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                                              PUMPS & MIXERS

                                                                                        PUMP APPLICATIONS

                                                          CLARIFIER SCUM – Scum pits require pumps to handle all
Chopper             CHOPX                                 the material from the top of the clarifier including, hair, latex
                    The CHOPX series chopper              and plastics without plugging.
                    pumps perform the dual function       • CHOPX pumps easily chop and pump this material
                    of cutting and pumping making           without clogging.
                    them ideally suited for
                    applications requiring reduction      • A recirculation nozzle assembly is often combined with
                    of solids size and/or protection        the chopper pump to provide complete mixing of the pit,
                    of downstream equipment.                incorporating floating scum blankets and suspend solids
                                                            off the pit floor and even wash down the pit walls.
                    The proven clamp type
                    construction, common to all           DIGESTER RECIRCULATION – Pumps are employed to
                    our solids handling pumps,            increase digester efficiency by recirculating and mixing the
                    permits the entire wet-end to be      tank contents.
                    manufactured in wear-resistant        • CHOPX pumps are used when clogging of heat
                    hard metals to ensure maximum           exchangers or mixing nozzles is possible by continuously
                    component life in abrasive
                                                            chopping woven, stringy and agglomerated solids.
                                                          • XCS pumps effectively recirculate the digester sludge,
                                                            passing all solids (including stringy materials) without
                                                            clogging and at very high efficiencies.
Screw Centrifugal   XCS
                                                          LIFT STATIONS – Due to the remote locations, it is imperative
                    The XCS screw centrifugal line        that the raw incoming sewage be pumped reliably without
                    of pumps offers a unique set          clogging.
                    of advantages for handling thick
                                                          • CHOPX pumps often replace standard non-clog pumps,
                    sludges, large or stringy solids,
                                                            especially in difficult lift stations such as prisons, hospitals,
                    shear sensitive fluids and
                                                            restaurants and other institutional and public facilities.
                    delicate materials.
                    The open channel of the screw         SEPTAGE RECEIVING – Raw concentrated solids from septic
                    impeller combines gentle,             tanks create a severe pumping environment with high pump
                    clog-free pumping action with         clogging potential.
                    high efficiency and non-over-         • CHOPX pumps easily deal with rags, plastics and other
                    loading characters.                     difficult to pump solids which can clog other designs.
                    Hard metal wear resistant
                                                          SLUDGE TRANSFER – Sludge consistencies vary considerably
                    construction is available when
                                                          and therefore reliable pumping must be achieved on heavy
                    abrasives are present.
                                                          as well as light sludges.
                                                          • XCS pumps are employed when passing of the sludge is
                                                            all that is required.
                                                          • CHOPX pumps are used when the potential for “down
Recessed Impeller   TORUS                                   stream” clogging of other equipment exists.
                    The TORUS series of solids
                    handling pumps feature an             RAS / WAS – High flows at a low head is characteristic of this
                    impeller completely recessed into     application requiring pumps to pass all solids encountered
                    the rear section of the volute, out   without clogging.
                    of the flow path of the material      • The XCS screw centrifugal pumps are ideal for this
                    being pumped. This allows               application having unmatched hydraulic performance
                    passage of any solid, which is          and solids passing capability at very high efficiencies.
                    equal to the discharge size of
                    the pump.                             GRIT – Pumping high concentrations of highly abrasive silica
                                                          grit content is the challenge of this application.
                    In addition to handling large
                    solids, the TORUS pump is             • TORUS recess impeller pumps are provided in Ni-Hard
                    ideally suited for highly abrasive      (500 BHN) or Super Ni-Hard (650 BHN) construction to
                    applications, when low particle         withstand this harsh environment and to provide long life.
                    degradation is required, for
                                                          DELICATE FLOCCULANTS – The XCS screw centrifugal
                    slurries with gas entrainment, or
                                                          pumps with their low shear characteristics make this pump
                    for stringy or fibrous materials.
                                                          the best choice for transferring the delicate flocs from the
                                                          flocculation basin.
                                                                                                                             Carbon                                           Carbon Slurry


