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									Florence Hallock School
SchoolZone and the Student Portal at Florence Hallock School

Dear Parents and Students,
This fall, we are implementing secure, online portals for students and parents at Florence
Hallock School. SchoolZone provides parents and students with secure access to school and
student information. The Student Portal gives students access to SchoolZone,
Google Apps for Education, and other web-based tools. With over 140 schools in Edmonton
Public with access to SchoolZone over the last five years, we know that SchoolZone
enhances communication between the school and home. Our year-long pilot project with
Google Apps for Education has demonstrated that it expands the range of tools available to
students and teachers, and enables better communication, content creation, and

Once parents have received their unique user ID and password they can access SchoolZone
at Students will use their network login credentials provided to
them at school to log into the student portal,

About SchoolZone:

SchoolZone is an information system developed by Edmonton Public Schools which provides
parents and students with online access to school news and events, attendance records,
achievement results, timetables, and progress reports. In addition, some teachers may
post daily homework assignments, including handouts and class news. By using the site,
parents will have timely access to information to help them be more actively involved in
their children's academic success.

About Share (Google) Apps for Education:

Edmonton Public Schools provides access to and manages Share (Google) Apps for
Education accounts for staff and students in the district. These secure, online applications
allow staff & students to communicate and collaborate using Google powered email,
calendars, document sharing, and websites. These applications are different from public
Google applications (such as Gmail) in that they are managed by the district, do not include
any advertising, and have more strict filtering and content controls. Follow the link on our
website for information about Google Apps for Education in
Edmonton Public Schools. For information about privacy and Google Apps, see
Where is the data stored?
Student data (student attendance, schedule, grades, etc.) are stored on SchoolZone (school
district) file servers. Student files (e.g. essays, presentations, email, etc.) are stored on
Google’s servers outside of the district.
What information and resources are parents and students able to access?

SchoolZone will be available to teachers, students and parents, at school and at home. With
a single login, parents will be able to view information about each of their children,
regardless of whether or not the children are in the same school. Each student can view
their own information, including:

Classroom teachers will be able to post homework expectations for students and parents to
view. Links to documents, project descriptions or marking rubrics, can be made available.
The events and homework will be displayed in a monthly calendar format and a daily
agenda format to encourage time management and planning skills.
These channels communicate classroom, and school news/announcements to all users.
Parents can select to be automatically notified by email of new events posted in the portal.
Student Profile
Your school may post interim marks reports, attendance information, and progress report
information. Additionally, Grade 3, 6 and 9 Provincial Achievement Test scores will be
accessible. Student timetables as well as course history and previous years’ progress
reports are viewable in SchoolZone. Student Fees, course requests and course history can
also be posted by your school.
Online Resources
Links to screened resources from Alberta Learning, Edmonton Public Library and others are
available. Teachers may also post resources and links to support the curriculum.
Google Apps
Students will have access to their student work, calendars, and collaborative tools to create
documents, presentations, and sites whenever they have access to the internet - at any
time, from most types of devices. Students can maintain access to their email, files, and
websites as they move from grade to grade and from school to school.

How do I get into the portal ? (Parents)

Once you have an account, it remains active from year to year, from school to school.
Once your school has completed their part of the application process, they will send you a
userID and password. You should expect this confirmation to be sent to you by letter and
email by September 10, 2010.

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