Tata Nano in exchange of an old Motorbike by djsgjg0045


									The ever shining name on the Indian roads, Tata Motors, recently with a purpose of
availing all the Indians with a four wheeler launched the all new and the most
affordable Tata Nano. The company once again to popularise its new car, offers its
customers a mesmerizing scheme this festive season. The company commits that an
old Bikes in India could be replaced with a brand new Tata Nano without any pre
  With a view to make people aware of the scheme, the company has also planned
campaigns for the same. The offer is been planned so as to boost sales for Tata Nano.
The company with association of State Bank of India (SBI) is ready to offer a very
low EMI with a purpose to facilitate the customers and attract a large number of
people towards the scheme. The EMI decided by the company accounts to be Rs.
1960 only.
  Tata Motors has been achieving great success with its new and most enhanced
models from years and also assures its users with quality products. The company not
only work for its personal growth but also takes care of the mankind. All the products
from Tata are accompanied with latest style and technology and also are modified
time to time as per the customer requirements.
  Also the company assures its customers to provide with all the three different
variables that is Diesel Nano, Petrol and CNG Nano. As per the statements of the
company officials, no booking are required to be made before the exchange. The car
is available on the spot and also Tata Motors assures with the efficiency of the car to
its users. With the festive season the company has decided to sale more and more Tata
Nano and make all the below middle class of the country available with a four
wheeler. This attempt with the affordable car comes so as to support the Indian

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