 Raw                       Grit                                                                                                                                            Impeller Pump
 Water                     Removal

                                                Flash Mixing in Basin
   Grit to                                              OR
   Disposal                                        Dynamic In-Line                                                                       Delicate
                                                                                                   Flocculation                                                                    Filtration

         Impeller Pump                                                                                                                Screw Centrifugal

                                                 Injection                                                                                                                       Chlorine
                                                                                                                             Screw Centrifugal
                                                                                               Holding                                   Distribution

                                                                                                                                         Primary Effluent
           Septage          Pump
           Receiving                                                                                                                  Scum to
                                         Screening                                                                                                                        Anoxic Zone

                                                        Removal                                                     Primary                                             Aeration
              Lift                                                            Equalization &
              Stations                                                        Neutralization                                          Chopper
                              Grit to                                                                                                 Pump
                                                                                           Primary Sludge
              Pump                  Recessed
                                    Impeller Pump
                                                                                           Recessed Impeller OR
                                                                                           Screw Centrifugal Pump                     Scum to
                          Heat                                                                                                        Disposal

                Chopper OR Screw                                                                                                                        Clarification
                Centrifugal Pump            Digester                  Digestion                                                       Chopper
                                            Recirculation                                                                             Pump
                                                                                                         Sludge Blending
                                                                                                                                   Return Activated Sludge

            Makeup                                                                                                                Waste Activated Sludge
                                                      Screw Centrifugal
                                                      OR Chopper Pump
                                                                                                             Screw                                               Contact
                                                                                                             Pump                        Final
         Dewatering                             Conditioning

FLOCCULATION – Flocculation is the agglomeration of
colloidal particles into a larger mass call “floc particles”.                                        Portable
                                                                   A wide range of rugged direct
Agitation increases the opportunity for particle contact,
improving the flocculation efficiency.                             and gear driven mixers are
• The AL hydrofoil is ideal for this application, promoting        available in clamp and fixed
  large fluid movement and therefore maximizing particle           mounting arrangements with a
  contact while minimizing shear and turbulence to prevent         variety of sealing systems for
  floc damage.                                                     closed tanks.
FLASH & DYNAMIC IN-LINE – Mixers are used to uniformly
disperse chemicals, such as coagulant aids, chlorine and
sulfur dioxide into the process stream in very short retention
times. These chemicals are added for the purpose of solids
removal, neutralization, odour & colour control.
• The conventional configuration is a top entry mixer in a         These mixers handle
  rectangular basin with impellers selected to maximize                                              Top Entry
                                                                   applications in the transition
  dispersion while preventing short circuiting.
                                                                   area between “portable” type
• Alternatively, a Dynamic In-Line mixer can be used, which
  is a high speed mixer operating in a specially baffled           mixers and the larger turbine
  section of similar sized pipe as the process stream.             style agitators.

