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									Tasting time : 2002 Bordeaux Quality Red wine Best Buy List

HC food industry network High quality red Bordeaux, 2002 Wine High-quality red
Bordeaux in this century Wine Sending the lowest price and the price has not been too
much growth. 2002 Bordeaux red wine this year there are many issues, such as merlot
grape harvest down, Cabernet Sauvignon grapes in the late-maturing and high-end
wine market in Asia during the SARS weakness also the impact of the Iraq war. Kuala
River right bank of some of the traders even before the arrival in the summer of 2003,
have not been introduced in 2002 on the wine.

 In the next 2-3 years after the official release, it is considered quite a year with the
year 2001, with the gorgeous, expensive 2000 and 2003, not a grade. When the year
2001, the wine has been more accepted by the market or even the possibility of more
than 2000 years when the year 2002, high-quality Bordeaux wines are still looking for
their own position.

 Recently organized by the British traders in 2002 in a quality Bordeaux wine tasting,
there are 120 bottles of 2002 Bordeaux Tasting wine involved, this is the year 2002 to
re-establish the image and create a good opportunity.

  Overall, the year of 2002 Bordeaux red wine and not undervalued, most of the
general quality of the wine, the acidity is slightly higher than previous years. But there
are some wine because of its reasonable price and high praise by the judges, and in
recent years compared with Bordeaux wine, a lot of 2002 Bordeaux wine price is still

 Section 120 of the famous Bordeaux wine, the highest cost is ChBernadotte,
produced in the last - the price of wine Médoc This is only 7.8 euros! This wine in
blind tasting and the elite of St-Estèphe wine producing area is no less than some.
Tasting of the taste is similar producing areas Wine Tasting group together the first
two groups is St-émilion producing areas, then Pomerol, Margaux, Pessac-Léognan,
St-Estèphe, St-Julien, Pauillac all production areas, followed by two wineries in the
Tasting and, finally, 5 Medoc Chateau Tasting the regional level, from the right bank
of the famous LePin, ChxLafleur, Pétrus, Ausone and ChevalBlanc also with the five
First Growth wines with Tasting.

  Addition to the right bank of the elite, not the right bank of the other excellent local
wine. St-émilions wine producing area of greatest difference, indicating the diversity
of its winemaking techniques. Pomerols area was a bit disappointing, very active and
tannin. In the Graf area, Pessac-Léognan producing areas ChMalartic-Lagravière still
very inexpensive, and some characteristics. DeFieuzal of wine over the imagination.
In the Medoc region, Margaux wine producing area is still very reassuring, supple and
full of aroma. St-Juliens wine producing area is very strong, and Pauillacs wine
producing areas are the most balanced, Langoa-Barton is a good example. Mouton
Switzer and second labels are very good performance, this is the year
PhilippeDallhuin Chateau Mouton took over the post of chief technology officer.
Pauillac2002 year comes as the best value for money wine ChHaut-BagesLibéral, it is
currently in the United States sell for less than 30 U.S. dollars / bottle. For the five
First Growths, the Mouton was underestimated and La may be overestimated.

 Finally, eat the 120 models of high-quality Bordeaux wine in 2002, the access to the
best buy list are:

 ChBernadotte     ChdeFieuzal          ChGrandPuyLacoste         ChHaut-BagesLibéral

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