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Inkjet Printer Ink On The Study And Analysis_


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									In the industry, the application of ink jet printers have been very popular, both
imported and domestic ink compatible ink, in the production, testing and application
of a wide range, especially the homemade quality and cheap ink mature in every
respect . Unfortunately, due to a uniform national guidance relevant standards are not
issued, so, good and bad products to the user caused great inconvenience. Are
combined with practical experience related to the production of ink from the
manufacture, testing and other aspects of application, summarized ink-jet printing ink
solutions, expectations of the supplies manufacturers and users have some reference
to obtain cast specifically cited the role of Jade .

 A production control solution: 1.1 R & D equipment:

Quantum analyzer, spectrophotometer, chromatography, ultrasonic detectors, surface
tension, viscosity meter, conductivity meter, aging test machine

1.2 Manufacturing Control: Purification reagent: reagent screening, salt, refined,

Purification equipment: The ultra-fine water filtration, ion exchange, electrodialysis,
reverse osmosis filtration;

Ink filter: vacuum dust nano filtration, flocculation analog filter.

Ink deal: ultrasonic defoaming, the aging test.

1.3 Quality control: ISO9001 international quality system control. Second, quality
inspection solution 2.1 H ink test value, viscosity, surface tension, conductivity,
material compatibility (plastic compatibility, sponge compatibility, adhesive
compatibility, etc.), ink compatibility, volatility, stability (color reagent stability ,
weather resistance, etc.), non-toxic and so test.

  2.2 Print test: color density, fluency, quick-drying, permeability, resolution, color
transition, color stability (light fastness, anti-ultraviolet, waterproof, abrasion stability)
and so on.

 3, the ink application solutions 3.1 Supplies manufacturers facilities, application

3.2 User application solutions. Focus on testing and application of ink to explore:

Ink application solutions: solutions for ink cartridge manufacture

1. Production of the ink cartridge requirements:
1.1 Ink cartridge materials compatible with a variety of matching - (plastic shell, foam,
silicone ring, filter screen, spring, ball, etc.)

  Currently used cartridges are mostly polyurethane foam components require no ink
in the chemical composition and the polyurethane chemical reaction, can be
prolonged aging experiments to test whether the chemical changes. On filters,
stainless steel material in the ink immersion test to do, you can control the
conductivity of the ink values to determine if the conductivity is too high may
produce salt corrosion of stainless steel or generate the electrochemical reaction,
leading to the production of stainless steel corrosion, This shows that the potential
danger of the ink. Ink solvents and additives are produced on the plastic shell
component reaction (Molded components including PP, PS, ABS, etc.), the
permeability of the wire and so on. Similar material is also made to other aging
experiments to verify the compatibility of ink and materials. Aging should be a
comprehensive simulation of a variety of experimental conditions, weather conditions
(such as high, low temperature, humidity, pressure, light, etc.)

 1.2 Ink printing fluency (foam, kapok core);

Flow of ink to print there are four main factors: the ink and sponges, kapok core
compatibility matching, which can be adjusted to some major ink viscosity or surface
tension to change, or use compatible with the ink sponge and kapok core; also may be
good ink stability and ink flocculation sedimentation, the filter or nozzle blockage,
resulting in poor print, it is because the ink in the other soluble impurities from the
electrochemical reaction, the formation of condensation, or volatile solvent ink, dye or
pigment printing crystallization caused by blockage; the other two cases with the
cartridge structure, the nozzle chamber and nozzle reservoir structure of ink to
produce bubbles, resulting in lower ink poor (such as non-sponge cartridges), and the
print head itself, the degree of aging, here temporarily impact statements.

 1.3 Ink color reducibility; (hue, brightness, saturation)

Here is divided into two parts, ink manufacturers dye selection, dye selection is a
wide color gamut, and the shade of a dye is only partial to what color, or use more
than two dye compound used to make ink to achieve rich color space, such as the
current EPSONR210 printer ink, the more wide color gamut; In addition, the ink in
the printing side what color, which remain the basis of the basic colors, can be
adjusted according to national habits shade, tone and color saturation. All in all,
highly adjustable color ink, you can customize according to customer requirements.
(Due to different print media could print color effect different, so choose the better
quality of print media can be a good color reduction, while the choice of printing
software, such as PHOTOSHOP, should be adjusted for color management, or color
printout and display colors the visual bias may be obvious.)
 1.4 Print quality requirements of the ink (the adaptability of various media,
permeability, resolution)

Mainly refers to the ink printed on the media, reflecting the diffusion, permeability,
whether print splash, stripes, print photos grainy, and so delicate, these properties are
dependent on the ink viscosity and surface tension, while with the quality of the print

 1.5 Image file saved on the ink durability requirements; (water, light fastness, ozone
resistance, resistance to perspiration, rubbing, virtually scratch resistant, etc.)

 This part of the print properties affected by the three parts: inkjet dye / pigment
characteristics of their molecular structures to determine their own color fastness, that
dye / paint their own color fastness, high levels, reflecting the external performance
the good; Secondly, characteristics of print media itself, such as dielectric properties
of the coating largely determines the print quality of ink; Finally, the ink formulations,
ink solvents, additives in additives for surface treatment of the ink can also be
increased printing of images stored persistent. Kam Lung ink C63, R210 Series inks
increased ink color gamut, particularly in the conduct of the modification,
introduction of modified anti-light Fast ink.

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