                                                                 Identification Cards and seals.
 gistration       Household Registration Of-                 2. Applicants marrying abroad: 1) wedding certificates with Chinese translation and certified (inspected) by
                                                                 sions; 2) household registration; 3) R.O.C. Identity Cards and seals; 4) Identity Cards of foreign spou
                            fices                                spouses are unable to return to the R.O.C. with their R.O.C. spouses, the foreign spouse is to submit his/ h
                                                                 laration certified by R.O.C. foreign missions.

                                                              1.        One set of the original household registration issued in the recent three months (with marriage registrati
                  - Should the applicant be not in Tai-                 name of the spouse in its original/ foreign language).
                  wan, he/ she shall apply for the resi-      2.        Marriage registration certificate issued by the applicant’s government (marriage certificate for countries w
                  dence certificate from R.O.C.’s over-                 tration system).
on for            seas missions;                              3.        Declaration by the applicant’s government certifying that the applicant is free from criminal record.
                                                              4.        Qualified health examination certificate issued by the hospitals appointed by Department of Health or forei
                  - Should the applicant be already in the              in the recent three months.
 Visa             R.O.C. on a visitor visa, he/ she shall     5.        Passport (with validity for more than six months).
                  apply for residence certificate from the    6.        Two 2-inch photographs taken in the recent six months.
                  Bureau of Consular Affairs of the
                  Ministry of Foreign Affairs (including
                  offices in Taichung, Kaohsiung and          [Documents in point 2 through point 4 issued abroad have to be first certified (inspected) by R.O.C. foreign m
                  Hualien).                                   by Chinese or English translations.]
                                                              [Applicants who are in the R.O.C. on visitor visas shall leave the R.O.C. should their visas expire. They are

                                                              1. One set of “Application for Residence Certificate for Foreign Nationals” is to be completed and subm
                      Foreign Affair Section                  2. Passport and residence visa is to be submitted for inspection.
ien Resi-             of police bureaus in the                3. Application for residence visa stating reasons such as completion of household registration for marriage
                       municipal and county                      fied documents is to be enclosed.
tificate                (city) governments                    4. Payment of residence certificate fee (NT$1,000, NT$2,000 and NT$3,000 for one-year, two-year and thre
                                                              1. Application for “Certificate of ROC Naturalization Candidature” (including two photographs).
                                                              2. Legal and valid Alien Residence Certificate or Permanent Residence Certificate.
                                                              3. Alien Residence Certificate issued by municipality and county (city) government police bureaus (
                                                                 should be continuous without disruption).
                                                              4. The arrival and departure of dates of foreigners on immigration cards issued by the Immigration Office, P
                      The household registra-                    try of Interior (can be enquired online by household registration agency).
  for “Cer-                                                   5. Police Criminal Record Certificate issued by municipality and county (city) government police bureaus d
    O.C.               tion agency shall for-
                                                                 stay in the R.O.C.
    Candi-            ward the application to                 6. Certificates of sufficient property or professional skills to be self-reliant or to ensure personal sustainability
     more                 the municipal and                      7 of the Enforcement Rules of Nationality Act).
 years of              county (city) govern-                  7. Household registration copy with completed marriage registration (can be enquired online by ho
nce and at             ments who shall issue                     agency).- applicants failing to submit household registration copy shall enclose wedding certificates, iden
days per                the residence certifi-                   of foreign and R.O.C spouses. Those marrying in the R.O.C. shall also enclose the marital status certi
he day of                       cates.                           spouses translated into Chinese and authenticated by R.O.C. foreign missions.
 tion)                                                        8. Certificates of the basic language command and requirement of Article 3 of Standards for Identification
                                                                 Abilities and Common Sense of National Rights and Duties of Naturalized ROC Citizens.
                                                              9. Certificate fee of NT$200.

                                                              * This certificate shall only be used for applicants who have lost their original nationality and have request
                                                                certificates to be naturalized into R.O.C. nationality. The certificate shall be issued by the municipal and c
                                                                ments after transference from household registration offices. The validity is one year.
                                                              * If the applicants’ countries do not require the certificate to abdicate their
                                                              they do not need apply for the certificate.
 for Ab-                 Contact the native gov-
of the                   ernment, missions in the              * Contact the native government, missions in the R.O.C. or authorized representative institutes.
tionality                  R.O.C. or authorized
                         representative institutes                 1.     Application for Nationality Naturalization (including two photographs ).
                                                                   2.     Stateless certificate or certificate stating the abdicating of original nationality or documents issued by for
                                                                          required by the Article of Nationality Act.
                                                                   3.     Legal and valid Alien Residence Certificate or Permanent Residence Certificate.
                                                                   4.     Alien Residence Certificate issued by the municipality and county (city) government police burea
  for Naturali-                                                           should be continuous without disruption).