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									Join our new campaign
WITH YOUR HELP we have been feeding minds – helping people to transform their
communities through education – for more than 40 years. Despite our achievements, millions
of people across the Global South still miss out on education.
    Our brand new ‘Lunches for life’ campaign invites you to hold lunches (or coffee mornings
or afternoon teas) in September to celebrate International Literacy Day and raise funds for
our life-changing projects. One fundraising lunch could feed a mind for life – for example,
£60 could cover the cost of a literacy class for 30 people.
    To find out more about this exciting campaign and to receive a fundraising pack full of tips,
please visit our website or contact Matthew Hamilton on 08451 21 21 02 or – together we can make a world of difference.

 FORTHCOMING EVENTS:                                       For more information on books fairs, to get involved
                                                           or to request materials to support your event contact
 SALISBURY SPRING FAIR                                     Mo Whitehead on
 09-11 July, United Reformed Church,                       or tel: 08451 21 21 02.

 Fisherton Street
 27 March, North Church                                                                                            e
 25-27 May, St Helen’s Church,
 St Helen’s Square,York
 22-24 June, St Helen’s Church,                             A LASTING GIFT
 St Helen’s Square,York                                     Leaving a gift in your Will to Feed the Minds
                                                            will enable us to help others for years to come.
                                                            Your donation could be used to publish a
                                                            Christian book in a local language, help hundreds
 07-10 July, St Andrew’s Church,                            of people learn to read for the first time or train
 St Andrew’s Street, Norwich                                the next generation of church leaders.
 YORK BOOK FAIR                                                  To find out more and to receive
 20-22 July, St Helen’s Church,                             our legacy pack contact Adam Sach at
                                                   or 08451 21 21 02.
 St Helen’s Square,York
 17-19 August, St Helen’s Church,                            FEED THE MINDS IS MOVING
 St Helen’s Square,York                                      From 30 March 2010 Feed the Minds’ new
                                                             address will be Feed the Minds,
 THE PURLEY BOOK STALL                                       Park Place, 12 Lawn Road, London SW8 1UD.
 Every Saturday except August, Purley United                 You will still be able to contact us
 Reformed Church, Brighton Road, Purley                      on 0845 1 21 21 02.

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                                                                             In the West, many people with HIV/AIDS live long and fulfilling
                                                                             lives thanks to effective medication and support.

EVERY DAY, 7,400 people around the world become infected with HIV
Worldwide, less than half of the people with HIV/AIDS are receiving

of people.

treatment.These shocking statistics represent a harsh reality for millions
                                                                             our work and approach
As is often the case with challenging global issues, the poorest countries

                                                                                       n the Global South, HIV/AIDS                and training peer educators in Uganda. In
and the poorest people are affected the most. For example, AIDS is                     disproportionately affects poor and         Zimbabwe and Kenya, we have enabled the
estimated to have affected 80 per cent of families in Uganda.                          marginalised communities. Families          publication of personal experiences of
                                                                                       affected by HIV/AIDS become even            HIV/AIDS to demystify the disease.
These are precisely the people that Feed the Minds is able to reach.We are             more vulnerable – parents cannot                Our projects reach people who may be
                                                                             work if they are ill or caring for a sick relative,   overlooked by others. For instance, we are
involved in imaginative work that lets everyone in communities blighted      and their children often drop out of school.          helping to develop more positive attitudes
by HIV/AIDS work to reduce new infections and support affected families.     Furthermore, neighbours frequently shun               among health practitioners towards women
Every solution is slightly different, mirroring local needs.                 these families through misplaced fears about          with disabilities, and we are reducing the
                                                                             the disease. Social stigma makes people               risks for children with disabilities through
HIV/AIDS may seem an intractable problem, but our work demonstrates          reluctant to take HIV tests or access health          education and awareness-raising.We are in
that investing in education is truly life-changing.This issue of Connect     services, compounding the problem.                    the process of developing additional HIV/AIDS
outlines some of the ways Feed the Minds is making a difference, and             To break this negative cycle, Feed the            programmes in the Democratic Republic of
how you can get involved.                                                    Minds supports practical programmes to                Congo and Nigeria.
                                                                             prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS and to improve             Across the Global South, Feed the Minds
                                                                             the outlook for people affected by the                is enabling local churches to tackle challenges
Josephine Carlsson,
                                                                             pandemic. Most of these projects operate              posed by HIV/AIDS through initiatives such as
Director                                                                     in sub-Saharan Africa, where more than                specialist training for 200 church leaders in
                                                                             three-quarters of AIDS-related deaths occur.          India,and of course by providing vital resources
                                                                                 We help local partner organisations to            through our Overseas Books Service.
                                                                             disseminate accurate information about
                                                                             HIV/AIDS in meaningful and memorable

                                                                             ways, for example by running drama groups             Photo: Feed the Minds.
Two very different projects supported by Feed the Minds
demonstrate how our HIV/AIDS work is really making a
difference to people’s lives.

