Teething Soothers for Alleviating Baby's Pain by djsgjg0045


									Teething in babies starts when they are anywhere between 4 to 7 months old. On an
average the first set of teeth will start appearing by the age of 6 months. The process
is pretty painful imagine the pain you get while the wisdom teeth is sprouting out. To
relieve pressure from the gums, the baby will start to gnaw or chew at everything that
lies in its way from cloth to eraser to just about anything! This isn't a very pleasant
process and can be very painful for the tender gums of your child. It is for such time
when certain homemade and commercial remedies are used to alleviate the pain.
Teething rings When the baby is very young it will sucks its thumb. We use for this
problem. When teething starts teething soothers replace the previous soothers. are
rubber rings or any other form that the baby can bite upon and relieve the pressure.
Some mothers even chill these teethers for extra relief. The chillness helps to numb
the gums and acts as a temporary relief. Teethers come is many materials and designs.
Choose the one which your baby finds the most comfortable. Teething gel These gels
are cool when spread across the gums and are sure to relieve any pain. Alternatively a
home remedy would be to apply chilled food or cloth or chilled teething rings. The
baby can gnaw these safe items than gnawing on anything else that might hurt the
gums and the dental development. Teething blanket Teething blanket offers a variety
of textures for the baby to bite on to. There is terrycloth, satin, cotton, etc. The blanket
is brightly coloured and definitely will attract the baby's attention and will definitely
succeed in distracting it from the pain. These blankets sometimes come with
additional teether rings in the extremities for added texture. Another variety is where
the teeether vibrates when the baby bites on to it very slightly, which the baby will
find very exciting. These have to be washed for the blanket comes in contact with the
baby's mouth and can pose danger of infection if not washed frequently. Hence,
buying two of such blankets would be a great idea. Pacifier Teether These are the
normal baby soothers but are made out of full medical grade silicon or rubber which
are fully gnaw-able and cab be chilled if necessary for the alleviation of pain. Since
these baby soothers cum teethers are on the mouth all the time they have to be
sterilized pretty often to eliminate infection by germs. Mesh feeder bag Another great
remedy for early teething babies is the use of mesh feeder. These mesh feeders can
accommodate any semi solid food to be fed to the baby. Put anything cold in the mesh
and let the baby feed on it. Even frozen breast milk in ice tray works well. Alleviate
the pain with natural and commercial teething soothers.

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