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									You might have seen Lassie, Beethoven and other celebrity dogs perform awesome
dog tricks and reel at the sight of your extremely aggressive dog. An aggressive dog
could be a fearsome sight as you would be witness to a beast whose ancestors
practically hunted down other animals for food. The problem will only get worse once
the dog develops into a larger, headstrong and more formidable animal. It is important
for you to train your own emotions and tendencies first, whenever faced with a
fully-fledged adult dog. You might remember the times when you hugged what used
to be a tiny puppy that you adored. You can do two things to correct your dog's
behavior. The first and easier thing to do would be to take your dog to a training
center. They have the expertise and experience. The second and harder course of
action is to learn about dog training on your own and spend some time on it. Both
have their own pros and cons.
  Aggressive Dogs Psychological Makeup There are several reasons why a dog can
become aggressive. Its past experiences and conditions all play a role in its
development and current behavior. A lot of negative emotions can also play a part on
how a dog acts today. It may be afraid, prone to hunger, neglected, genetically
predisposed to aggression such as some breeds, deprived and left on its own for far
too long. Humans exposed to these emotions could also be affected but exhibit
responses in a different manner. Your role as the master is to pinpoint which of these
emotions exist and to subsequently determine what is causing them.
  Essential Tools for Dog Training A dog clicker is an essential apparatus that could
aid you in your endeavor. You must know that dog clicker training is not an end-all
be-all approach that could be miraculously performed just with the help of an
enchanted item such as a dog clicker. It is more than that. Know that there is no magic
locked within a dog clicker. It is just like other things that can make a sound. There
are several other tools that you utilize to assist you in your regimen. The most
important thing is for you to be able to make and communicate the association
between three general ideas to the dog. The initial connection that must be made is the
association or the connection of the dog clicker's sound with something positive. Your
next task would be to then connect that feeling of wellness, security and fulfillment
with a particular chore or action that the dog must do first. It must be emphasized that
the dog clicker alone will not perform miracles. The thing just creates a loud clicking
sound that can be heard by the dog. The function that it makes is simply to grab the
situation and make your dog more aware that you are issuing verbal commands. It is
like clapping your hands or using a megaphone to get the attention of people inside a
room. By doing so you are connecting a clicker's sound in the mind of the dog with
something good that is about to be given to it. Then, you must link the gratification
that succeeds to the performance of a requirement that you will order on the dog.
Remember these two words: association and repetition. These two important terms
will then make up the base of the training regimen for your aggressive dog. Once you
master the art of repeatedly connecting a dog's good emotions with the sound of a
clicker, you will then be able to redirect that to a particular action or behavior that you
want to elicit. Consistency is another word that would make the training routine
valuable. Without it, you would not be able to form the basis of your training regimen.
All of these principles are grounded on psychology. In psychology, behavior
modification programs are used to alter the way by which humans and animals behave.
Though not all creatures are like humans in the sense that they can create complex
associations through thought, a lot of them react to input that is given to them. Simply
stated, doing something to a creature will elicit a conditional reaction. In this situation,
an aggressive dog would eventually be conditioned or trained to act in accordance
with your will provided that its expectations will be met.
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