The Advantages of Local Search Engine Marketing by djsgjg0045


									Local search engine marketing is as effective and as result driven as global SEM. The
only difference is that the marketing efforts of the former are more targeted and will
therefore get better results, while the latter uses the same principles on a more
universal level. Local directory listings and advertising on local web portals and sites
can build up a solid return on investments for any business targeting the local
population. To that effect, approaching the local Chambers of Commerce for linkages
and general social networking can push business revenues and attract clients.
 There are a few other best practises that one can follow to boost sales in the local
area. Putting the business address prominently on the home page of the website or
webpage can be a very effective way to improve page rankings via local search engine
marketing operations. Another great idea is to target the biggest town or city in the
area of focus and devote a page to every small town in terms of search optimised
 Major search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Google are increasingly focussing on
building vertical databases for their search (like news, images, reports, shopping, etc.).
This means that most businesses can now upload information relevant to their
business across multiple channels and get more visibility in the vertical search results.
The result being that local search engine marketing will end up giving more bang for
a buck than any other paid search.
 As more and more businesses and individuals turn to local listings for vendors,
shopping, businesses, professionals, and even blue collar help 鈥?it makes sense for
small businesses to target them through local search engine marketing rather than on a
global level where the marketing pitch can be lost among the giants who try to gather
attention with their loud marketing spiels. People trust other people who live and do
business near them. They prefer walking over flying and want to do more business
with local vendors than those across the country. While this may be an over-simplified
statement, it it still true.
 Some of the best research has shown that from the people who look for and find
vendors online in their local area listings, 86% will follow up with a phone-call or
in-store visit. Out of these people, 61% will choose to make the purchase offline.
 The biggest advantage that local search engine marketing has over brochures and
pamphlets is that it is measurable. As a business owner, one can track to the dot the
amount being spent and the dividends they yield in dollars or pounds or rupees.
Thinking local and taking it online is the new way of doing business as a small
business owner.

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