Our work in action
Changing behaviour and attitudes
In the Kayunga district of Uganda, Feed the
                                                        In addition to health education and
                                                   counselling sessions, EDICO has undertaken
                                                                                                      ‘I have learnt a number of skills
                                                                                                      like helping my fellow children with
                                                                                                                                                             As well as revising the plays, this project
                                                                                                                                                        encompasses training 43 teachers and
Minds has enabled the Education of Disabled        home visits and community outreach                 disabilities who are in need, [and]               writers in HIV/AIDS issues. In the first few
Children Organisation (EDICO) to reduce            initiatives in all nine sub-counties of Kayunga.   resistance of negative peer influence…’           months of the project, 300 people were
the risk of HIV/AIDS for adolescents with          Information about HIV/AIDS and reproductive        Umaru Mitara, 14, talking on a radio show         involved in drama workshops and seven
disabilities.                                      health has been communicated via posters,                                                            school-based drama clubs were formed.
     These children are particularly vulnerable    stickers and other user-friendly formats.          Drama in Ghana                                         The plays are proving to be a huge
to HIV/AIDS because their disabilities and         Almost 550 adolescents with disabilities have      We are helping the Mbaasem Foundation             success. The performances grasp young
other people’s misconceptions mean they            enrolled in special youth clubs, where they        to change attitudes among young people            people’s attention in a different way to a
often miss out on health education classes or      can share their concerns and experiences           in districts of Ghana where the incidence of      school lesson or a sermon. They are a non-
can’t access information. In Uganda, children      with peers.                                        HIV/AIDS is increasing. This innovative project   threatening way to raise a taboo topic, tackle
with disabilities are at additional risk because        The 12-month project has triggered            aims to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS by          prejudice and outline how to prevent the
of a local myth that intercourse with someone      changes in local behaviour and attitudes,          involving young people in communicating           virus. As one staff member from the
who has a disability will cure AIDS.               directly leading to 75 people choosing to          accurate information and by engaging              Mbaasem Foundation put it, ‘School children
     This project has increased understanding      take HIV tests. By linking with local HIV/AIDS     them in debate.                                   in the clubs are showing a keen interest in
of HIV/AIDS among adolescents with                 service providers and other disability                 The beauty of this project is that it         the plays that they read and perform. Their
disabilities and their families, and raised        organisations, the project is also leading to      combines education with entertainment,            teachers tell us that the children really look
awareness among the public and health              improved health services for adolescents           by using drama as an impactful way of             forward to coming to school and staying to
professionals of the challenges faced by           with disabilities.                                 communicating important information               read and play drama’. To cap it all, TV Africa
these youngsters. Some 85 people attended                                                             about HIV/AIDS. With input from the Ghana         and the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation
workshops on HIV/AIDS and practical                ‘EDICO Feed the Minds has given some               Women’s Writers Forum, the Ghana                  have expressed an interest in filming some of
prevention methods. Several teenagers              answers to some of our problems. I feared          Education Service, health experts and             the drama productions, which will help these
with disabilities participated in radio shows,     going for HIV testing, thinking they would         young people, five plays relating to HIV/AIDS     positive messages to spread far and wide.
where they discussed their experiences             laugh at me because I am disabled. But now         have been adapted for school-based
and outlined the impact of learning                I have gained self confidence, so I can go.’       performances. The plays have also been
about HIV/AIDS.                                    Namuga Christine, 16                               translated and published in five local
                                                                                                      languages, to make them accessible to

                                                                                                      a wider audience.                                 Photos: Feed the Minds.
Investing in the future
One of the ways Feed the Minds supports local development
in the Global South is through our longstanding Overseas                                                Waltraud Jarrold, Chair of our Norwich Committee,
Books Service (OBS).                                                                                    was awarded the MBE in the new year’s honours

