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					When Shen Nung, the second emperor of China discovered tea in 2737 BC, he must
have had little idea how important and loved his discovery would be even after over
5000 years. People the world over still savor his find with just as much love. Best of
all, even the plainest Plain Chai Tea has survived over 5000 years of civilization,
modernization, adaptation and what not to be on the top of people 鈥檚 most-loved
list of beverages! Quik Tea just plays its part in bringing this beverage to you.
  Yet, Quik Tea doesn 鈥檛 just bring a beloved beverage to your chai tea-cups. It
brings with it the heritage of one of the best tea-producing companies in the world. It
brings to you the flavor of millennia in one warm swirl of your spoon. It brings to you
the love of all those who have been planting and drinking this beverage since times
immemorial. Truly, there is something extraordinary in holding a tea-cup of history in
your hands every morning.
  Quik Tea 鈥檚 team of tea-specialists have spent months looking for the best
tea-plantations of the country and perfecting the method of making tea-drinking a nice
and hassle-free exercise for all the tea lovers across the world. Their technology is the
best of the best that is available in the market today. They have succeeded in blending
together the most important of all the aspects of tea 鈥?the flavor, the aroma and the
medicinal benefits of it. Quik Tea 鈥檚 Plain Chai Tea is testimony to the team 鈥檚
hard work and dedication to the cause of providing the world with the best that Indian
soil could offer. Their instant tea-mix is a read to make treat in a pack. Just mix it in
hot water and it 鈥檚 done!
  It is sometimes hard to believe that the simple Plain Chai Tea which you have
everyday has been pretty much unchanged since 5000 years. And it is daunting to
realize that even though tea has been around for so long, and the beverage has
undergone so many changes over the years 鈥?come out with so many flavors, so
many aromas, so many blends 鈥?Quik Tea has proved that Plain Chai Tea has been
loved equivocally by people the world over. We are quite sure that when those few
leaves of tea which apparently flew in Shen Nung 鈥檚 tea cup would have had no
idea quite what a tradition of treat they were brewing up!

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