Instructions For Planting Flower Bulbs

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					Most bulbs like deep, rich, and well drained soil. The importance of this to their
success growing is great. Choose an area that is well drained either artificially or
naturally. A bed can be made up to 18 inches above the surface if the area is too moist
to begin with. Once in a while a layer of stones is used at the bottom of an ordinary
bed to aid in drainage. For very wet locations, a little bit of sand near where the bulb
is planted can keep standing water away from the bulb. By using this method, great
results can be had in heavy soils.
  Fertilizing the bulbs after planting can also yield better results. Although it is not
necessary, it may help in the long run. It can mean the difference between good
blooms and great blooms. As cold weather nears, you may want to mulch the bed
depending on how cold your climate gets. After the completion of winter, mulch may
be taken away.
  Iris bulbs for sale and lily bulbs for sale can be ordered on the internet. If you own
bulbs that require ground removal before winter, wait for leaves to start dying or
yellowing. This allows the bulb a chance to mature. A common mistake is to dig early
and remove leaves. Take care not to injure the plant when digging. After cleaning the
bulbs, set them in the sun for a couple of hours and then put in a cool, dry place to
wait for planting again in the spring. If you don't desire to dig the bulbs every year,
there are many varieties that do not require this, research the bulb before making a
purchase. This is not required by iris bulbs for sale or lily bulbs for sale.
  Purchase high quality healthy bulbs when buying them. My favorites are lily bulbs
and iris bulbs. The author’s website sells high quality bulbs for sale and has a great

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