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									Apart from insulating the walls, floors, ceilings and attic area, there are few other
things that one needs to do to minimize the energy loss and save on electricity bills.
Hence, if you have already installed insulation at your home, the next step is to opt for
the tax credit windows. This is important as maximum heat loss occurs through the
windows. These tax credit windows not only minimize the heat loss but also
contribute towards utility savings. Additionally, as these are appealing, the windows
ensure enhanced aesthetics.
  There are basically two types of tax credit windows available in the market, the
replacement windows and the new windows. In case you opt for new windows, your
old window frame needs to be completely removed, which may damage the exterior
of your home. In addition, these not only are expensive but also take a lot of time.
However, the new windows can be beneficial as well because there is no loss of glass
area and also these are less prone to leakages. Since these are custom designed, the
new windows can be made to complement the interiors of your home.
  The replacement windows, also referred to as the retrofit windows, are installed on
the original window frame and no damage is caused to the wall or the sidings. These
windows are less expensive and take less time for installation. The only major
disadvantage is that significant glass area is lost and these may be prone to leakages
as well. Hence, depending upon your needs and budget, you can choose either
replacement windows or new windows.
  Among the numerous tax credit windows options available, vinyl windows are the
most popular, as these are affordable as well as easy to install. The vinyl windows
generally have unbreakable glass and also come with 鈥榣 ow-e 鈥?coating that
restricts harmful UV rays from entering your home. Additionally, the vinyl windows
reduce noise because of their acoustical properties. Moreover, these are available in
numerous designs and sizes, which suit the varied requirements of different
  Hence, if you wish to make your home energy efficient, you must install the tax
credit windows at the earliest. Apart from minimizing energy loss and offering the
much needed comfort, another important advantage of opting for tax credit windows
is the financial incentives that you get. For example, installation of vinyl windows can
get you 30% tax credit, which can help you save up to $1500. Therefore, due to all the
benefits, tax credit windows prove to be a sensible investment.
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