The 5 Components Of The Lathe Machine

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					The five different parts of the lathe machine are the headstock; tailstock; cutting tools,
like the gouge, skew chisel, round chisel, narrower spear and finishing tools; carriage
and spindle.
  A lathe machine is a tool used to shape and smooth wood. A lathe craftsman or
machinist will use a lathe to customize and create wood products. Lathes can carve
designs into wood and make tables,chair legs, cue sticks, baseball bats and any wood
items into a cylindrical shape. Lathes are also available that are designed for working
on other materials, such as glass and different metals. It is useful to know the different
parts of the lathe machine in order to be able to operate it properly and to know when
it needs spindle repair and other maintenance works.
  The upper end of the spindle is held in place and anchored by the headstock on the
lathe machine. This also includes a device to turn the wood. The back of the
headstock has a number of pulleys and gears which can be adjusted to alter the speed
of the spindle's rotation. The high-tension spring or chuck keeps the piece of wood
stable and in the proper place so it does not move or fall once the spindle begins to
  The Tailstock unit
  A lathe machine is a centered mechanism that is attached to the piece of wood, and
that is held in place by a tailstock. The center can rotate along with the wood or can
remain fixed in place. Within the rotating device or live center are bearings that
permit movement.
  Both cutting tools (gauge and chisel), finishing tools and spear
  You can attach several types of cutting tools on the lathe machine depending on the
type of project being undertaken. A gouging tool is widely utilized as an implement
for removing excess wood. The skew chisel is used for refining the carving details. By
using the narrower spears and the small, round chisels you can create fine details. To
buff wood, use a finishing tool with a round end to minimize the amount of material
that gets cut off.
  On a lathe, the carriage holds the cutting tool in the correct position. There are five
parts for the carriage, namely the compound rest, cross-slide, apron, tool test and
saddle. These parts are used to work together in order to make the cutting tool to fall
in place.
  Spindle mechanism
  Lathe spindles have 3 configurations. All these three models are interconnecting and
related. Attaching the chuck to a threaded model is complex, as the threaded model's
configuration is old and the model doesn't have a taper Cam-lock spindles contain
cam studs on one end; it slides into a ring of similar holes. The studs lock in place
when a chuck key is turned. The tapered spindle is narrow at the tip, the third
configuration with a threaded collar and a built-in chuck key.
  With the advent of the lathe machine, craftsmen find it far easier, faster and less
physically taxing to create and complete wood projects of any kind. Lathe machines
also allow craftsmen to work more accurately.
 For issues with your lathe machine and / or any associated parts, or if you require
assistance         with         spindle         repair,         please           see

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