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					                  Discover Ireland Special Offers

                                SPECIAL OFFERS

   The Discover Ireland ONLINE special offers campaign is a new Fáilte Ireland and
    Dublin Tourism initiative to help stimulate additional business for participating
    accommodations. The offers being promoted feature on
   You can provide up to 4 offers Free of Charge, provided you participated in the
    July/August edition of the Discover Ireland special offers brochure. If you did
    not participate in the brochure, but do wish to feature on special offers
    campaign website alone, there is a charge of €100 plus VAT @21.5%. All income
    is reinvested in promoting these Special Offers.
   The July/August offers will feature on the website from June 19th until August
    31st 2009. Offers supplied must be for specified dates between July 1 and
    August 31, 2009, but can also extend beyond this. If any offer expires prior to
    August 31, it will be unpublished on its expiry date.
   There are 6 offer categories, as follows:

         Weekend Leisure             Midweek Leisure             Spa & Wellness
             Breaks                      Breaks                      Breaks

           Family Breaks                Golf Breaks             Activity & Special
                                                                 Interest Breaks

   You can choose to have your four offers feature in any four different categories
    you wish. Or, you can choose to assign more than one of your four offers to a
    particular category. However, if you assign more than one of your offers to a
    single category each of these offers must be significantly different. For
    example: a multi activity centre can submit a ‘diving break’ and a ‘surfing break’
    into the Activity & Special Interest Breaks theme, etc. That multi activity centre
    could also have an offer geared particularly to families and assign that offer to
    the family breaks category etc.
   Within any or all of the offers you provide you can have an offer ‘add-on’. For
    example, a hotel may provide a week-end B&B break offer (expressed as
    €120pps for 2 B&B) and an ‘add on’ offer of (say) “€159pps for 2 B&B+1D.
    Similarly, a cruiser company may lead with (say) a 4-berth cruiser price and
    display prices for 6-berth, 8-berth and 10-berth cruisers.
   To be accepted into a category, offers must be genuine offers, appropriate to
    their category and be inclusively priced. A stay in a hotel with a golf course is
    not a golf break, unless golf is inbuilt into the package. A stay in an
    accommodation in a popular walking area is not a walking break, unless there is
    a value-added dimension that qualifies it as a walking break e.g. guided walks,
    packed lunches etc
   While you can have up to 4 offers, you can choose to provide less. What is
    important is that the offers you provide are good quality offers, representing
    real value, and are appropriate to their category. The offers should be the best
    priced offers you put directly into the market.
   The site is designed for ease of offer comparison. Value, relative to what’s on
    offer, is important. Visitors to the site will make their own value judgements on
    each offer and then choose and book. Generally, the better the value, the more
    business. Value is what the consumer gets in return for what they pay – it’s not
    just a price point.
   It’s important that all offers are clearly presented – particularly price and then
    explaining exactly what you get in return for that price. Prices should be stated
    per person, or per person sharing or per room, or per break or ‘all-in’ etc.
   If using terms like ‘kids go free’ ensure this is clearly explained to consumers. In
    this case: How many kids go free? Under what age must they be? And, what
    exactly is it that’s free for kids e.g. room only, B&B or BB+D etc.
   All breaks are to be booked directly with the accommodation by the site visitor
    via the contact information provided by you.
   All breaks are subject to offer availability.
   Fáilte Ireland and Dublin Tourism reserves the right not to accept any special
    offer if it believes that the offer is not appropriate to any one or all categories of
    the site, for stated reasons.
   Fáilte Ireland and Dublin Tourism also reserves the right to edit any offers in the
    interest of brevity, accuracy, quality, consistency or style.


All offers for July/August must be returned by EMAIL before the deadline
of 1730hrs on Wednesday, June 3 to:

Deirdre Geraghty -;

Tel: 01-6057743

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