Intel- No phones or tablet Meego to 2011 by hkksew3563rd


									Not only Ari Jaaksi, vice president, Nokia Devices Meego, recently departed, but the
Intel executive admitted that Meego powered smartphones and tablets are not debut
until next year, according to Forbes . Double Impact is eight months after Intel and
Nokia have joined forces to push mobile gadgets Meego.

 Mobile Meego and tablets in this way will be available in 2011, with handsets
coming in the first half of 2011, and the film sometime later this year(previously
released WeTab WePad-name-is the only exception). It has support for touch-based
commands and telephony, version 1.1 operating system will be presented later this
 Other Devices Meego will continue to ship this year, including netbooks, TVs with
Internet access(IPTVs) and entertainment systems. In the end, Intel wants to see
included Meego embedded devices such as digital signs, kiosks, and ATMs.
 Nokia is betting big on Meego, seeing as his N8 smartphone will be the last, which
runs on Symbian. Intel, meanwhile, hopes to get Meego producers to use its Atom
processor. To this end, chipmaker has been filling in Intel shop AppUp of over 1000
entries Meego.

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