; The 21st Century Eco-conscious Fashion Handmade Bags
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The 21st Century Eco-conscious Fashion Handmade Bags


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									As we approach the 21st century Global Warming phenomenon, everything is
changing rapidly, including the arts in Fashion, specifically handmade bags. As we
see, people now become health conscious and "Earth conscious" as well. People need
to decide what to do in our polluted planet, that's why people nowadays are seeking to
do something to save planet Earth. All fields are beginning to look for ways to help
reduce, reuse, and recycle, and one of them is in the field of Fashion, so Eco-Fashion
  Companies started designing their products in a "Sustainable design way".
Sustainable design (also called environmental design) is the philosophy of designing
physical objects, the built environment, and services to comply with the principles of
economic, social, and ecological sustainability. The intention of sustainable design is
to "eliminate negative environmental impact completely through skillful, sensitive
design". Manifestations of sustainable design require no non-renewable resources,
impact the environment minimally, and relate people with the natural environment.
Sustainable design is mostly a general reaction to global environmental crises, the
rapid growth of economic activity and human population, depletion of natural
resources, damage to ecosystem, and loss of biodiversity.
  While there's a growing concern for ecological sustainability, people in the business
sector producing products are looking into using eco-friendly materials for production.
The same way, producers of Eco-fashion and ladies accessories, creative designers,
artists and makers are now becoming inventive when it comes to upcycling or
creating new products from old waste. So far, popular work by Eco-fashion designers
carry the labels Nahui Ollin and Naveh Milo. Today, Eco-fashion designers and
makers of ladies handbags and accessories carries the goal to upcycle waste materials
such as candy wrappers, recycled magazines, and recycled juice pouches to make
handmade wrapper purses and handbags.
  Most handmade bags, are made of recycled candy wrappers, soda labels, and
magazines. A typical recycled handmade handbags can contain up to 1,500 wrappers
and can take 4 days to create, by experienced artisans from Mexico, Indonesia and
Philippines. One of the popular brand names is the Nahui Ollin recycled bags, with
different colors design on top of it. Handmade bags whose materials come from
recycled soda labels and candy wrappers are in-demand especially the Naveh Milo
Soda Cans Bag Large and the Mini Poppins Brand. These bags are very in-demand
especially to students and teenagers as well. Handmade purses which materials are
mostly bottle tops, rice sacks, leaves and flowers are very popular among middle class
lady fashionista. Wrapper purses are also made of Indonesian candy wrappers, dried
leaves and flowers, rice sacks, bottle tops, and cans. The most popular brand is the
Naveh Milo. Now that you're aware of the growing concern for ecological
sustainability, and for the need to reuse, reduce, and recycle, and you're up to being an
eco-fashionista then it's time to use and promote eco-friendly products. If you're a
lady and a fashionista like me, then go, buy, and wear a handmade handbag from an
Eco-conscious company. This way, we become environment friendly fashionista
promoting products that will protect our Planet.
  Shane is a typical lady who loves fashion and she now has increasing interest in
eco-fashion like most ladies today. Shane is now investing her time and money doing
volunteer work, and whenever there's an opportunity and need to buy ladies handbags,
purses, and other ladies accessories, she knows what to buy, what to use...yes, she
choose to buy eco-friendly ladies accessories like handmade handbags and purses
from the online store TheHandbagCloset.

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