                                                                                                        60 Seconds
                                                                                                        list for her voluntary work for Feed the Minds and
                                                                                                        other organisations.

               he scheme collects quality, used          Over time, resources provided by
               theological books from UK            Feed the Minds have enhanced literacy
               donors and uses them to help         levels, conflict resolution skills and biblical
               resource around 100 Christian        knowledge among students, their families
               colleges a year, mainly in Africa,   and the wider community. The college pastor
Asia and Latin America. Participating colleges      sums up how OBS has benefitted staff and            HOW LONG HAVE YOU SUPPORTED                        WHAT ARE THE BIGGEST
receive up to 50 books a year, and in many          students: ‘It has [helped] them to prepare          FEED THE MINDS?                                    CHALLENGES FOR THE COMMITTEE?
cases we are their sole source of external          lessons effectively, to teach with confidence…      More than 40 years! When Feed the Minds            The biggest challenge is what to do with
support.                                            and has facilitate[d] learning in class’. This is   started in 1964, Richard Smart started the         leftover books. We pass them on to worthy
    Why go to the effort of sourcing, sorting       just the beginning – equipping these students       committee in Norwich and invited me to join.       causes, locally.
and shipping donated books? Because they            with the knowledge and skills for their future      I’m still here!                                         Increasing the existing committee is
are tools that help current and future church       ministry will have a multiplier effect on the                                                          key. We’re always looking for enthusiastic
leaders to tackle local challenges more             regions in which they work.                         WHAT DOES THE NORWICH                              people to help us make a difference –
effectively. In effect, OBS helps to build               Churches play a significant role in            COMMITTEE DO?                                      maybe for another 40 years to come!
community leadership through theological            community life, so increasing church leaders’
                                                                                                        The annual bookfair is our main fundraising
education. Two examples give some insight           capacity to influence and support their                                                                HOW COULD OTHERS SUPPORT
                                                                                                        function. It is very exciting.
into the practical application of these             congregations is vital. The Impact Counselling                                                         FEED THE MINDS?
                                                                                                              We always tell people about the kind
resources.                                          Centre in Nagaland, India uses books acquired
                                                                                                        of projects that Feed the Minds supports.          People from all walks of life come to the
    Based in remote south-west Cameroon,            through OBS to operate a mobile library, the
                                                                                                        It is exciting to raise money for projects like    bookfair or donate books. We embrace all
Abang Ashu Academy is an ecumenical                 ‘Library of Hope’. By sharing resources in this
                                                                                                        Children for Peace in Kenya.. We’ve always         the churches and the citizens of Norwich.
centre that offers degree-level theological         way, churches and community leaders in the
                                                                                                        supported the Overseas Books Service,                  We always welcome volunteers. We give
courses. It aims to alleviate suffering through     region have been able to broaden their
                                                                                                        which is a very special part of the bookfair.      ‘Coggan Cubes’ – a chocolate speciality
theological education, by conducting                theological and practical knowledge to make
                                                                                                        It is thrilling when we find their listed titles   named after the former Archbishop of
community development activities. Unusually,        a difference at a grassroots level. The centre
                                                                                                        among our donated books.                           Canterbury – to helpers. Some people
the academy welcomes female as well as              is particularly interested in reducing the
                                                                                                              The bookfair has been held in several        say that’s why they come!
male students, and challenges discrimination        impact of HIV/AIDS by educating church and
                                                                                                        different churches. We make a small donation           We made a resolution not to go more
against people with HIV/AIDS.                       community leaders about appropriate care
                                                                                                        to the church and they see us as part of their     than 10 miles outside Norwich, to encourage
                                                    and prevention initiatives.
                                                                                                        outreach, so it works both ways.                   others to organise bookfairs and other events.
                                                                                                                                                           Other people could do it, definitely.
                                                                                                        WHAT DOYOU MOST ENJOY
                                                                                                        ABOUT BEING INVOLVED?                              WHAT ELSE DOYOU ENJOY DOING?
                                                                                                        When given the opportunities of education,         I’m involved with a local meningitis support
                                                                                                        people in developing countries welcome them        group and the twinning project between
                                                                                                        with open arms. This is what we are about. It is   Norwich and Koblenz, my home region of
                                                                                                        inspiring when people support you and give         Germany. I’m also involved with the ecumenical
                                                                                                        their different gifts to our mission.              Diocesan European Churches Group.

                                                                                                        To find out more or make a donation to this programme log into

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