Symptoms of Leaky Gut Syndrome

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					The Gastrointestinal Tract (GI) is the passage through which the food and drinks enter
from the mouth. These are then processed in the intestine, particularly the small
intestine. All useful materials are allowed to pass into the blood stream, while the
waste is disposed through the anus. In a healthy person, GI tract digests foods, allows
absorption of useful products for conversion into energy and acts as part of the
chemical detoxification system by not allowing the harmful chemicals to escape into
the blood stream.
  When the system develops faults, it allows large unwanted and harmful chemicals
and substances to enter the blood stream through the intestinal walls that are no longer
as closely knit as that of a healthy person. The reasons why intestinal walls become
permeable are many and range from alcohol abuse to drugs and chronic stress. We'll
have a detailed look at the causes in another article.
  Leaky Gut Syndrome has number of symptoms associated with it. Before we discuss
the symptoms, it is pertinent to point out that all these symptoms are not likely to
appear in a single person. Since each one of us is genetically different, it is but logical
that the symptoms are also going to be different. It is also pertinent to point that most
of these symptoms are common with other diseases. There are thus chances of
confusion in making a correct diagnosis. But there is no need to worry as later in the
article, we will discuss a simple test that takes guess work out of the equation. Please
don't be overwhelmed by the range of symptoms. The symptoms could be:
  鈥?Gas formation in the stomach, bloating and cramps in the stomach after the
  鈥?Bouts of constipation and diarrhea.
  鈥?Lack of concentration, fuzzy or foggy thinking, memory loss, headaches and
  鈥?Facial swelling when exposed to environmental pollutants such as strong smells
  鈥?Chronic joint and muscle pains.
  鈥?Nervousness, anxiety and mood swings including aggressive behavior.
  鈥?Recurrent skin and vaginal infections, and poor immunity.
  鈥?General feeling of fatigue, listlessness, shortness of breath and being toxic.
  As indicated earlier, there is no need to be worried on account of whether the
symptoms are due to Leaky Gut Syndrome or some other disease. Now we have a
simple Intestine Permeability Test available that can help in accurate diagnosis. And
the good thing is that it can be done in the comfort of your home. In this test, you are
required to provide urine samples before and six hours after drinking a solution. The
solution contains two chemicals; one is non-metabolized sugar Mannitol that is easily
absorbed by a healthy body, while the other is Lactulose that is absorbed by the body
in very small amounts because of large molecules.
  Once in the lab, it analyses the presence of both chemicals in both urine samples for
a comparative analysis. In case Lactulose is more, it is indicative of Leaky Gut
Syndrome. Low amounts of Mannitol indicate poor absorption, but a higher
concentration indicates Leaky Gut Syndrome. If both the chemicals are on the higher
side, the doctors can be pretty sure that you are suffering from Leaky Gut Syndrome.
  Leaky Gut Syndrome is a common disease that affects a large majority of people,
many of whom suffer in ignorance and silence. You need not be one of them. Since it
is such a serious problem in its own right and harbinger of worst things to come, it is
good to know about various aspects of the disease. As they say forewarned is
forearmed, this article makes an effort in that direction. Now you know the symptoms
of the disease and how you can go about correct diagnosis. It would help you in early
diagnosis and to nip the disease in the bud, before it has the chance to affect your
overall health and well being.
  If you are suffering with some digestive disorder and are desirous to know the
symptoms of leaky gut make sure to check this site. It will not only reveal the
symptoms of the disease but will also provide you the remedies required for leaky gut