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									I just had the very good fortune of reviewing the program, Talking To Toddlers, and
was incredibly impressed.
  Here's why:
  I personally think that the number one goal of us parents, even when our children are
still toddlers, is to be preparing them to one day be on their own and shoot for their
dreams. Not just get along with the world and do OK, but absolutely shoot and
REACH for their full potential.
  You should always be critiquing every type of parenting tip or style and ask yourself,
"is this parenting style going to help my toddler learn to be creative, persistent, and
motivated?" If that answer is no, then I ignore that technique and keep on looking.
  Sadly, most toddler obedience programs in the marketplace today do something that
has been proven to crush a child's chances of ever reaching their full potential, and
instead create more "manageable children". They accomplish this by forcing a child to
do something because "You're The Boss" instead of taking the child's perspective into
  For example, if your child is climbing on the furniture all the time, and you are
constantly telling him not to, you have two choices.
  Choice #1: You can discipline the child for not listening to you.
  Choice #2: You can take an extra second to ask yourself WHY is my child
misbehaving like this, and how could I give him a more acceptable way to misbehave.
  When? choosing the first choice you end up showing your child by example that his
opinion is NOT what's important, COMPLIANCE is important. so they'll grow up to
be the type of person who just follows orders. (NOT Good) But if you'll take the little
bit of extra mental effort that the second choice requires, 75% of the time you'll
realize that your child's desire wasn't rooted in evil.? Instead of just being disobedient,
maybe your child just felt like conquering a tough challenge; and climbing up your
entertainment center was a rewarding experience.
  So when you punish your child for climbing the furniture he learns MUCH more
then "I need to obey Mom", he also learns that Mom doesn't appreciate his need to
conquer challenges. or even worse, "Mom doesn't want me trying to conquer tough
  I share this little example with you, because inside Talking To Toddlers, you'll
discover dozens and dozens of ways you can get your child to stop disobeying you, in
a way where your toddler feels understood and that DOESN'T deteriorate natural
desires like the need to conquer, persist, challenge themselves and be independent.
  Mac Strider is an expert on behavior modification & learning. He runs two
successful web based companies that allow him to work from home, and is a father of
two VERY happy children. Check out his full Review of Talking To Toddlers.

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