CARBON MAKEUP – Adsorption is the process of removing the
soluble and particulate impurities from the process water by
contacting the process stream with activated carbon.
• Mixers are used to wet-out the dry activated carbon into
  a slurry, then to maintain uniform suspension and finally to
  re-suspend the carbon after periods when the mixer has                                             ST
  been shut-down. Impeller selection is critical to successfully   Three drive sizes cover this      Top Entry
  accomplish all of these requirements.                            series which feature a third
CHEMICAL MAKEUP – Polymers can be provided as either               lower output bearing which
dry powder or in a concentrated liquid form. In either case        helps isolate hydraulic loads
dilution is required before addition to the process.               from the gearbox.
• Mixer sizing is based on viscosity, which has a very broad
  range, and therefore it is important to know the polymer
  characteristics for each application.
SLUDGE MIXING – Sludge Blending requires agitation to
ensure a homogeneous mixture is obtained from various
sludge sources.
• Sludge tanks require mixers to keep solids from settling,        These right angle drives
  maintain uniform consistency and can also be used to                                               Top Entry
                                                                   come in seven different sizes
  blend chemical additives into the sludge for more
  efficient dewatering.                                            covering the moderately sized
                                                                   mixing applications.
EQUALIZATION / NEUTRALIZATION – Flow Equalization is the
damping of flow rate and concentration variations so that a
constant or near constant stream is achieved to the plant.
Neutralization is the process of blending acid or caustic into
the waste stream to adjust the pH level of the basin.
• Equalization mixers are used to blend influents from
  various sources to provide a uniform consistency.
• Neutralization mixers ensure proper pH levels are achieved                                         Dynamic
  before entering the next process steps.                          Available in two different        In-Line
CHLORINE CONTACT – Chlorine is used as a disinfectant to           configurations: dual
rid the effluent of any residual microorganisms.                   compartment, staged mixing,
• Mixers ensure that the added chlorine is thoroughly dispersed    for more difficult applications
  into the effluent stream for maximum effectiveness.              and the “flow through”
ANOXIC MIXERS – Anoxic zones are used to facilitate                design for water treatment
denitrification using bacteria to convert nitrates to nitrites     applications.
and finally to nitrogen gas which is released from the basin.
• Agitation is required to blend the basin contents to
  increase process efficiencies.
                                                                             PUMP CONFIGURATIONS

Direct Drive                                Vertical Dry Pit                        V-Belt Drive
Supplied standard with spacer               For small footprint                     Side by side mounting,
design – any preferred coupling             requirements                            “U” or “Z” configurations
style and design available                                                          available

Vertical                                    Vertical                                Submersible
Cantilever                                  Bearing                                 With quick
Rugged design                               CHOPX                                   disconnect
with no                                     Alternative to                          for easy
mechanical                                  submersible                             maintenance

                                                                  Diverter Value &
                                                                  Recirculation Nozzle
                                                                  Use in mix basin,
                                                                  to incorporate scum
                                                                  blankets, suspend
                                                                  solids and wash walls.

                        Close Coupled
               Simplified, compact design
   SOLIDS HANDLING                                                              ENGINEERED SYSTEMS
                                                                                SOLIDS HANDLING
                                          • Designed for handling                                        • Liquid and Dry Polymer
   Peristaltic Hosepumps*                   shear-sensitive fluids, sludges,    Polymer & Chemical       • Lime makedown
                                            slurries, viscous fluids, and       Feed                     • Aluminum
                                            aggressive acids and caustics.      Systems                  • Ferric Chloride
                                          • Sealless, low shear, self-priming
                                            service.                                                     • Metering Pump Skids
                                          • Run dry capability.

   Progressing                            • Industrial and Sanitary designs
   Cavity*                                • Flanged, open throat and
                                            auger feed                          Vessels,                 • Strainer vessels
                                          • Close coupled and long                                       • Various bag and filter elements
                                            coupled                             Custom                     available
                                          • Equal walled stator design                                   • Single and multiple bag vessels
   METERING                                                                                              • Multifilament and monofilament
   Rotary Lobe*                           • Positive displacement design for
                                                                                                           mesh filter bags
                                            higher pressures and viscosities.
                                          • Metering capability.
                                          • Maintenance-in-Place (MIP)
                                            design minimizes downtime and                                • Y-type
                                            maintenance costs.
                                                                                Simplex, Duplex,         • Simplex – metallic and
                                                                                Self-Cleaning              non-metallic
   FILTERING                                                                                             • Duplex – metallic and
                                          • Accurate and repeatable flows                                  non-metallic
   Peristaltic Tube                       • No check valves or mechanical                                • Automatic self cleaning
   Pumps*                                   seals                                                        • CRN Registration available
                                          • Industrial and Sanitary design
                                          • Quick-change hose elements
                                            with no special tools required

* Available geographically by province.


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