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					What can one possibly say about teddy bear plush that hasn't already been said before?
For the past 100 years, teddy bears have been hailed as the most popular toy, loved by
both children and adults alike. What began as a humble nursery companion, has
grown to be a valuable collector's item that still dominates the soft toy market today.
This transformation of the teddy is largely due in part to the overwhelming number of
adults, who have in recent years, confessed to loving their old teddy bears so much,
they are now willing to pay increasingly large sums of money for vintage teddy bear
  The most in demand of all teddy bear plush are those that were produced and made
by Margarete Steiff GmbH, the company responsible for creating the world's first
teddy bear in 1902. It is conceivable that some of those rare bears today, are so
expensive, they are far beyond the reach of many collector's pockets. While clearly
not the same, some manufactures have responded to the demand by reproducing
limited-edition replicas of sought after lines exclusively for the collector's market.
People who are only interested in original bears have targeted later models and toys
produced by less popular manufacturers.
  Of course, for those that simply love the teddy bear but are not concerned with its
monetary value or its history, there are any number of places to purchase teddy bear
plush online. Ultimately, people collect teddy bear plush because they are irresistibly
drawn to them 鈥?they have touched the lives of many families and all others they
have come into contact with.
  One explanation for this particular soft toys overwhelming success, is that it arrived
at a time when there was a great need for a soft toy that appealed to both sexes, as
dolls were seen as somewhat unsuitable for boys. In addition, just the teddy's physical
qualities made it such a huge success 鈥?with soft, plush fur and the ability to
withstand rough-and-tumble treatment, they are the next best thing to a security
  Angeline Hope is a collector of teddy bear plush toys. You can view a selection of
teddy bear plush toys at MyBigPlush.

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