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									Researchers have found that when drivers texted, their collision risk was 23 times
greater. Eighteen states and the District of Columbia have passed laws making texting
while driving illegal, and seven states and the district have banned driving while
talking on a handheld cellphone.

Texting has increasingly become the way to communicate for many people, and the
urge to quickly read and respond even while driving can be tempting.

A dramatized educational video that shows the gruesome results of a car accident
caused by a distracted, texting teen driver has been viewed millions of times on
YouTube. Nationally, 58 percent of teenagers said they use text messaging while
driving. The dangers already seem well established, with little effect on driving habits.
     Democrats introduced legislation that would require states to ban texting or
e-mailing while operating a moving vehicle or lose twenty-five percent of their annual
federal highway finding. With more drivers talking or texting on cell phones while
behind the wheel, the Obama administration is taking its first hard look at highway
hazards with an eye toward potential new restrictions on using mobile devices while

The government and safety groups are looking for ways to address the distractions
and to set the stage for finding ways to eliminate texting while driving.. As of
September 1st in Texas, new state laws prohibit drivers under 18 from using a
cellphone to talk or text while driving anywhere, and bar all Texas drivers from using
cellphones in a school zone.

Dialing a cellphone and using or reaching for an electronic device increased risk of
collision about six times in cars and trucks.

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